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RID: 2652623
20/05/13 3 2 1 1 I do not recommend Dr Kennedy Ross My son was complying about his glasses so we went to see the specialist - dr Kennedy Ross. Dr Kennedy Ross did not see any problem and said the prescription glasses are fine. After 6 months we went again to the same doctor because my son could not copy from the blackboard, blinked excessively had itchy eyes, headaches and had many problems with learning at school. This time my son couldn’t recognize the biggest letters on the wall during Snellen chart test. I was shocked, the ‘specialist’ did not look comfortable but did not bother to explain his mistake from our last visit(the leap was from 1.5- old glasses to 3.5-new glasses) He gave us the lesson about children’s anatomy so according to dr Kennedy Ross kids legs and hands grow fast so we buying the new boots quite often- but kids eyes grow slowly so there is no need to replace the prescription glasses .  Respond
RID: 1571762
26/10/11 5 4 5 5 My experience was excellent; on first arrival I was a little worried, the receptionist Maureen? Ignored my son and I appearing to be “making” herself look busy. Then another young receptionist (Lisa?) came out and greeted us personally. She assured I had everything needed to assure my medical plan covered the visit while taking the time to calm my son. Absolutely amazing personalized service. If it were not for her, I would have realized we waited a while for Dr. Kennedy but when we did see him, every question was attentively listened to and thoroughly explained to me. Despite first impressions of Maureen, and between the young angel Lisa with the expertise of Dr. Kennedy, this was probably my son’s best Doctor visit ever. Very impressed and recommend this office to anyone with sight troubled children.  Respond
RID: 1323153
29/12/10 3 4 5 5 I have been seeing Doctor Kennedy since I was little. He had done several surgeries on my eyes and is very knowledged at what he does. He is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. Highly recommned him.  Respond
RID: 1263774
02/10/10 3 3 5 5 Dr Kennedy looked after my oldest daughter (now almost 21) since she was 2. She is a special needs girl, and needed a very strong prescription for glasses, which have greatly improved her ability to see. He was always very patient, kind, explained what he was doing, and was even able to allow me to experience her vision through the apparatus used to measure her eyesight. I have a 7 month old baby girl with a "lazy" eye, and insisted it be Dr Kennedy who see this child too. He's the Best there is. Im confident he will be as helpful to this daughter as he was to my oldest.  Respond
RID: 1218649
30/07/10 4 4 5 5 I was told my other doctors that nothng could be done to improve the appearance of my lazy eye. Dr. Kennedy performed an excellent surgery and the eye now looks normal. He is very knowledgeable, supportive, and understanding.  Respond
RID: 1171308
17/05/10 5 1 2 3 My son is 3 years old, has Down Syndrome and is near sighted. He refuses to prescribe my son glasses because he knows we will have trouble keeping them on his head. When I insisted he give my son a prescription he replied with "It's always easier to spend someone elses money" because we have benefits that will cover the cost of his glasses. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone with special needs..my son is on a waiting list for another Ophthalmologist as he can only see 2 feet in front of him, he needs glasses and Dr. Kennedy won't prescribe them.  Respond
RID: 1110253
19/02/10 3 4 3 4 Dr Kennedy was very friendly & chatty when my son had his first visit as a baby. We saw his recently for the 2nd time and for the entire time we were with Dr Kennedy not a single word was directed at my son. Not even a 'hello' or 'how are you'. My son has CP and uses a wheelchair sometimes...I hope that this had nothing to do with his ignoring attitude towards my son... Also, I am appalled that there are no free designated parking spots outside his clinic...and a disabled spot would help...didn't have any change and the staff were very unhelpful when I asked them what to do...luckily I didn't get a ticket...but if I had I would have billed Dr Kennedy for it...don't think we will be going there again.  See Responses
RID: 1039097
20/11/09 5 5 5 5 I had Strabismus affecting my left eye, and it impacted many areas in my life. I couldn't drive well, watch TV without discomfort, or even look people in the eye. Dr. Kennedy changed all of that (ok, I'm still a lousy driver, but at least now I can see the curbs that I keep running into!). His staff was professional and courteous, the office was easy to find, I didn't have to wait long, and Dr. Kennedy did an amazing job with the surgery. As soon as I came out of the anestisia, I could see the difference. A year later, my left eye stays where it is suposed to, and I feel like a whole different person. You may not realize how a vision problem can hold you back until it has been corrected. Thank you to Dr Kennedy and his staff for improving my quality of life in ways that I never would have guessed. I would (and do) recommend him to others.  See Responses
RID: 959387
10/08/09 5 5 5 5 I feel so very grateful for being referred to Dr. Kennedy. That was my lucky day! All I can say is WOW what a great doctor. I was told that there was notheing that could be done about my left eye but Dr. Kennedy was able to help me out. Very kind doctor and it shows that he really cares about his work. I saw a technician 2 out of the four appointment but this does not bother me at all. This technician is skillfully trained in her profession and by the Dr., so this is not a problem. He is a very busy doctor and I'm glad that I can see a technician so that he can use that time to help other people like me.  Respond
RID: 956621
06/08/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Kennedy took my son on as a patient at 6 mos old, he is absolutely phenomenal, my son is now 21, still has to see him every once in a while, this doctor is beyond. He is extremely knowledgeable and his bedside manner is impeccable.  Respond
RID: 935801
13/07/09 5 5 5 5 Dr Kennedy is the best doctor you can find..I went to see him with double vision. Dr Kennedy did what is called open suture method. I now can see with normal glasses again. Anytime i need him he is there in seconds to help and my sure my eyes are working and ok. I recommend him to anyone he is the best.  Respond
RID: 927514
02/07/09 3 1 3 3 I had the initial assessment and was very impressed. We were then scheduled to see Dr. Kennedy...me and 4 others moms with the same time! I had a baby who was having a meltdown after waiting over 90 mins. Although I was the first to arrive, the other three went in before me. I actually walked out. Not impressed so far. I can't really rate the doctor himself as I have been unable to see him yet.  Respond
RID: 904965
04/06/09 4 5 5 5 I recently took my son to see Dr.Kennedy,he was very good with him and made my son comfortable. He completely explained everything to my husband and me so we understood everything that was going on or would be going on. very good doctor I would recommend him to anyone who has children with eye problems or who has eye problems themselves.  Respond
RID: 821749
RID: 800949
26/02/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Kennedy is a great doctor. very friendly and we didnt feel rushed. Almost all hope was lost for my daughter who wasnt able to see at all from her left eye. Dr. Kennedy started a treatment and has followed her closely. My daughter has recovered most of her vision. I would recommend Dr. Kennedy for sure. He really made my little girl comfortable during examination and he explained everything to us in laymans terms.  Respond
RID: 708064
23/10/08 5 5 3 5 Dr. Kennedy seems pretty good, but we've only seem him once, we've see his orthoptist for all other appointments. I thought my child was referred to a specialist, not a technician?  Respond
RID: 683434
12/09/08 1 2 1 1 A very friendly man, but not very helpful. He saw my son twice, and was never able to explain what was wrong with his eyes. He didn't even put the correct prescription in one eye, as he said it couldn't be used. Our new doctor has him using his bad eye with a lot of success.  Respond
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RID: 434396
25/10/07 5 3 5 5 Excellent guy--very good with kids and genuinely seems to enjoy his profession. He was thorough and well informed and knowledgable. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.  Respond
RID: 301197
27/04/07 5 4 5 Dr. Kennedy is an extremely knowledgeable and competent surgeon. His receptionist is wonderful and very helpful. I am from out of town now, but when I come to see him there is never any wait and Sandi does the best she can to make a trip down to see Dr. Kennedy convenient and to make sure I know what I need to know. Only constructive criticism I have is that when you are in the exam room, he sometimes seems a bit rushed and I sometimes don't get the chance to ask all of my questions. But when I do get the chance, he really listens and reassures me with information I need to know.  Respond
RID: 211440
18/03/07 4 5 5 Dr Kennedy is an excellent doctor, not only is he very skilled at what he does he has a great manner about him. I understand that there are only a few of his specialty in the province, but am willing to wait the few months it takes so that my child can be examined by him or his Orthoptist.  Respond
RID: 208535
17/03/07 4 5 5 I agree with the last two ratings. Dr. Kennedy helped fix my eye when all other surgeons told me there wasn't anything they could do. He did an amazing job and I am so thankful and grateful for this wonderfully skilled surgeon. Not only is he an amazingly skilled surgeon, he is a genuinely nice person with a wonderful bedside manner. He actually cares and you can tell he is really in his profession to help people. I would highly recommend him!  Respond
RID: 192787
13/03/07 4 5 5 Dr. Kennedy helped me with a lens implant and muscle tightening in my eye that I had injured as a teen playing hockey. The results changed my life for the better and I can personally recommend him. Even though this was about 12 years ago I still am thankful.  Respond
RID: 187534
12/03/07 5 5 5 DR Kennedy is the best. I don't know why that other person put that slanderous comment. He is a perfectionist with surgery and I had ZERO complications. I can't say enough good things about him.  Respond
RID: 116366
28/01/07 1 1 3 It seems as if out of the last 8-10 appts we've had, we've only seen him once and saw his assistant the rest of the time. I complained and told his secretary I will go for a second opinion which made him come see us otherwise, who knows! This guy sucks!  Respond
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