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Specialty:Family / G.P.
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RID: 5581892
26/06/14 2 2 1 1 Finally got my wife to leave this doctor's "care" after he prescribed her a new birth control method while still having her current one in her system. She developed severe blood clots in her lungs and almost died as a result. IF he had done any sort of research at all (or had any foreknowledge) he could have prevented this, but even when she asked if it was okay, he said it would be "fine". No remorse, no apology. Glad we found another doctor. 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2489076
03/12/12 5 5 5 5 Fabulous doctor the best very knowlegable and polite staff are awesome the best  Respond
RID: 1509593
11/08/11 1 3 1 2 It is unfortunate that he is putting his wallet before his patients and as a result he is putting his patients at risk with his lack of humanity. Treating patients no better than machine parts on a conveyor belt, with his very famous "One problem, one visit" he seems to forget that the human body is actually connected. Due to his ineptness of not reading results from testing till you are in the room with him leaves many problems and issues unresolved as it seems an unheard motto of "not interested in your results until I can make money off of you and you come in". His incompetence and lack of curtsey of "no news is good news" does not change the fact that sometimes there are bad results that his office cannot be bothered to share. His staff of family leaves so much to be desired.  Respond
RID: 1339261
18/01/11 4 5 5 5 Dr. Reinhardt delivered me 29 years ago and has been my doctor since. Sure he uses the same lines all the time, but once you get past them he is very helpful. If I need to see him right away, I always get in the same day. Dr. Reinhardt has always sent me to a specialist if I ask and his staff is prompt to get back to me when I leave a message. I think that we are lucky to have him as a doctor at a time like this and it is great that he is still in practice. People need to be more grateful and understanding, he's a human being, too.  Respond
RID: 1281361
28/10/10 3 3 1 1   Respond
RID: 1273720
18/10/10 2 1 2 2 Sick of hearing the same one liners all the time. Totally ruins his credibility. His wife has no people skills what so ever. The only one that cares is his daughter Lee. Time to retire!!!  Respond
RID: 1148644
13/04/10 1 1 1 1 Although NOT influenced by the comments that I read from other dissatisfied patients, I totally agree with the comments based on my experience. Not only has Dr. Reinhardt entered into a "retirement" mode but his entire office has joined the club. This practice should be closed.  Respond
RID: 1126600
12/03/10 1 3 1 1 Retire already! Yes there is a Dr shortage... but I value my life and a walk in clinic will give me the service I expect.  Respond
RID: 1093500
30/01/10 3 1 1 1 He delivered my sister in 1975, but i did not realize how much he did not know until i got older. He never checked my mom for high blood pressure- she is a diabetic - am i crazy or should he have not checked her for high blood pressure and kidney disease!!! Diabetes is the #1 cause of kidney disease. I could not believe his rules - make an appointment for one thing only. -- She had to force him to check out her feet. He appears he is in it for the money alone. But what do i know. My doctor is amazing=== He makes sure he tests me for everything- kidney, white blood cells, diabetes.. When my mom came to my town and went to the clinic. she was amazed by the service! He knew what to concentrate on- Get the foot fixed because she is a diabetic.. I can not believe how hard it is to change doctors in Kitchener - if you have a family doctor - no matter how bad he is - they will not take you. Yes it is free- but at least in the US you can pick your doctor!!! It is a monopoly here.!!  Respond
RID: 966747
19/08/09 1 3 1 1 He is horrible! I think that is what happens when you are in it for the money and have your family as your staff. No one in the office cares, they mixed up my father's files. My father went their for at least 8 appoinments for severe pain in his stomach... they didn't do anything for him, he ended up going to the ER and getting wonderful service from the Dr. there. This place should be closed. His wife calls the shots and she is a lazy excuse for a receptionist. Not a good reliable place to go. They are on time however. Only good thing.  Respond
RID: 954864
05/08/09 2 2 2 2 This makes me sad. Like so many others, he's been my doctor since birth. Though my parents are happy with him, I am not. He really doesn't remember any details about his patients-- even if you have seen him multiple times in a short (eg 2 month) period. His staff seem confused a lot of the time, though I have had occasionally GREAT help from his daughter, other times the whole contact is a mess. I don't feel safe with him anymore especially with prescriptions and I have taken to really checking with pharmacists about interactions and issues and we've caught a few, despite his assurances that it's all fine. Next visit he expressed surprise that I would prescribed both meds to begin with. Grrr...He's always told the same stories etc but he seems fuzzier than when I was a kid- maybe I'm just more diligent, cause I am more aware of his errors as an adult. After 10 years he still won't take my husband on as a client. Now my husband wouldn't see him if his life depended on it anyway  Respond
RID: 947238
26/07/09 4 4 2 3 The Doctor should consider retiring. He was an excellent & caring doctor in his time; but is losing his grip (memory) & drive,as most people do when they have been doing the same job for many years.  Respond
RID: 935345
13/07/09 1 2 1 3 Horrible, horrible, horrible. His staff (family) is horrible and very unhelpful... that is if they actually answer the phone. Good luck trying to get through, you can waste your day redialing to only get the answering machine during their lunch. I try to avoid going their at all costs, they dont get back to you about referals, or if you need a letter filled out - forget it (unless if you have a few months to wait). His office makes excuses on the phone and just really does not care. He needs to retire and sell his office to a modern and eager MD who cares for his patients. Like someone else said, he is way beyond his prime and should just retire to put his patients out of their misery.  Respond
RID: 834298
18/03/09 2 1 1 1 This is the DR who gave birth to me, and I have recently snuck away and acquired a new physician. I am SO Lucky to be away from this office as they really have lost their touch. I am sure 27 years ago when he delivered me, he was in his prime. Although over the years he has proven to be well past his 'best before date' I laughed out loud when someone wrote 'don't have a good day, have a better day'. I feel like he is a ROBOT!! He says the exact same things every time!! After 5 years of physicals, every time he would still ask "is this your first time?!" I would always respond "no" and even though I said no, he would continue to talk as though I had never had one of his physicals before. In the past he perscribed my brother penicilin, while his file said he was allergic. He miss diagnosed a nerve injury of mine with a 'blood clot'. I am running out of space - JUST HORRIBLE> so glad I got out.  Respond
RID: 829155
14/03/09 2 3 1 2 In Practice over 40 years....isn't that indicative he needs to retire! Seems to be having memory issues as doesn't remember HE sent to specialist and now asks why did you needed this. Can't wait till he retires.  Respond
RID: 679966
06/09/08 1 1 1 1 NEEDS TO RETIRE ASAP! During my wife's pregnancy, he didnt give us an ultrasound till much later and then we found out OURSELVES that her fluid level was low. He didn't seem to care and so I forced and forced her to get and OB and finally we are being taken care of. His staff is his family...enough said! That man is very short and doesnt seem to know a lot, as previous posts says "one visit, one problem ONLY ONE QUESTION! Grr he makes me sooo mad! Glad we found another doctor...he is so going to be mad when he finds out hahahahha  Respond
RID: 584170
06/05/08 4 4 4 4 Were fortunate to have Dr Reinhart since moving to Kitchener 39 years ago. He delivered both our boys and continues to give us very good service. He provided "seamless care" long before it was fashionable and am hoping we can continue to age alongside.Trust him implicitly !  Respond
RID: 549339
26/03/08 4 5 5 5 Dr. Dave has been our family doctor for 38 years. He has always been very congenial, helpful and never hesitates to refer you on to a specialist, if need be. His staff have always been courteous/pleasant whenever we have been at the office, even when they have been under a lot of stress and extremely busy. It is sometimes hard to reach them by phone, especially in the morning. The one thing that does irk us though, is the sign in the office that says you can only talk to the doctor about one thing per visit! I can understand not wanting a patient to monopolize the doctor's time with a whole litany of health issues, but surely asking about two or three concerns, if necessary, could be tolerated. For some patients it is very difficult to get to the doctor's office so asking them to come three times to discuss something that could be solved in one visit is quite inconsiderate. Overall we have been happy with Dr. Dave's care and hope he continues his practice for some time.  Respond
RID: 514503
14/02/08 5 5 5 5 He is a god sent to me and my famiy. He is caring and has a great sense of humor. Not only do I see him as our Dr but as a friend. He is always willing to take time to listen and really give a hoot. I wish there was more Dr's like him around...Thanks Dr Reinhardt for always making us feel better...XOXO  Respond
RID: 430320
17/10/07 2 3 2 2 Always difficult to make appointments and even get through to a nurse. Doctor always seems to be in a rush and is never prepared when he comes into the room. Always asks why we are there and if you ask about test results it takes 15 minutes for them to find them or they haven't filed them yet. They didn't even call me when my son's eye swab came back and it showed his eye to be infected. If I hadn't called I wouldn't have known that there was a problem and he wouldn't have had the surgery he desperately needed. Overall, doesn't take the time to make you feel comfortable in his assessments and he rushes you.  Respond
RID: 388799
20/08/07 1 3 1 3 Dr. Reinhardt was my doctor since I was a kid. Once I married I asked if I could bring my wife to him and he took her on as a patient. When she was pregnant, she heard about a great OBGYN but needed a referral. The office advised her that Dr. Reinhardt also deliveries babies and if he wasn't good enough for that, then they didn't want her as a patient. They also advised her that I could still use him as my doctor - yeah right. We ended up using an Urgent care client for a few years until finding another doctor. I found out a few years later that what he did was called patient abandonment and I could have reported this. I know the health care system is failing but what about the good of the paitent versus the almighty dollar. I would agree it is time to retire.  Respond
RID: 348556
19/06/07 5 5 5 Dr. Reinhardt has been my Dr. since I was born. He makes me feel like part of his family. I always have my questions answered and if he isn't 100% sure he will send me to a specialist. His staff are fabulous and go out of their way to help me. I'm sure he must feel pressured and under valued by the Ontario medical system and by pushy demanding patients. I've seen patients be nasty to him and his staff right there in his own office. He sure tries hard to please every one and give them what they want. Love him.  Respond
RID: 347742
18/06/07 4 1 2 I have been with Doctor Reinhardt for my entire life and I whole heartedly agree that he needs to retire. He makes you feel rushed to get out of his office, and he acts life a selfish schoolboy when it comes to trying to obtain better health care by seeing a specialist. As another comment said when she asked to see a OBGYN he was cruel to her. Well I am seeing a Midwife as they offer 100% better care during and after birth and I recieved the same cruel welcome from him. I would like to agree, "What ever happened to doing what is best for the patients"!!! I would completely back the statement that he is now just trying to get as much money out of it as he can and no longer really cares about his patients. I am desperate for a new doctor and really saddened by the attitude this doctor has taken on in the last few years--rushes you out of his office, never helpful, just whatever is quickest and easiest to diagnose, impossible to get referrals, and the list goes on.  Respond
RID: 300611
27/04/07 5 5 4 I have been with Dr Reinhardt for 35 years and have always found him prompt caring and ready to refer to a specialist when needed.  Respond
RID: 294000
23/04/07 2 1 1 I have been with him for 27 years and he is the one how delivered me. If you dont ask you wont get. He tripple books himself and you only get a max of 3 minutes of his time. To me 3 mins is not enough time to tell him anything. "dont have a good day, have a better day". Forget about calling the office for an appointment you will never get through. I would sooner go to Urgent Care because there you can take your time and really expain your problem(s). I think he needs to retire.  Respond
RID: 282171
16/04/07 4 4 4 I have been with Dr. Reinhardt for 21 years and he's always been very nice and helpful especially when my kids were young. I must say I miss his former staff very much - Muriel and Venitta as they were fantastic. I think the system is getting him down a bit as I notice a change in him over the last five years. Overall, I still like him a lot.  Respond
RID: 250931
01/04/07 5 5 4 Rr. Reinhardt has been my doctor for almost 40 years. He is always smiling, very approachable and almost never keeps you waiting. I feel very blessed to be under his care  Respond
RID: 243265
29/03/07 4 1 3 At one time was the best around, now - needs to retire!!! Seems very angry and makes everything a political excuse! Uses the SAME tired lines for everything. One problem - one visit...you are reamed well if you ask about another problem. No news may be good news but they don't call with either! Office staff short and curt, Too bad!  Respond
RID: 243227
29/03/07 3 2 2 I have been with this family doctor for 24 years (he delivered me!) and am finding him to be very impatient and short. His staff have a serious attitude problem.  Respond
RID: 228408
24/03/07 5 5 5 David took us as patients about 15 years ago. He has always been kind, caring and very understanding. I hope he's not retiring for a very long time.  Respond
RID: 216551
20/03/07 5 5 5 Dr.Reinhardt has been our family physician for almost 34 years and we have always found him to be very,kind,thoughtful,knowledgable and never hesitant to send you to a specialist if required.He is a dedicated medicinal professional and we are most grateful to have him as our doctor.  Respond
RID: 205292
16/03/07 4 5 4 Dr. Dave is the best! Love Nurse Lee who always has time for you. Over the years I have found that if Dr Dave has any hesitation he will immediately send you to a specialist. I never appreciated him more than during a longish hospital stay - seeing him every morning was comforting. We are lucky to have him.  Respond
RID: 158011
25/02/07 4 1 2 Told me my baby had died at birth and then the nurses called me the next day and asked me if I wanted to come to the nursery and be with my baby. The baby did end passing away but I was deprived of spending those hours with the baby before that happened. Inexcuseable. When I became pregnant with another baby, and I expressed interest in seeing an OBGYN, he told me to find myself a new family doctor if I didn't trust him to deliver my baby. A bit of an ego? What happened to doing what is best for the patient's well being?  Respond
RID: 148983
20/02/07 4 4 4 He has a warm and welcoming staff and practice. He is always willing to send a patient to a specialist and/or second opinion.  Respond
RID: 76867
06/01/07 5 5 5 He's been taking care of our family for 30+ years. I hope he never retires!  Respond
RID: 64216
06/12/06 5 5 5 Very Sympathetic and understanding. Gives good service. Very knowledgeable. Keeps up to date on new medical procedures and new products.  Respond
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