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ONE OF THE BEST DOCTORS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. (first time that I ever wrote a review in caps). I had injured my back years ago, and after a few years after pt, it started to flare up again badly to the point that I could not sit in a car for more than a few minutes. I went to Dr. Pogorelec, who was the first one to take an MRI, and notice the herniated disk. He saw me for a whole set of times, and worked his magic. He used a mix of approaches, gave me his time, and after a few months my back has been virtually pain free. He was extremely friendly, pleasant to be with and very accommodating to my schedule. He had the right mix of hands on medicine, back lifestyle advice and referring to outside when necessary. His office even gave me a back brace which was of huge help, and they never charged. I had even asked him if he would be willing to become my primary, although that was not feasible. I would very very highly recommend.

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