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RID: 5595190
03/07/14 5 5 5 5 I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 28 and from there to the age of 39 I was taking synthetic hormone replacement. I felt awful for all those years. It was like I had lost myself. When I saw Dr.Peddle for the first time he gave me hope that I could feel whole again. Every morning when I do my routine of creams I thank God for him. Dr. Pettle changed my life! He is an amazing doctor and human being. His staff are nothing but kind and professional and they always return phone calls promptly. I highly recommend this clinic and doctor. :) 
RID: 5574111
22/06/14 5 5 5 5 Dr Pettle did magic with my hormone balance - feel like a woman again , my thyroid - no longer tired, my weight - lost 30 pounds . He is an astonishingly kind and learned man. I feel and look 15 years + younger than I am, What a gift to find this man.  Respond
RID: 5216591
01/03/14 4 4 5 5 Dr. Pettle is the only physician who actually figured out what the medical issues were with my 15 year old daughter. I had taken her to many specialists (allergists, peadiatricians etc.) as well as other health care providers. Dr. Pettle, through appropriate tests determined that she had a serious hormonal imbalance, namely, that her body did not produce progesterone which is needed to counteract the estrogene that was being produced. She was approximately 230 lbs. She has been on a natural progesterone cream and has now lost over 60 lbs. She has her life back - she is interested in self care, going shopping, and other teen pursuits. Determining what the issue was has had a domino effect for this young woman, and it came at a critical time as she was entering her mid teems. I will forever be grateful.  Respond
RID: 4728989
02/02/14 1 1 1 1 Dr. Pettle held onto my results for 5 months without telling me i was quite ill. The day i saw him he diminished the illness and said he would see me in 3-4 months. Without treatment i could have died. I immediately brought my results to my GP and she was shocked that he did not call to tell me i was sick. She took blood tests, connected me with a specialist and I am now in the hands of specialist who is dealing with my illness. Dr. Pettle is losing his edge from my perspective he needs to retire  Respond
RID: 3602828
12/11/13 5 5 5 5 I had total laparoscopic hysterectomy at age of 37 in Oct 2012 in Toronto. I was getting slowly paralyzed in the limbs with excruciating pelvic pain. The operating Gyn tried to outsource the issue to pain management when my toes were getting numb and tingly. I went to Europe and had extensive neurosurgery for nerve release and removing the ovaries. It turned out the initial surgeon badly burned with the laser knife the rectum, scarring it for life and the left ovary had grown together with the peritoneum and the sigmoid colon. Upon my return to Canada, we found Dr. Pettle, who was the answer to our quest for better health. He switched me from HRT which was causing me to be overweighed to bio -identical hormones and he tested the antibodies only to find out many irregularities and to treat them timely. My husband and I are forever thankful for Dr. Pettle's existence and professionalism. His staff has been polite and helpful. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to him. 
Paid (or co-pay): $750
RID: 3589026
28/10/13 2 1 2 3 I went to Dr. Pettle for just over two years to get treated for unbalanced hormones that were giving me chronic migraines. He was an hour and a half late for just about all of my appts and then would rush me through, not letting me say one thing or ask any questions. Kind of made me wonder if he did that with all of his patients or just me because I was a young teenager and if he did do it with everyone, why the hour and a half delay? I went to see him every 2 months or so and every single time I went he didn't remember a thing about me or my name and on my last visit he was incredibly rude and was not allowing me to have any say in my treatment and was condescending. I haven't gone to him in a few months and I have no plan on returning. He is knowledgeable about what he does but he treated me like just another number, not like an individual and I expect to be treated like an individual by any health care professional, especially if I am paying a $500 fee. 
Paid (or co-pay): $500
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RID: 2611221
08/04/13 4 4 5 5 Dr. Pettle is a very knowledgeable and helpful doctor. He diagnosed my adrenal fatigue syndrome within minutes after it took years of seeing other doctors. He ordered tests that proved my condition was valid after other professionals thought I was over-reacting. He treated me with a medication that was the only effective choice after other specialists refused to try it. He then followed up with a phone appointment, since I live in another province, and recommended I tweak my dosages according to results and my symptoms. He listened as I told him about my debilitating medical history and asked questions about his medical advice. His suggestions were always accurate and encouraging. Thank you very much for improving my health and quality of life! 
Paid (or co-pay): $750
RID: 2605412
02/04/13 5 5 5 5 I have been seeing Dr Alvin Pettle for about 10 years now. I have received excellent care, advice and insightful information from Dr Pettle for close to a decade. His staff has always been helpful and polite. There have been times when I have mixed up my appointments and his staff has indulged my forgetfulness and re scheduled me in a timely matter without complaint. I cant say enough about the bioidentical Hormone therapy that Dr Pettle offers. It changed my life. I depend on Dr Pettle to keep me informed and physically young! Shari lee Hollis  Respond
RID: 2597563
22/03/13 1 2 1 1 I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I took my daughter to see him, paid $700 in advance for the whole year trusting that she would be treated naturally, especially hormone wise. He just gave her a prescription for birth control pills for her acne, something she could have got in any walk-in clinic. I was terrified and advised her not to take it but she is 19 years old didn't listen, Less than two months of using them, my daughter gained 15 pounds and got little depressed. She immediately stopped using them but got acne outburst. Terrible experience! Another thing: she also had slow thyroid and dr. Pettle tested her and gave her supplements. On the next visit he didn't remember anything (not even form his notes :)) and said that she never had any problem with thyroid. So, why he had given her thyroid supplements?? Very weird. I just feel something is very, very wrong here. Our money is gone in vain and my daughter is still cleaning her liver from harmful artificial hormones.  Respond
RID: 2477954
19/11/12 1 1 4 5 When I phoned Dr. Pettles office to make my first appointment, I left a message on their voce mail, which was returned later that day. I was able to get in to see him the following week. I found the Dr. himself to be very knowledgable and helpful. However, after paying your money, which is supposed to cover a year of patient care, the staff is no longer interested in dealing with you. After arriving for a follow up appt, was informed that I was not in the book. Was told that my next appointment would be written in ink so that no one would erase it. Real professional. Numerous phone calls not returned after experiencing uncomfortable side effects from prescribed medications. Staff are very unfriendly, and the office is not open for large periods of time. It's a shame, because I think Dr. Pettle is very knowledgable in the field of bioidenticle hormones. But it doesn't do you any good if you can't receive the follow up care you paid for. 
Paid (or co-pay): $750
RID: 2411869
27/08/12 3 3 5 5 I have been Dr. Pettle's patient now for 2 yrs. I have the BEST hormones one women could ever have now; and that is because of this doctor. Yes there are days you wait for him. (I have never waited more than an hour). I have phone consultations with him and that is unheard off in this profession. If I need to make an appointment, I fax his office with the requested times and within the same day I have a fax or phone call returned. We ALWAYS go over my blood work and my yearly physical is always done by him. I have recommended this man to many friends. I am no longer "hanging off the ceiling" due to my hormones, and I have this Doctor to thank for that!  Respond
RID: 2259095
16/06/12 1 1 3 4 What a BURN this office is! I can handle Pettle, but his staff?! I have had it with being treated like an A$$h01e by them. It's like they despise every sucker that is sitting in that cramped, nasty, crowded, waiting, oh and I mean really WAITING, room. First visit I was early for my 10:30 apt, got to see Pettle and 12:45. You can call and call and call and call, and you won't get through for days and days. It is SHOCKING what that mess of a staff (family members some wearing cut off jeans short shorts with stiletto heels - yup) gets away with. The only time they can fit you in before 4 months from now, is when your yearly fee is due, $750, and then they can get you in next week. SICK of it Pettle. I'm packing up all my stupid menopause crap and will find somewhere else to be insulted, hopefully cheaper. 
Paid (or co-pay): $750
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RID: 1721495
24/02/12 4 4 5 5 Today was my first appointment and I was not disappointed. Dr. Pettle had saved me from constant use of chemicals which caused an increase in my blood pressure and should not have been taking. He made me feel at ease and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to everyone.  Respond
RID: 1641938
22/11/11 3 3 5 5 I've been going to Dr. Pettle for about 12 or 13 years, through the ups and downs and changes in the office. I think he is a great doctor. Waiting time is no longer a major issue. He takes time with me. He accepts when I don't acknowledge everything he is telling me. Overall, I am thrilled to be under his care and have total trust. Yes, the staff can be moody at times......what can I say?  Respond
RID: 1341539
20/01/11 5 5 5 5 What is with all the negative comments, I just found out about Dr. Pettle thru a friend, placed my first phone call on Wednesday a.m. left a message which was promptly returned @ 1:39 in the afternoon of the same day to which I called back with times I was available. This morning(Thursday @7:23a.m.) my call was returned by Sherri one of so called "rude" family staff who was absolutely lovely to deal with and even though she had 70 phone calls to return listened to my concerns very patiently. I own and operate my own Aesthetics business and have done so for 20 years and do not have I am sure the volume Dr. Pettle does and sometimes can not return a call the same day.Working with people can be challenging and obviously these winers who have taken the time to list all the negatives clearly are just that, negative people. I can not wait to meet Dr. Pettle and his staff.  See Responses
RID: 1272829
16/10/10 1 1 2 5 His staff (family) are just rotten people. I feel for him having to live with these two works of horror. He is an excellent doctor - He got into this practice after having a massive mental breakdown years ago. Getting those two idiots who work for him to return a call or be gracious, professional and kind to patients is probably good cause for anyone to have a mental breakdown. 
Paid (or co-pay): $500
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RID: 1199403
30/06/10 3 1 1 2 First appt was too good to be true. Follow-up appt, after paying 500.00 and a 6 hour wait time, was awful. He did not look at my blood results or address concerns. He was dismissive, rude, condescending and in the end told me I was just depressed. I was stunned that a doctor who lectures and sells CD's telling women to empower themselves, listen to their own bodies and not let doctors dismiss them as just being depressed did exactly that. I'm not depressed I simply have illnesses that fall outside his realm of expertise. Regarding my specific GYN complaint, it was misdiagnosed. The best part about his practice was his staff. Worst 500.00 I ever spent, very disappointing. If you want BHRT, save your money and find a doctor who will do it for free, I have.  See Responses
RID: 1053946
09/12/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Pettle has been my doctor for 21 years. He's taken me from deliverying my children through to premenopause. He is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. I feel confident in his diagnoses and appreciate all of his efforts. He takes time in speaking with me and ensures that I fully understand and gives me opportunity to ask questions. His staff are as caring as he is (easy to see that they're related). His office waiting room feels more like sitting in his living room - such personal touches - I love it! I regularly refer my friends to him because they also deserve the best medical care and that's what Dr. Pettle does - he provides the best medical care! His "thoughts for the day" are brilliant - sometimes I call just to hear the message - nice to hear something positive for a change.  Respond
RID: 1045464
29/11/09 2 3 2 4 I have mixed feelings about Dr Pettle. He is a good doctor but he could be great. I feel his fees have become too high - $500 a year - even though I require no more than 10 minutes of his time a year. Please note this does not include the bio hormones. They are about $1,000 a year. Also, his staff (composed of his wife & daughter) openly displayed contempt when I requested my payments to be lowered. I am not ill and I only require the doctor's time briefly every year to renew a presciption for bio hormones to help ease menopausal symptoms. I would like to continue having Dr Pettle oversee my endocrine health as his knowledge is good. But I am only happy to do so if I can be allowed to pay the doctor a reasonable fee per visit and do so without his family's scorn.  Respond
RID: 1043942
26/11/09 4 3 5 5 I saw Dr. Pettle for the first time this past summer. I arrived prepared with questions & a detailed history. After 5 minutes I knew this man was going to help me. He is very knowledgeable. I am an active participant in my healthcare & he encourages this. Yes, he is rushed but he still takes the time to listen & communicate. He can be hyper & intense at times but I view this as enthusiasm. There are long waits because so many women need his expertise. I have lupus & see many doctors. The wait is still less than many specialists in many Toronto hospitals. He & his staff have gone above & beyond for me on more than one occasion. His approach requires a commitment ($$$ too) on my part but it is well worth it. My improvement since July is nothing short of amazing and I enjoy a better quality of life now. Any inconveniences are worth it. I choose to focus on the positive and he has definitely had a positive effect on my life & happiness. 
Paid (or co-pay): $500
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RID: 894588
22/05/09 2 2 3 3 I started seeing Dr. Pettle on St. Clair Ave. He was personable, polite, helpful, and more knowledgeable than several doctors before. I liked his approach with hormone creams and his understanding of alternative health. I started recomminging others to him. Then Dr. Pettle moved to Bathurst St. Over time he appeared less personable, more rushed, unfocussed, sometimes confused about my charts and my health history, and would attempt to give me the wrong dosage of prescriptions. I would question and correct him. I also started hearing negative comments from people I had recommended to him. Not good! Dr. Pettle is O.K. if you can’t do your own in depth investigation into health. But if you are willing to do so and take optimal responsibility for your own health, you may find less expensive and less drug dependant ways. I did, got off those hormones and don’t look back. Dr. Pettle’s office never transferred my records to my new Dr., I asked for them 5 times.  Respond
RID: 886901
13/05/09 1 1 1 1 I had to cancel my appointment with Dr. Pettle because of the unprofessional conduct of his staff. Nobody answers the phone. If you leave a message you are lucky if they return your call after a week. They are rude and condescending. This reflects poorly on Dr. Pettle. It tells me he doesn't care about his patients. Busy is not an excuse. He could hire more staff and friendly people. He can afford it. I have to conclude his patients are not a priority for him.  Respond
RID: 832290
16/03/09 4 5 5 5 Last year was probably one of the worst years of my life healthwise. My family Dr could only refer me from one dr to another who could not help me. I did my own research and was fortunate enough to find Dr Pettle. He was so compassionate and immediately gave me hope. We had a long conversation and I left his office armed with a ton of information and new prescriptions that indeed changed my life after a few weeks. I have renewed energy and have lost weight. My complexion has cleared up and I receive comments all the time on how healthy and vibrant I look. Dr Pettle has changed my life for the better, his staff has always been welcoming and my phone calls are returned in a timely manner.  Respond
RID: 802711
28/02/09 2 1 3 4 Sorry to say I was told by two of Dr. Pettles patients how wonderful he is and going to him would change my life for the better.NOT SO!I am over an hour and a half away.I get there and the staff says they don't know when I will get to see him as I arrived early(huge mistake)and that I may not even get in to see him today!After waiting for some time.They are shocked to find that I am a new patient.oops we had no idea.They will find a way to squeeze me in!Is this a way to run an office?I don't care how busy you are this is just wrong. I was rushed in given a vaginal exam for a PAP test and breast exam.Told to write my own notes. Go down stairs to even more rude people that work in that ridiculous pharmacy and spend a ton more money.Also they do not take Credit Card payments in Pettle's office. Late this week I find you can buy Happy Sense at GNC cheaper(which seems to be the cure all from this office)and FEM MED from Shoppers.Creams were mixed up and I have been trying to tell them! ARGH 
Paid (or co-pay): $500
RID: 795626
20/02/09 4 3 5 5 It is so very disheartening to read all the negative whiny comments here. I was very impressed and quite happy to find that Dr. Pettle encourages his patients to be as involved in the process as possible. I'm quite shocked by the comments about the attractiveness/appearance of his staff/family; what does that have to do with anything? Do you ladies have any idea how you sound? This is 2009, do your own research, educate yourself. Yes it's a busy office, that's a no-brainer...there aren't enough Dr.'s like Pettle to go around.In the couple of months that I've been on the cream I've experienced so much less symptoms, and it gets better all the time. But> I'm not stupid enough to rely solely on this man to "make me better" Think of him as a consultant or a guide and get involved.By the way, I've NEVER had a problem getting his office to return my calls. hmmmm, something to think about?  Respond
RID: 684118
13/09/08 4 4 4 4 After having a hysterectomy at the age of 35 I was quite sick and truly felt like my quality of life would be compromised forever! It is now 2 years that I have been under DR.PETTLE's care and have expreienced an improvement in my overall health! I searched high and low and yes I did find three other doctors (covered under OHIP) who would prescribe bio-identical hormones. None compared to Dr. Pettle though! He is knowledgeable, experienced and open to women who want to be included in the decision-making process! Yes, his office is often busy, this is common of ANY reputable specialist with whom I've ever had an appointment...I am more than willing to wait, because my health is worth it! I am also more than willing to pay an extra fee for Dr. Pettle's services because there are not too many doctors who understand and prescribe bio-identical hormones. I feel that he deserves to be compensated for diving into an area that most do not dare and for the fact that he turned my life around!  See Responses
RID: 659273
08/08/08 5 4 5 5 Dr. Pettle's staff are wonderful - very friendly and helpful. I feel better just walking in the door. Contrary to other's experiences, I have easily reached the office and staff were very helpful in getting a prescription renewal on one occasion. They also helped when I switched pharmacies after moving. Dr. Pettle has excellent prescriptions and suggestions for all kinds of hormonal balancing needs. He knows his stuff.  Respond
RID: 637975
14/07/08 1 1 2 4 I saw Dr. Pettle for the first time about six months ago. He is a very personable and knowledgeable doctor, however, I was not impressed by the fact that he did not complete a proper baseline test before prescribing hormones. I have been unable to reach his staff (family members), nor do they return my many phone calls. I feel duped by this doctor; he is obviously interested in the money more than the welfare of his patients. Otherwise, with the $500/crack charge times 10 patients (possibly) per day--surely, he could afford a nurse who could followup on each and every phone call on a daily basis. Apparently that is what the $500 is for and he is not living up to his contractual obligations. Somebody might just start a class action lawsuit......  See Responses
RID: 626048
27/06/08 1 1 3 5 I have been a patient of Dr Pettle for around 3 years now on his hormone creams. I have to say that they have helped me AND his knowledge is enormous. However, I like a lot of other people have had issues with the unprofessionalism of his staff. In the real world, we can not always make our appointments with our own important commitments and may have to reschedule, when trying to do this you will ONLY get a message and NO ONE RINGS YOU BACK. It is tiring and frustrating to be dealing with such unprofessional people. Unfortunately it looks very bad on Dr Pettle. I believe it is all family run and like everyone else states there is an air of arrogance (as if you are doing them all a favour). What they don't realize is that it is all of us that are doing them a favour in keeping them in business.  Respond
RID: 625083
26/06/08 1 2 3 4 I first saw Dr Pettle when visits were completly covered by OHIP. After a couple of appointments, it was explained to me that he was taking some time off and when he returned he would be charging fees. The fees seemed high even at that time, but I was prepared to pay them as the BioIdentical Hormones that he had prescribed were working and I wanted to remain his patient. I was prepared to tolerate the indifference and arrogance of his staff and the almost impossible task of getting an appointment as Dr Pettle is without a doubt very knowledgeable. However, after months of trying to get a follow up appointment and not having my calls returned, I decided that enough was enough. My GP is still reluctantly writing the prescriptions for the BioIdenticals at my request, and they're still working for me after all these years. I know that I need to find a doctor for a complete re-evaluation but absolutely cannot face the impossible task of getting an appointment with Dr Pettle.  Respond
RID: 619971
20/06/08 3 1 3 4 I visited Dr. Pettle for the first time May 20/08. I did wait but found him quite amusing. I must admit I did my homework beforehand so it made it a lot easier for him. For all you people who do not get return calls or appointments set???? What are you doing about it? Why would you print something on a website he will probably never look at? I did mention to him that the horror stories on the web made it a lot more difficult for me to book my first appt. but what's the alternative? My doctor put me on anti-depressants because I complained of moodiness. Yes I'm moody, I'm 49 years old and menopausal. She doesn't even want to understand what Dr. Pettle does and simply wants to prescribe pills so I am happy I went and when, next month, I do need to see him and I get no chance to make an appt. I will walk into his office (at my convenience) and demand I talk to him. Somebody out there has to complain to them or nothing gets done. I definitely will.  See Responses
RID: 611796
10/06/08 1 2 1 2 I had to pay $500.00 to "join" his practice in 2008. From reading people's comments here,it seems to vary greatly. We need to put the year of payment here to see if it is due to rate increases yearly,or does he just vary it depending on what suits his holiday travel plans.A bit rediculous to not be able to reach the office to make follow-up appointments because his phone answering machine is full for days!If a doctor has all his family involved in his money making venture, you can be sure he is more concerned with tax inspired income sharing, than patient care.He may know hormones but I refuse to be pushed into purchasing his recommended supplements and CD's as probably he is getting a cut from the companies that he promotes them for.You can get most of them yourself at a good health store for much less.My pharmacy hasn't even been able to reach him for over a week by phone and he has never responded to their faxes either. I think perhaps he needs to be investigated by the College.  Respond
RID: 580798
02/05/08 1 1 2 3 When I first went to see Dr. Pettle 3 years ago, he was a big help and prescribed bioidentical cream and a supplement called Happy Sense. The office is not very professional - they never answer the phone and seldom return calls. The cost to belong to his clinic goes up every year. Last year I paid $180 for the "privilege" of belonging to his clinic, and $30 for the visit. I referred a friend and he charge her $500. I won't refer anyone else. I had to reschedule my last appt because of car problems and left a message a couple of days before, but nobody ever phoned me back, so I guess I'm not a patient anymore. That's okay because my family doctor has prescribed the cream for the past 2 years. Dr. Pettle keeps forgetting to give me a prescription. I won't recommend him - he's all about getting the money and while knowledgeable, it's not worth the cost. His staff (all family) are overly tanned, ridiculous-looking women who chit chat and ignore the phone and work.  See Responses
RID: 532510
07/03/08 1 2 1 1 Several years ago I saw Pettle. I have Hashimotos Disease and he transferred me from synthroid to Desicated Thyroid. He gave me a subscription - I went back later for a blood test and got a call that he wanted me to increase the dosage. I then got a call from a family member saying I was to again increase the dosage. As he was supposed to be an expert - I complied. Within a couple of months, my legs froze while out on a walk. I couldn't move more than a few steps at a time. Shortly I was unable to dress myself due to weekness in my arms. I couldn't walk up the stairs and small bumps in the road seemed like mountains. I thought I was dying. I found a new doctor and was told the dosage was many times what I should have been taking. I honestly think I would have been dead by know if it were not for my new doctor - who was actually recommended previously by Pettle. I got his name originally from a TOP DOC list.  Respond
RID: 527582
01/03/08 2 3 2 3 Years back, my mother was a patient of pettle's and she referred me to him. When I went, I had a blood test, never once saw the doctor, and was told not long after that my progesterone was abnormally low for someone my age, at which time some of his patented snake oil was prescribed. I was pretty young, but was skeptical that someone could make a diagnosis without actually seeing a patient or knowing their symptoms (he may have gotten this information from my mother, but even still, she's the wrong person to be asking, since I was over 18). I used the cream for a few months and then gave it up, not knowing what it was, whether it was prescribed properly or whether it had been tested. Furthermore, I saw no changes. I was actually convinced that he was a quack "doctor", but reading this site, I'm finding he's actually legit and an "expert". Now I'm really confused.  See Responses
RID: 515164
15/02/08 4 3 5 4 While I just had my first appt. I was very impressed. I went to him for thyroid/adrenal problems and he didn't just look at the small picture - he gave me supplements for digestion/bowel health as well as sending out further tests for thyroid (saliva and blood). He told me "everything is fixable. There's no reason why your hormones can't be balanced." AFter going from doctor to doctor (and the good docs!), he is a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to see what he can do. It's hard to get an appt. because he is soooo overbooked, and it will cost you a ton of money with all the supplements and tests. But then again, how much are you going to end up spending just searching for an answer from other people? 
Paid (or co-pay): $500
RID: 490052
21/01/08 2 2 2 2 I paid $752.000 which included a rushed visit and the prescriptions.Greenshield does not cover anything. i have had some adverse side effects to all the herbs? creams? and cannot get through to anyone in the office.A little distrubing for a professional organization. I feel it's a mega cash grab aimed at women who cannot accept ageing gracefully with many office workers in 9 inch stellotos, over-tanned and dressed ridiculously for their age. What a turn off!My brief interview with Dr. Pettle ended without him gaining much insight into my life or issues I'm having with PMS and depression. I feel this is very irresponsible and totally unprofessional.  Respond
RID: 489162
20/01/08 5 4 5 5 I've only seen him once and yes,he was pressed for time but don't confuse hurried with careless because I found him very EFFICIENT & THOROUGH. He didn't need to examine me because I brought all the reports form all the other doctors. He just has a different opinion and different treatments. If he can prevent me from needing a hysterectomy, he'll be a HERO in my eyes. The fact that he is willing to try is enough for me right now. The office is busy but everyone was very nice to me and to every other woman there while I was there. Also, the office is comfortable--not like the other cold, Soviet-style places I've been lately. They have sofas & plenty of reading material--useful articles such as how to prevent breast cancer etc. I think Dr Pettle probably invokes the wrath of the medical "establishment" because he is willing to think independently--beyond the drivel pushed by the drug companies. Independent thinkers are always punished before they are rewarded.  Respond
RID: 479585
09/01/08 3 1 2 5 Although he is a little "new age" and "alternative" for my liking he is a very nice man. But the wait time was SO excessive that he made me feel rushed to get out of there. After laying down TONS of money for all his "recommended" supplements and DVDs, etc., and for some kind of membership/treatment plan, I was left on my own. I had so many questions and I was SO confused about what to do with all these strange new herbs and stuff. So, when I got home I simply put them all in the trash!!! I am better off going somewhere else.  Respond
RID: 454033
01/12/07 1 2 3 4 Dr Pettle is great. Yes, he appears to rush you out but he does give you time if you ask for it. It is his call staff I am worried about. I am still waiting to get a call back after at least 6 calls for them to call me back on some serious side effects I have had with the meds they have prescribed. This is a serious matter, in which doctor Pettle asked me to go back and see him within a week if I still had problems - well I haven't even been able too book due to the fact that my calls have not been returned. Think about this, we don't want to mess up our homoronal patterns, as this too can cause long term dangers, and his staff has been notified at least six times and no follow up call. I have had to go to my local doctor and even pharmacists for help. They all tell me I should get the info from him. Well for a 200 membership you think I would get at least this basic care! He is great but his staff does not realize they are placing patients at risk and making him look bad as a result.  Respond
RID: 384233
12/08/07 3 1 3 5 I was his patient almost 25 years ago for the delivery of my first child. I transferred from another ob-gyn who was impersonal and judging by a t.v. program I saw, I thought he would be supportive of Lamaze-trained expectant mothers. My personal experience was that he was superficially supportive but that he was patronizing (e.g. calling his patients and staff "honey") and dismissive of some of my concerns. I felt I was pressured to have a Caesarian after only 12 hours of labour. I do have a good horizontal cut but also had to go back to hospital for a complication. All the above I would have sustained as part of the ramifications of having a baby. What I am still very sad about is the assurances that he was in support of epidural-free birth and then having to experience a Caesarian. However, after 25 years, my greatest "thank you" goes to all the nurses and support staff of Etobicoke General Hospital.  Respond
RID: 335296
02/06/07 5 5 5 Dr Pettle has saved me from having a hysterectomy. When my doctor told me come back when im ready for the hysterectomy, I called Dr Pettle and he was there and has helped me. I drive from Niagara Falls twice a year and gladly. He answers any questions I have and yes, he gives his Cds.What better way of gaining knowledge. His receptionists are not the friendliest and it is hard to get in touch with the office, but they have always called me back. As far as the inspirational comment on the message I think its great. A positive mind will certainly help you get better faster than a negative one and each comment is sure worth listening to. All in all I will continue to go to his office because he offers the help I need. Thumbs up to you Dr Pettle  Respond
RID: 290656
20/04/07 4 4 5 I am soooo glad I found Dr Pettle - he has helped me tremendously. I find his office staff to be very polite and he definitely knows his business. Most doctors don't agree with this type of medication (bio-identical drugs) simply because they have not been educated in it - nor are they willing to know. I thank him for all his help.  Respond
RID: 265346
07/04/07 5 5 5 I have been going to him for almost 30 years and I think he is the best!!  Respond
RID: 255628
03/04/07 5 5 5 I can honestly say that this doctor saved my life. After having to undergo two abdominal surgeries in less than 3 years, I never thought I would be the same again. Now, I'm even better than before. He is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. Dr. Pettle - my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Respond
RID: 215617
20/03/07 2 5 5 While I agree the punctuality is a problem, and trying to get a call back is not an easy thing, this is the only doctor I think makes it worth it. The bioidentical therapy is a miracle for women. His information is right on the mark. As for the CDs....they're free! What more do you want!!  Respond
RID: 199446
14/03/07 5 5 5 Dr. Pettle was recomended to me by a good friend who knew I was having a very difficult time with early menopause. Having had a hysterectomy in my late 20s, I had been on HRT for nearly 17 years. They stopped working plus I really wanted off the chemicals. Using the all natural bio-identical hormones transdermally for the past two years has given me my youth back. No more night sweats, dizzy spells or rages. My husband even likes me again. I have learned so much from the CDs and info that Dr. Pettle has shared that I have even attended some lectures he's given. Thank you Dr. Pettle.  Respond
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