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RID: 2020909
14/04/12 3 2 1 1 I never knew Dr. King on a personal level but as a patient at Stat 23 at the old U of A. Clearly,he treated his "experiments" different than his family/friends. This dr effected my life back in the 70's when I was 5-13. He pushed drugs a lot,we were all on em and always different "tests" that had to do with out heads...Things were much different back then. I should of filed a law suit as there is no way many of the things we endured and the discipline methods could of been legal, but who would believe "us". I only remember 1 girls name from there...Is there anyone who was a patient of Dr. Kings or Dr. Blackmans at the U of A?? Please message me at [email protected] thanks  See Responses
RID: 1716553
17/02/12 1 1 1 1   Respond
RID: 1287513
05/11/10 3 2 1 1   Respond
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RID: 1225633
10/08/10 5 5 5 5 I have know Dr. King for the last 6 years and he was the kind of person that leave a lasting impression on your heart. He was respectful and kind and just to be in his presence you felt so important. I wish his family luvs and hugs at this time for they have lost a great man.  Respond
RID: 1224918
09/08/10 5 5 5 5 Amen to the last comment. To all you morons that Dr. King caught lying, shame on you. This wonderful human being died in his sleep August 7, 2010 and will be dearly missed by all who knew him. It is disgusting what drivel you write and shows your character not his. His funeral will be standing room only and many tears will be shed - can you say the same about yours?  See Responses
RID: 1224270
07/08/10 5 5 5 5 These comments are absolutly terrible. Although I have never been to Dr. King as a patient, he has personally counselled me through many hardships. He was my grandfather, and I cannot have imagined living my life without his guidance and gentle heart. Perhaps instead of complaining about a person, one should take a look at the other side of a situation, and know that he lived a long good life. He had many patients that loved him, and the statements below come from bitter, sorry excuses for human beings. If a person actually looked beyond the price of WCB, and truely put trust into this man, they would understand how brilliant he was.  Respond
RID: 1040508
22/11/09 1 1 1 1 I am not shocked reading these allegations against Dr. King.I was sent to him by my insurance company, who were trying to get out of paying me my legitimate disability claim.He was late, then he wanted to change the time and day to Saturday.He said he would come pick me up at my apartment!I said, no. His questions were unpredicable, he wanted to know everything about my spiritual beliefs!He was supposedly evaluating my anxiety and depression.He tried to tell me my medical conditions were incorrect though he was not a surgeon!Then he asked if heat made my pain better, and I said yes.(I had a broken tailbone and severe chronic pain.) He offered to buy me an electric blanket, and bring it to my apt, told me I should dump my boyfriend and find a man who would "buy me things".Bragged about giving his nurses diamonds.I couldn't wait to get away from him.Waiting for my bf to pick me up he said "I just want to stare at you for awhile". I ran out the door to wait in the snowstorm.Creepy Lizard.  Respond
RID: 1018083
26/10/09 1 1 1 1 Is there anyone out there who was a patient of this so called Doctor back in the 1970's when he worked at the University Hospital in psycology for children and had children on Stelazine and Pertofrane. I was 11 and would not go to school so the Doctor thought it warranted me being in hospital on pills that made me pull my eyelashes and eyebrows out.All of us on that ward were zombies I believe we were just lab rats having wires glued to our heads and hooked up to machines every few days.  See Responses
RID: 987319
14/09/09 2 2 1 1 In regards to the previous post who stated it was an exaggeration that Dr. King got paid $3200 for 20 minutes work. I have a WCB printout from my FOIPP request and he got paid $4200 for my 20-30 minute session. Even at $300/hr that is 14 hour worth of time and is it took over 13 hours to write the lies and false information in the report he wrote than that is just as sad as the report. Just because he works for the WCB because hr probably can't work anywhere else, doesn't mean he can't have integrity and give a truthful unbiased decision. Falsifying reports makes him just as bad as the meat grinding organization he works for and he made that choice. I am sure in his prime he was a respectable doctor, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case now as many have stated their opinions. When you are forced by WCB to see a doctor, you would expect you are getting a fair and just diagnosis, but when the report states lies and information not expressed by the patient, that is wrong  Respond
RID: 964945
17/08/09 3 3 4 5 I am a doctor who trained with Dr. King, and told my friends he was the King of my teachers, in my entire undergraduate and specialist training. Please notice that WCB is a meat-grinder. This is a government-run insurance system with limited ability and probably little incentive to help people unless their problems fit just inside the dotted lines. Doctors know that worker's comp patients are often quite mixed up about whether they want to work or want a pension. WCB pays doctors a bit more than Alberta Health Care, or they could not get doctors to do the work. It is just a ridiculous exaggeration to suggest they get $3200 for 20 minutes work.  See Responses
RID: 961357
12/08/09 1 3 1 1 Maybe back then Dr. King had concern for his patients. Now he gets paid about $4000 an hour session and the time it takes to make the report. He has a hard time staying awake and he keeps his face about 6 inches from the face of the desk his paperwork is on. The questions he asked did not pertain to my situation and his report had stuff in it that I did not say and he said things in his report that were false. I don't know if this is because of his age and that he might have forgot what I said so just wrote down things or if he did not know how to make sense of his short handed notes. Either way, his report had allot of false statements as well as statements I never even made. In my opinion he was paid generously for a report that satisfied the WCB, not a report that told the truth or the facts. It is also my opinion that he works for the WCB because they pay him more than the going rate and at his age it is good easy money for retirement even if he has to falsify reports for WCB.  Respond
RID: 951205
30/07/09 5 5 5 5 I was shocked at all those negative comments about Dr. King, but I can see they're coming from the background of the WCB. I had Dr. King many years ago before WCB, when he was still practicing at the Children's Health Center. I was 16 then & going through the struggles of high school, anxiety & depression, along with the trauma of my parent's recent divorce. I was sent to Dr. King & he was very knowledgeable, kind & awesome at helping me get through this tough time. He always listened to my concerns, made sure I understood everything, & even went the extra mile into paying for things like group programs, summer camp at the YMCA, & helped out my family tremendously to get back on our feet. We truly consider him a family friend. Now I'm a Regional Manager for an Energy Company, & looking back I agree with 100% confidence that he helped change my life for the better & paved the way for me to become more then I thought possible. From that background, yes I would recommend him to others.  See Responses
RID: 860871
14/04/09 1 1 1 1 If your report has ncorrect information from this doctor. For example if he is getting information wrong how can his report be correct? Report this action to the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons. http://www.cpsa.ab.ca/Homepage.aspx I have been interviewed by dr king for a WCB claim and he reports information that I did not tell him and he got stuff I did tell him incorrect. I am reporting him for this very poor and incompetent actions.  See Responses
RID: 841161
24/03/09 1 4 1 1 This man was very old, kept falling asleep he was rude and very condescending, I couldn't wait to get out of his office as the smell was terrible. He has no private practice, does not work at any hospital or antwhere else besides the WCB which pays him 3200.00 an hour to get rid of clients.  Respond
RID: 783419
06/02/09 1 3 1 1 Dr. King should not be able to practice psychiatry. He is employeed by the WCB to provide them with the biased decisions they want despite my health. In the short visit I had with him he had trouble asking me questions. He could not remember what he wanted to ask me and when he did ask me a question he stumbled in his words. He would start asking me a question and then say "oh, I think I already asked you that". The questions he asked were all over the place and did not get to the heart of my problems which is why I thought I was having the test, yet in his short report to the WCB, he said I was basically fine, yet a handful of other medical professionals say otherwise and I have suffered from depression for about 7 years now after the onset of my injuries and stated in numerous reports from various medical professionals not paid by the WCB. I would highly suggest you find a qualified medical professional other than Dr. King if you want a unbiased assessment. Don't trust this doctor.  Respond
RID: 776503
03/02/09 1 1 1 1 Well i am another person this guy has screwed!!! it is beyond me how this so called doctor is still wrecking people's lives, somthing has to be done to address this. My story is like a few other's i have seen on this page relating to the WCB ALTA. This guy's Rep. say's it all, How can any doc see a person for 20 min's and come up with the crap that he has in my case. The deeper i check up on this guy the scarrier it get's but unfortunitly he's done far to much damage allready! I sure would like to here from anyone who might have more info on this guy or talk about the injustice he has created.  Respond
RID: 717404
07/11/08 1 4 1 1 I have recently received a copy of my WCB case file and found out this man got $3200.00 for his 1 hour assessment of me. He told me in this exam that he would have retired long ago but WCB is lucrative. I can see why as he gets paid 15 times the standard rate for a physicians appointment. His evaluation is completely erroneous and has no real truth to it. As everyone else he mad numerous mistakes in his general reporting and his diagnosis is that of something so vague it could apply to just about everyone in Edmonton. WCB has refused services based upon this mans decision and ignores real doctors reports. Unfortunately I have to start with the appeal process against his decision even though the psychiatrist I have been seeing for years disagrees with the diagnosis of this old fool who admits to milking the WCB system. Unfortunately there is little recourse for people to condemn his actions other than to fight against this malicious stupidity. Refuse this doctor get another; run; fast.  See Responses
RID: 661384
10/08/08 1 4 1 1 It is unfortunate that this doctor needs to practice medicine decades beyond the age at which he should have retired. Perhaps he has a frail ego and needs to work in order to bolster his self esteem. He ought to consider what service he is providing and to weigh the scales in terms of whether he is providing more harm than good.  Respond
RID: 488870
20/01/08 1 2 1 1 Definitely a doctor for hire. He seemd to want to make it clear that the company I was employed with was paying him a fair bit for his "independent evaluation". At least I knew where he was headed in the first minutes. His report was used to override a truly independent psychiatrists evaluation. If you have another option choose it instead.  Respond
RID: 427544
11/10/07 1 3 1 1 The companies that break human rights as a regular work practice and promote psychological abuse as a way of interacting with their employees - use him. I don't think he's evil, but he's certainly senile and probably writes into reports what he's told to write by his employer.  Respond
RID: 330557
28/05/07 2 1 1 I went to Dr. King a few years ago because I had to, according to my employer. I was absolutely shocked at his report that he sent. It was full of errors from my birthdate to the jobs I had done (approx. 20 errors). At first he seemed to agree with me regarding my situation but when I got a copy of the report and noticed the number of errors and comments he made, I was shocked. If anyone has to go for an "Independant Evaluation" and the doctor is Dr. King, try to get someone else. He is definitely on the side of the employer.  Respond
RID: 241174
28/03/07 3 1 1 Disturbingly enough I can only concur with what is written. The only reason I went to him was that WCB picked him to do an independant exam. His written findings absolutely shocked me. If you have the fortitude to tolerate the treatment of the Alberta WCB and they eventually try to tell you everything is in your head -- ask for an alternate INDEPENDANT Medical Examiner. This man should not be practising. His findings were completely refuted by the Medical Panel consisting of 3 Psychiatrists (2 of them Forensic). Anyone that was punted from WCB based on this man's findings should be beating a path to the ombudsman.  Respond
RID: 217484
20/03/07 1 1 1 I was very uncomfortable as he was borderline making passes at me.Saying things like if he was younger.... Made a incredible number of mistakes with my name,history ect.. If he didn't like my answer he would change the question in a way as to turn your words around.when his report was given to W.C.B there was things in it that I didn't say. Made me out to be very disterbed.  Respond
RID: 162020
27/02/07 5 1 1 I agree with the other comment in here, this guy is definitely a wcb doctor. When I saw him I got the same conclusion, I was imagining the pain lol.and I have 10 doctors saying other wise  See Responses
RID: 143091
15/02/07 1 1 1 Totally disgusting how this Dr treats the patient.He cannot seem to "remember" what was said at the "independent" exam set up by the wcb.It doesn't help he looks about 90 yrs old and has 2 hearing aids that will ring the entire exam.Beyond retirement and totally unknowledgeable.He is certainly "well guided" by wcb, asks his questions but your answers are never good enough, so he says you're "withholding" and determines that it was an invalid exam.You could attempt suicide on the spot and he would probably say you're faking.He goes against respected Dr's who've seen you for years,and like classic wcb style "forgets" to mention a lot of info that would support you.After each appt he'll say he's going to see your case manager-so much for independent!Don't waste your time with him as you'll get nothing,he'll just twist your words as to what wcb wants to hear and you'll spend years appealing it all.It will only add to your anguish.Get a real independent exam by an ethical doctor instead.  Respond
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