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RID: 5572177
20/06/14 2 3 1 1 I have been putting off a needed medical test until I can find a new doctor. Martin is the most unprofessional and inconsiderate doctor I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. She couldn't be bothered to acquaint herself with my chart and so asked me the same questions over and over, much of which had no bearing on the reason for my visit. She only cared about my weight, which is not an unhealthy one, so it got very tired, very fast. I was very tempted to comment on her weight, which is very obviously not a healthy one, but I restrained myself. The last straw was her prescription of a drug I am allergic to. Thank god for pharmacists! I can't believe this woman is still in practice. How I wish I knew about ratemds.com before I called her office. It is apparent that I am not alone in my issues with her. 
Insurance: BC Med
RID: 2718589
25/07/13 5 4 2 2 Dr Martin is in a convenient location for me and is rarely late for appointments. However, she prescribes antibiotics for just about everything you come into her office for and never looks past the symptom to what might be going on otherwise. Her bedside manner is at times "okay" but most of the time I'm scared to ask her to explain why she is prescribing antibiotics or why my body might be doing whatever it's doing. I don't think her heart is in helping people anymore but more in the money.  Respond
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RID: 2122941
08/05/12 1 5 1 1 Dr. Martin has been my family doctor for a few years. We have now moved our doctor as she is so rude and unhelpful. She is rude and dismissive to children - scarily so in fact. My children would cry at the thought of going to see her. She once made my little boy sit on the floor in the corner of the room while she examined me, which was humiliating and odd for him. She interrupts when you try to tell her things, has no bedside manner at all and just wants to get you out of there as quickly as possible. Her receptionist is also rude. I called to get a repeat prescription as I had nearly run out of my medication and she said 'Well it's not my fault that you have run out of medication.' ?! Really unhelpful and lacking in empathy. There are better doctors out there - I have now found one. I registered with doctor martin as she was the only female doctor on the northshore who was taking on new patients. I would rather go to a male doctor - in fact any other doctor than see her ever again.  Respond
RID: 1697220
26/01/12 5 5 5 4 Today was my first meeting with Dr. Martin. I found her staff friendly and efficient and they got me into a room right away. I waited maybe 2 minutes for Dr. Martin which was quite nice compared to other Doctors I have gone to. Dr. Martin was friendly, chatty (she took note of things I had mentioned and made conversation about it in a friendly way) and seemed very kind and helpful. I needed some blood work done which she got me to do right after the appointment which worked out very well for me. I was happy with my visit and have no hesitations with visiting her again in the future.  Respond
RID: 1685833
13/01/12 5 5 5 4 I have been seeing Dr Martin for over 10 Years and have never had a problem with her she is friendly and very knowledgable. I was sickened to read how many shallow people there are out there that judge people by there appearances.She is always on time which can be a huge issue for some Doctors like the ones she shares a practice with, there average wait time is one hour. She respects patients time. Her Secretary is fantastic and always accommodating.  Respond
RID: 1632794
13/11/11 1 1 1 1 Unbelievable that this sad individual was awarded the degree, and all of its inherent privileges and responsibilities, of "Medical Doctor". She is a seriously deficient individual, in all respects. I don't know who the Dean of Medicine or related med school admitting panel was at UBC in 1981/82 that would have granted admittance of this woman to med school (grad '86 I believe), and further, am appalled that the College has allowed this woman to perpetuate in the field of medicine for all these years. I would hope that this gross oversight is far and few between, particularly over the past 30 years. We can never predict how a person will fullfill a particular role (granted) and my guess is she was one of the few who slipped through the proverbial "cracks". Kim should step back from practice, visit her particular psychiatric condition(s)and related diagnosis[es](in consult with a more apt trained professional than herself) and re-evaluate her place within the medicine. Regards.  See Responses
RID: 1550597
30/09/11 5 5 5 5 I feel with Dr. Martin that I am in good hands. She is quiet and gets down to business. She respects my time. Previous doctors I have had rated poorly in this regard.  Respond
RID: 1527083
31/08/11 1 1 1 1 A bone in my foot was broken and she refered me to a specialist who tried to scam me. The specialist told me to pay $20 IN CASH just for seeing him for 2 minutes and almost forced me to buy a cast for $200 and a pair of soccer socks for $20. When I tried to escape him by saying I had no money, he tried to make me call my parents and make them give my mom's credit card number over the phone. I said no and told him I'd contact him through my family doctor later. I never did, and dr.martin never called me either, and I've not called her or seen her ever since. I still have her as my family doctor because of lack of doctors in the north shore but jeez, she's horrendous. 
Paid (or co-pay): $20
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RID: 1446278
20/05/11 2 2 1 1 This is the worst doctor out there. She told me today that obesity is a lifestyle choice and i have the mental capability to read and follow the Canadian Food Guide. Umm what? I have a Bariatric Surgeon who says its a multifactorial complex disease! She is very rude, and interrupts, and assumes things. She does not read the reports from specialists and actually got my facts wrong about sleep apnea saying it was mild, when i was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Also stated my asthma was mild, when i was diagnosed by a RESPIRALOGIST to be MODerate! No wonder why you can go see her the same day because she has no patients..id rather wait 4 hours at a walk in clinic then go back to her. I am glad i read this site and i am not the only one who feels this way.  Respond
RID: 1377166
02/03/11 3 2 1 1 the worst doctor ever, did not listen, did not hear me out, Iwas in and out of the office in 3 minutes, with 2 issues to talk about. Diagnosed me without even examining and gave the total wrong treatment for the other issue. Fortunately this was a one time walk in clinic visit. I never ever want to see her again, she should not be allowed to practice.  Respond
RID: 1258006
24/09/10 1 5 1 3 After 2 years, I just left Dr Martin and it was because I have been waiting over a year for a referral to a specialist. Despite going in for an appointment and later phoning twice to notify them that I still didnt get hear from the specialist's office, I was told by her assistant that it was up to me to contact the specialist if I didn't hear from them. How long do you wait for a specialist to call? Is there a rule? This is the first time a GP's office asked me to follow up directly with a specialist. So I called and learned they dont even accept faxed appointment requests. I was referred to this specialist before by another GP without issue. Dr Martin's assistant refused to confirm that she would have Dr Martin call me back, instead she said she would talk to her about it. What a gong show... I hung in there for 2 years despite having read all these poor reviews and now I'm done too.  Respond
RID: 1238789
27/08/10 5 5 1 3 Saw this doctor for about a year when I first arrived in Canada, until I could find a more congenial one. Was horrid - cut me off mid-sentence. Questioned me in ways that implied she was quite homophobic (amongst other things). She would enter the room with a look of dread, then visibly compose herself - clearly NOT enjoying her role. Could not add up months correctly, though eventually corrected her mistake and admitted that I was correct in my calculation regarding my toddler's next vaccination due date. Was friendly toward my toddler - I believe she used to deliver babies and has a fondness for them. I can't imagine a more depressing person as an obstetrician though. I will say she was efficient and gentle during a routine internal exam, though all in all, I would recommend ANY of the many doctor's I have seen on the North Shore over this one. She was painfully thin, as if extremely ill - painful to look at. One feels sorry for her, but that is not a reason to keep going back.  Respond
RID: 1225908
10/08/10 4 5 1 1 Dr Martin in my opinion should no longer practice. She does not care at all,She will not take me seriously,when i have problems she says oh your 30 your fine.i recently got a new doctor and had stayed with her because no other female on the north shore was accepting patients. The first year i met Kim martin she asked if I was a lesbian... while doing a physical exam, i was mortified, and have no idea why she would ask this. I am not but even if i was it was really uncomfortable during the physical. her physical exams are more painful then they should be and she just sends you away saying that its all in your head or no you don't have anything without even giving an exam.my final draw was when i was in a lot of pain and had blood where it should not be, she looked at me and said your 30 your fine, i asked well there is blood and i am in total pain can you recommend me to a urologist or someone... she said no.another doc found something a week later, i go to him now. DO not go to her  Respond
RID: 1137870
28/03/10 1 3 2 2 This woman was the oncall doctor at a clinic I took my 18 year old daughter to. She had been having a recurring problem, which was getting worse. Before my daughter could finish telling her what was bothering her, Dr. Martin asked her if she had ever considered having a breast reduction! My daughter was very embarassed by this, particularly when she had never met her before and had seen her for all of 1 minute.She refused my request for a referral to a pediatrician we had been to in the past and just insisted my daughter buy a better bra. We left frustrated, being told we could get a list of gps from the receptionist. On this list was Dr. Martin's name! Never would I go back to this person! The completely dumbfounding thing was that we received a call from the pediatrician's office the next day regarding our referral from Dr. K.Martin-she had actually made the referral after explicitly refusing us and creating great distress the day before!The woman is sick & should not be practicing.  Respond
RID: 1046819
01/12/09 1 5 1 1 I was impressed with Dr. Kim Martin at first but that was the last time. She was unconcerned regarding my health issues and was quick to send me for lab reports but never followed up. Her secretary is wonderful however, not the doctor. My advice: Don't see this doctor!  Respond
RID: 816182
05/03/09 5 5 4 4 I feel comfortable with Dr Martin. It took a while but we as patients have to understand that she also has a LIFE outside of the Medical field.We tend to treat them as Gods and if they don't perform to our liking then we trash them.I truly believe that we as patients are in denial on times and don't want to believe what the Dr is telling us re our Life Style etc etc.If we don't agree face to face with our GP then I think the next step is to move on and get a Doctor that you feel comfortable with. Its all about the honesty I think.  Respond
RID: 754884
04/01/09 3 4 1 1 I totally agree: poor bedside manor, didn't note a condition I told her about and had to go back for another visit so she could document (and probably bill for writing down a sentence), jumped to conclusions without letting us speak. Got into an argument with my husband (who is NOT argumentative) and told us she new better for our child than us, if you've ever met her, she is clearly bulimic or anorexic - she needs to cure herself before she works with the public.  Respond
RID: 744505
16/12/08 2 2 1 1 My conclusion about Dr. Kim Martin after my second visit: She cares little to nothing about what I have to say, treats me rudely, diagnosed me without reading my M.R.I., , C.T. scan, X-ray, or other doctor's reports. She literally said, "I'll check it next time" (about my blood pressure after calling me in for a high LDL level), told me I was "interrupting her" twice when asked a question, and closed the visit saying, "This is WCB ( WorkSafe B.C. ), I don't get paid for this". Yesterday, I spoke with my Case Manager who received her report ( no report was sent to me). Somehow Ms. Martin is now my WorkSafe doctor and according to her I'm good to go- mever mind the neuro, specialist or therapist report. How did that happen? I question her method and wonder, is she milking the Workers Comp coffers (Listed as making 600K to 1 million a year I wonder), cause she sure doesn't seem to care about me and has already caused me high stress and doubt by her actions.  Respond
RID: 730033
25/11/08 1 1 1 1 I just wanted to report that I posted earlier about Dr. Martin. I no longer see her and have moved on to another Doctor. It took over a year to be accepted by the doctor of my choice. Persistence is key, Every few weeks I continued to call and check availability. My efforts finaaly paid of when my new Doctor had a few spaces open to fill. I feel so much better now knowing I have a doctor that cares about me and my concerns and does not look down on me for being overweight. Please know that the grass is greener on the other side, keep looking and keep trying - there are better Doctor's out there and they will take you on. Be patient!!!  Respond
RID: 726590
20/11/08 1 1 1 1 She is the worst doctor I have ever seen. She used to be our family doctor. She doesn't communicate well and she is not friendly AT ALL and I found her rude. I'm so glad that I don't see her any more.  Respond
RID: 712851
30/10/08 1 1 1 1 I am really happy to see that I am not alone feeling mistreated by Dr.Martin. I was just about to make an apppointment for a general check up and pep test. Now I guess that I need to fing a different doctor.Because of lacking doctors, my family have stucked with her although we aew no longer live in the area any more.I tried to call in for appointemnt while she is on vacation.She is extremely unhelpful and recommendated me to a very bad surgeon.Anyway,We all deserve well mannered doctor and better service.I am happy that there are sites like this exits so we can share and validates our thoughts and concerns. Licence for practicng medicine should not be the only criteria for a doctor.  Respond
RID: 650707
29/07/08 3 3 1 1 My mom,sis & I started going to Martin after our Doctor left the country.I'm the only one left that still goes to her,only out of my own stupidity on not finding this site earlier to substantiate my own thoughts & feelings & facts.I'd rather wait for 2 hours at a clinic than feeling unhelped,unwelcomed,belittled & untreated.I told my mom about this site & her comment was "i never liked her"-why don't we listen to our mothers!Martin did a pap with XL instruments & her response when I yelped was "oh,my receptionist had sterilized the smaller ones"-my waist was a 28 at the time-I'm no MD,but even I know that math doesn't work!!I don't mind if someones not warm or chatty,it's knowledge,wisdom & expertise I'm looking for & I still haven't found what I'm looking for.One time she prescribed me a drug that had an allergic ingredient that I couldn't have,luckily I asked before I left her office,but she wasn't impressed(but was dumfounded at first)when I asked?argh!-know of any good dr's?  Respond
RID: 639644
16/07/08 3 4 1 2 I, like many others went to this doctor because of a lack of doctors taking patients in the area. I had a very painful PAP exam with her and spotting afterwards (which has never happened in my 20 years of having them). When I phoned the office about it, hoping to speak to Dr Martin, the receptionist convinced me it was normal (I am still not sure if it is) and I have not contacted the office since as I will not be going back. I wonder if BC's medical establishment has received complaints about her and if it would help to write to them or direct them to this website.  Respond
RID: 626383
28/06/08 3 5 1 3 I picked Dr. Martin as my doctor because she was one of a very few taking new patients at the time. Everytime I went in to see her she made a comment about my weight saying this was the cause of whatever problem I was seeing her for. I was shocked by her callous bedside manner but I put up with her because I wasn't feeling very good about myself at that time so I didn't have the energy to start looking for doctor again. She sent me for all these tests because of my weight (problem). Much to her surprise, my blood pressure was normal, I didn't have diabetes, my cholesterol was normal as were my PAP and mammogram tests. She led me to believe that because I was fat I would have all these medical issues. I haven't been back for 2 years and I realize now she had a problem with my weight not me!  Respond
RID: 583655
05/05/08 3 3 1 1 I have been with Dr Martin for a little over a year and have been trying to find a new Dr for the last 10 months. The minute I met Dr Martin I knew we were not going to click like a doctor -patient should. She was not recommended to me, she was the only female Dr on the list accepting new patients. She took no interest in my concerns, shared no decent advise with me, nor did she even look me in the eyes. Everytime I leave her office I feel worse than when I go in there. She clearly has some health concerns of her own that need to be addressed. She must be aneroxic as her appearence is shocking for someone in her profession. The only advise she has ever given me is to exercise more and eat less. I am concerned for her health and feel she is in no condition to treat anyone. I praise rateMD.com for showing me that I am not alone and many other people feel word for word exactley how I feel. I would rather go to the clinic and wait over an hour to see a stranger than book an appt with her.  Respond
RID: 558588
05/04/08 2 2 3 1 I am NOT going back to this woman again! I arrive to register myself and young son having recently moved to Canada and never experienced the system here. Dr Martin is clearly ill, in mind and body. I was very disturbed by her appearance and nature. Not at all what I would want for our family doctor. I chose this woman as she was the only female doc taking on patients, now I know why! She was very abrupt, with no eye contact. She even shushed my 2 year old like he was a yapping dog. I felt like I was being seen by a police officer not a family doctor. The strangest thing happened when we 'tried' to leave. After some very brief information was given and oral contraception discussed (given 2 months supply without a BP test!) I got up to leave with my son. She (Doc) closed the door and stood directly in front of it, looked down at my son and said sternly "I'm not letting you leave until you say bye". We were left very unsettled and will not be returning. Very sad. I hope she gets help!  Respond
RID: 557827
04/04/08 3 3 1 1 I have been having trouble finding a dr. so took her from list provided on-line. After 1 visit will not go back or take my daughter back. Not only is she unfriendly, she assumed that since I responded to questions regarding family history one way, my daughter's responses would automatically be the same - a stupid assumption - ie. my daughter had a grandma with breast cancer who was NO relative of mine. Also she suggested I go on the pill (I'm single & 50!) for irregular period with no knowledge of my prior health. This woman is clearly ill - either with anorexia or something. I am shocked that she is permitted to practice in her condition. She should be in treatment! She is clearly malnourished, which will undoubtedly effect her brain function. Besides, I don't know how one could take advice on such things as diet from someone like this! I frankly would not trust anything she said!  Respond
RID: 557060
03/04/08 1 2 1 1 I seen Dr. Kim Martin for the first time and I would never ever go back. She was extremely snotty, unpersonable, unhelpful and seemed that the faster she could get me out of the office, the better. She could not answer my questions and just did not get it at all!!! Why, oh why is this woman in the medical practice??? I thought doctors are there to help people. She is only helping herself by collecting that big fat paycheque. After reading the other comments on here, I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one. I also TRIED to talk to her about weightloss and she did not have any help other then to exercise and I explained to her that I work so much in an office job that is not an option at this time. She really needs a new profession, maybe collection agent??? She should NOT be in the business of supposed to be helping people because she definately DOES NOT!!!!!  Respond
RID: 526713
29/02/08 2 2 1 1 Not a nice person. She was very condescending to me. You can easily find a better doctor.  Respond
RID: 431122
18/10/07 4 5 4 4 My personal experience of Dr. Martin has been a positive one. Appreciate being able to see her on short notice and she is usually 99% on time. Her staff are also helpful.  Respond
RID: 428031
12/10/07 4 5 2 2 Dr. Martin helped me through a very bad depression caused by my crumbling marriage for which I am grateful. however, She has been my Dr for 15 years and she still has no idea who I am when I go and see her. I now have moved to New West and am looking for another Dr closer to me. I thought of sending her a card thanking her for her service, but decided against it because she won't know who I am.  Respond
RID: 391369
24/08/07 4 5 4 4 Dr. Martin is a great GP. She always shows concern and interest in my health and provides good preventative advice. When I've been in hospital she always makes time to visit, usually every day. She is a bit on the convervative side when it comes to protocols and meds, but I guess its about being safer than sorrier. Several times where I've done my own research and have a differeng position she listens and is flexible in terms of jointly agreeing on a course of treatment. She is not a pill pusher. I can always get an appointment and she is always on time. She takes the time to be thorough and answer my questions. Some people may not find her to be warm and fuzzy, but I would trust her with my life.  Respond
RID: 386009
15/08/07 1 2 1 1 My husband and I both went to Dr. Martin for a couple of years and both had negative experiences. My husband's was first. He went in becaues he thought he had vercicocele (a condition that could cause infertility). She said she didn't think he did and only after he pushed her on it long enough, did she agree to send him for an ultrasound. Turns out he does have it. My most negative experience with her was when I first found out I was pregnant with my first child. I went to see her and she just said that I now need to stay away from drugs and alcohol (excuse me??). I then showed her the vitamins that I was taking to see if they were ok for me to be taking while pregnant. She laughed at me and without even looking at them she said, "yes, they're fine!" I found it difficult to find a mew doctor that would take new patients, but when I went to a clinic and mentioned I had Dr. Martin as a doctor they made an exception and transfered both of mine and my husband's files.  Respond
RID: 350899
21/06/07 5 4 4 I was surprised to see the negative ratings that Dr. Martin has received. From day one I feel that I have had pleasant appointments with her. After my first visit, she surprisingly remembered who I was and was very helpful on follow-up visits to try and help my problem. She's always given me ample time to listen to my situation and she's to the point, which I respect. She has even helped me with my anatomy (I'm an art student) homework by lending me some bone structures that I used to draw from.  Respond
RID: 338775
06/06/07 2 1 1 I went to dr. martin only once and it was a terrible experience. at the time i went, i was a few months postpartum and extremely depressed and anxious. my baby was born at 29 weeks and just got out of the hospital. i could not make it as far as lonsdale where my doctor works b/c i could hardly drive. i have bronchitis every year, and i had it again. i explained my situation and dr. martin inferred i was dependent on cough syrup. it felt like she suspected i was an addict. she had no clue about ppd or anxiety. it is also difficult to take advice from someone who is so obviously ill with anorexia. i wish she would seek help. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 302700
29/04/07 1 1 1 dr kim martin. is absolutely the worst doctor ever. i went to see her. all she was interested in was herself. she saw me in the waiting room. she knew who i was but ignored me as she walked into her office. she did a physical and laughed at my body. she is a rude nasty human being. she does not deserve to be a doctor. i only went to her 2 times. i hope she loses all her patients.  Respond
RID: 291438
21/04/07 1 1 1 I was very relieved when I read the comments about Dr. Martin, I thought it was just me that had such a horrible experience. I was in a horrible state and desparately in need of a need of a Doctor to assist me though a very difficult time in my life. Not only was this doctor not interested or helpful, she left me sitting crying in the docotrs room, accused me of things that were not even close to the truth. Dr. Martin left me sitting in the room only with the comments to find someone else to help me. I have since found another professional that, when the name Kim Martin was mentioned, knew exactly what I was talking about. It is a shame someone like this is allowed to practice medicine and reap benefits from our health system. she should not be a practitioner as she has no desire to help those in medical need.  Respond
RID: 278075
13/04/07 4 1 2 She never remembers who I am. She's rude and non-personal and judging. Same as the other comment made above, when I told her I was pregnant the first thing she said was "are you single?" and then "will you be working after?" and "is this a good thing?' The only reason I stayed with her for so long is because usually she's not there and has a substitute doctor in her place who was nice (although she's not there anymore).  Respond
RID: 256681
03/04/07 3 1 2 Dr. Martin was my gp for many years as I couldn't get into another doctor. Subsequently I rarely went to the dr. She's condescending and dismissive. Very quick to prescribe ... I spoke to her about weight loss and she basically said ..."don't eat sweets"! Unbelievable. When I went it to tell her that I was pregnant (with my first), her first question was "is this a good thing?". I left after that appointment and haven't looked back.  Respond
RID: 228644
24/03/07 4 1 1 Dr. Martin gives you only the most cursory glance when you come into her office. My child had a recurring medical condition and she seemed interested only in supressing the symptoms, not getting to the bottom of the problem. She did not listen at all to my concerns and often seemed condescending. I agree that her office staff can be rude and unhelpful. I have since moved my family to a new doctor. Do not recommend!  Respond
RID: 192803
13/03/07 3 1 1 Kim was very, very quick with her prescription pad and not very interested in the actual problem or solving it. Follow-up was non-existent and her front office staff are surly. Absolutely a no-go.  Respond
RID: 171307
05/03/07 4 1 2 I found Kim's knowledge of current non invasive therapies very limited. She prescribed a fat blocking drug with major side effects for weight loss, when a good diet would have been more helpful.  Respond
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