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RID: 5496209
27/05/14 4 5 5 5 Dr. Selwyn is very professional and knowledgeable and her nurse practitioner is very friendly and helpful as well. Reception could sometimes use a bit of improvement in terms of friendliness/accommodation. Dr. Selwyn is very knowledgeable and always looking to solve the root of the problem (as opposed to over-prescribing meds or treating temporary problems that may stem from deeper or more serious issues). Appointments are always on time but there is no allowance for addressing more that 1-2 issues. You must make a separate appointment for anything other than what you went in for. Probably how they stay "on time".It is very hard to get a convenient appointment and same day is usually impossible. Other than the office administration details, she is a superb doctor! 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2683385
19/06/13 4 4 2 2 Receptionist used to be PURE EVIL, but now the new one is pretty nice. In my experience Dr. Selwyn has no real desire to diagnose or no sense of urgency of care. I have been dismissed several times with a "Take some advil/tylenol/antibiotics" treatment, without her making an informed diagnosis. I went undiagnosed with lactose intolerance for my entire youth, despite seeing Dr. Selwyn many many times, and explaining my symptoms perfectly. Its lactose intolerance, how hard is that to diagnose? Recently I've been having the issue of when I make an appointment, I have no idea who I'm actually going to see: Dr Selwyn, or one of her Nurse Practitioners. If you have Dr Selwyn as a doctor, you have to take your life in your own hands. You have to do your own research, and push for what you know you need. Above all, push to see specialists (don't let her pick them though), and push for real answers. Don't let her sweep you and your problems under rug. 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2582337
11/03/13 5 4 5 5 i found the staff, nurses and doctors, more than helpful in regards to the birth of my great grandson. i would like to thank everyone involved in his birth . if i could i would give them a 10/10 thankyou terry  Respond
RID: 2570645
26/02/13 1 3 5 3  
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2521208
04/01/13 5 5 5 5 I am a fairly new patient to Dr. Selwyn. She took me on after my 1st daughter was born and now see's my family of 4. I have never had a wait to get in to see her. As a new mom, I called several times with panic and was always taken care of and never made to feel silly over my concerns. Karen at the front desk is always very helpful in getting us in right away when we fall ill. And Sue is a dream to go see. My children love her (even though she gives them their needles). I really don't understand the poor reviews. My experiences have all been wonderful. 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2126108
10/05/12 5 5 5 5 Dr Selwyn is very caring, kind, considerate and listens to what you have to say. She does not push medication or anything else on you. She asks how you feel about what treatment you would consider. I have been going to her for over 30 years and will continue with her as long as she is practicing.  Respond
RID: 1566623
20/10/11 3 5 5 5 I have been with Dr. Selwyn for almost 30 years and now all my children are patients as well. She is very knowledgeable and always gets to the bottom of things. Her appointments are on time and I am almost always able to get my kids in on short notice - very accommodating. I really respect that she does not just "push pills" or send you for hoards of unnecessary tests. She asks many questions and shares the current literature and practices and reasons behind her prognosis and recommendations.  Respond
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RID: 1218995
30/07/10 5 5 5 5 I was amazed to read the previous comment. I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Selwyn's patient for 8 years and have never had to wait for more the 5-10 minutes to be seen. The office staff has always been pleasant and helpful to me!! I've never had a problem with leaving a message and the receptionist getting back to me the same day. I for one am very happy with Dr. Selwyn--were you having a bad day????  Respond
RID: 1218245
29/07/10 2 2 2 3 This has to be one of the worst Doctor's offices in the City. I have been a long time patient of Doctor Selwyn (over 20 years) and have had my share of issues. First and foremost, you can almost never get ahold of anyone there and when you do the main receptionist, Tanya is absolutely horrible to deal with. She is unpleasant, pushy and rude. She talks over you and doesn't let you explain your symptoms. Also, she almost always claims there are no appointments available and if it's an "emergency" you should go to the hospital. If and when you do finally get an appointment (which is rare) it's almost always 2-4 weeks away which in my opinion is unacceptable. Also, many times when I have had an appointment I have had to wait up to half an hour to be seen. If getting a new doctor was an option, I would be more than happy to leave this one behind.  Respond
RID: 1139099
29/03/10 2 4 3 3 Tanya the receptionist has no manners and can be extremly ignorant and pushy in her phone conversations. The office is practically never reachable and don't care what the patient wants, they have their own ideas and guilt trip into doing things their way. Abnormal test results also not properly notified or dealt with, things slip through the cracks.  Respond
RID: 966357
18/08/09 4 4 5 5 I've been a patient of Dr. Selwyn's since the birth of my son 7 years ago and she took in our whole family (husband, daughter, and later another son!) as patients even when she technically wasn't accepting any more.. The office is hard to reach, but Tanya always returns my calls quickly and is always very friendly and informative. Everyone is wonderful and genuinely cares. They're wonderful! :)  Respond
RID: 939166
17/07/09 5 5 5 5 I love Dr. Selwyn and her staff. They treat me with nothing but respect and she always answers my questions and she looks at you when you speak to her - this is a good thing it means she's listening to you. Her staff is awesome Tanya and Sue are quick, punctual and always pleasant and do their best to get you what you need. Doc Selwyn is a gem in the world of family physicians - unlike my former family Doctor who took pride in treating you like you were crazy and nothing was wrong with you. I recommend that if you can get in to see her and keep her as your family doctor - you are on the right track!  Respond
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RID: 711326
28/10/08 4 5 5 5 I love Dr. Selwyn. I've been with her since she started her practice and we're of a similar age. She doesn't overprescribe medications and as someone who works in healthcare I really appreciate that. She makes sure that you are well taken care of. The support staff are great too. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get through but once you do, Tanya is extremely helpful and gets appointments booked as soon as she can. I wouldn't trade Dr. Selwyn for any other doctor. She and her office meet my needs and then some.  Respond
RID: 601951
29/05/08 5 5 5 5 I have been a patient for roughly 8 years. I have nothing but great words to say about Dr. Selwyn, Sue and Tanya! I have since had two wonderful little boys that are patients now as well as my husband. We like the fact that Dr. Selwyn does not "push" meds. Yes, I agree it is sometimes hard to get through on the phone, however, Tanya is VERY quick at getting back to me. The office is also VERY accomodating when it comes to my children. of course not for a sniffle which is understandable! I am very lucky to have found her and hope she NEVER retires!!!! As with Sue and Tanya!!  Respond
RID: 554643
01/04/08 5 5 5 5 I absolutely love Dr. Selwyn and her staff. I have been a patient since I was 13 years old and I am now 36. I have 2-year-old twin daughters now that are also her patients now. Her, Sue and Tanya are all so great with them and they make a trip to the doctor not so bad. They seem genuinely interested in their progress and I have never, not once, felt rushed. I can't imagine having to find another family doctor and the very thought of her retiring sends panic through my veins. Hopefully, when that inevitable day comes, her daughter Stephanie will have taken a page from her mom's notebook and will be taking over her practice with the same commitment, compassion and integrity as Dr. Selwyn. Also, I have to say, her staff, Sue and Tanya are so incredibly personable and down to earth, I really enjoy just talking to them. Awesome, Awesome office!!!!!  Respond
RID: 508020
08/02/08 5 5 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr. Selwyn's for over 18 years and she is now caring for me, my husband, and my three young children. She is always accomodating when it comes to my little ones and in case of emergency, is very helpful. I even get calls from her staff to see how we are doing when one of my children have been very ill. As long as Dr. Selwyn is a doctor, she will be mine.  Respond
RID: 400200
10/09/07 4 4 4 4 Dr. Selwyn's office is always welcoming and friendly. Although, I do agree that sometimes you wait for several minutes or hours to reach the office, once you speak with Tanya you get needed information or an appointment immediately. When my dad, also a patient, was going through chemotherapy and radiation Dr. Selwyn was very helpful and supportive, especially to my mother who was having difficulty coping with this. Dr. Selwyn went as far as giving up her one hour lunch to sit down and talk with my mom to ensure that she was getting all of the support that she needed through this difficult time. Dr. Selwyn is one of the most genuine and kind hearted person that I know. Her staff are also very warm and caring and poor Sue gets the crummy job of sticking needles into the little ones, but she does a great job and my kids still love her regardless if she comes in with a needle or not. The only suggestion I have is to invest in a better telephone system so everyone can leave a message!  Respond
RID: 313798
09/05/07 5 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr. Selwyn's since I was 6 years old. I'm now fast approaching 40. She and I have had our children in/around the same time and her replacement physicians with each mat.leave were as efficient as she. My only complaint is her office reception staff waste so much time interrogating people while playing doctor instead of promptly making appointments it ties up the phoneline and patients' patience! If I am fortunate enough to be able to leave a message I anxiously sit by my phone for a call back as for some reason they just can't book me in and leave the details on my voicemail and I'll spend the remainder of the day (or week in one case) playing phone tag. I recommend, if you're sick, bring a bucket and walk to the office filling it on the way and leave it with the reception desk if you're able to get in.  Respond
RID: 234555
27/03/07 4 4 5 I have been with Dr. Selwyn for 20 years and now have 3 children under Dr. Selwyn's care. She runs a very efficient office and is always accomodating for emergency appointments (particularly for children). She is proactive physician who is not a "pill pusher" as many seem to be these days. She is abreast of all the latest treatment strategies and has a great network of specialists for referral. I highly recommend her practice.  Respond
RID: 222428
22/03/07 5 4 5 Dr. Selwyn has been my doctor for many year and has taken care of both of my children since birth. Her staff is very pleasant, couteous and helpful. Dr. Selwyn has been very supportive, and taken care of all of my requests without issue. The only complaint i have is trying to get through to the office. Often the phone line is busy for hours so you cant even leave a message. Once Tanya does return my call though, she is extremely helpful and i feel that she takes the time to assist me and my family.  Respond
RID: 196203
14/03/07 4 1 3 Doctor was pleasant & knowledgeable. She refused to answer more than 1 question - she wanted separate appts. for each issue, no matter how small. I went to her for a cold & she said that the discharge was white, but if it turned green, to call & she would order me a prescription. I called her the next day from work & the heavy redhaired, freckled receptionist insisted I come back in (less than 12 hours after my last appt) I told her that the doctor had offered to call in a prescription, I was out of town for work & nothing had changed except the discharge & I was doing what the doctor had directed. I later got a call from the same receptionist saying the doctor didn't want me as a patient anymore & I would be getting a registered letter. I asked my co-workers, had I been rude or loud? They said my tone had been very professional & reasonable -they were amazed that the receptionist took offense or that the doctor would "fire" a long time patient without a following up. Cold office.  Respond
RID: 179876
09/03/07 3 2 2 I would like to be seen when I call and request an appointment.  See Responses
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