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RID: 2603372
30/03/13 3 5 1 1 How this woman ever got licenced to practice anything is a mystery to me. No wonder she can’t keep her eyes open. She follows an endless checklist of mostly irrelevant questions, plus any other nosy trivia that pops into her head, and every time I tried to get back to my problem, she'd cut me off. After almost three exhausting hours of questions that included which church Sunday school I went to as a child and to which religion do I currently belong (none), I suddenly realized what was afoot. When she suggested my problem was my “punishment,” it was game over for me.  Respond
RID: 2509037
22/12/12 2 2 1 1 The worst experience with a doctor in my life. She made me terrified to see any doctor after my visit. So uncaring! So unhelpful! Before leaving her office, after telling me there was nothing wrong with me, and to basically leave and never contact her again( and believe me I never would have) I drank heavily for 3 years! She was so depressing.  Respond
RID: 1527260
01/09/11 4 4 1 2 Very judgmental, harsh, forces me to talk only about what she wants. Frequently almost falling asleep in the middle of a conversation: or she is absolutely uninterested in my words and health, or she is terribly deprived of sleep. I have to be under the care of a psychiatrist, and there is no choice in Edmonton, so I just should go there. 
Paid (or co-pay): $50
RID: 1390731
18/03/11 1 1 1 1 When I was referred to her,I just recovered from my suicide.With an extensive abusee background,I would say it was not unusual for me to be a little hesitated to see a new doctor the 1st time;plus I lived far away form Dr Kumpula's office.I was 15mins late for my appt.I apologized for being late as soon as I saw her.She spent the next 15mins to give me heck how important the initial appt was,how I had wasted her & my time,& if I did it again she would not want to see me despite me apologizing to her 4 more times.I eventually said to her:I've apologized how many times?& if this initial appt is that important,why did you waste another 15mins lecturing me being late.Then she stopped.As soon as she found out I was a nurse,I could see her attitude turn worse.I never went back.I eventually found out her ex-husband was a doctor & dumped her for a young nurse.....well,no wonder she was that judgemental & definitely unprofessional.If you are a female nurse,run away coz she will chew you up.  Respond
RID: 1376551
02/03/11 5 5 1 1 Very judgmental. She sat with me for two hours and told me that there was a 0 percent chance that I was normal... What a word to use. Very unprofessional.  Respond
RID: 1043963
26/11/09 4 5 3 4 Dr. Kumpula has honestly gotten me the help that I needed - she knew who to call to make it happen and since then it seems like she cares about my follow up. The 'nodding off' is indeed disconcerting, especially when I am mid-sentence and her eyes are drooping and ready to close. I have had a few incidences of personal conjecture and I try to take it in stride, however, the last time I was there she said something completely ridiculous (and Freudian, which I disagree with) and now I am beginning to have my doubts. Either way, she was a great help to get the diagnosis, now to just continue that level of care.  Respond
RID: 884785
12/05/09 1 2 1 1 My family and I refer to her as 'snoozy'. While in converations with her she seems to yawn & closes her eyes like she is nodding off?!!? Pay a doctor what her fees are and be treat so unimportant that she can't even stay awake long enough to comprehend much of anything! Not impressed at all. I warn you not to waste a second of your time on her.  Respond
RID: 709606
25/10/08 1 1 1 2 Not veru hepfull in dealing with our problem. Office veru untidy.  Respond
RID: 528237
02/03/08 1 2 1 1 she is arrogant and judgemental and quick to give ridiculous personal opinions which are not based on any medical knowledge or professionalism. I would rather continue on my own than be further damaged by a doctor...term used lightly.  Respond
RID: 302510
29/04/07 3 1 1 On our first (and only) meeting, she had only asked 2, maybe 3, questions, then quickly indicated i needed a "high dose" of a drug (that i couldn't take because of a preexisting serious arrythmia). my GP was not impressed and my problem resolved on it's own just talking with a psychologist for 2 sessions. i doubt my cardiologist would have appreciated her carelessness and quick drug prescribing without a proper history. Highly recommend finding someone else.  Respond
RID: 181983
10/03/07 4 2 1 She had to give a written test to diagnose borderline personality disorder. Office is tiny, noisy and uncomfortable. Surprised to find out this is the psychiatrist recommended to children of physicians.  Respond
RID: 105200
21/01/07 5 1 3 The yawning is a bit disconcerting ... An example of treatment on binging is simply stop - are you going to die if you don't eat ? Perhaps its great advice and earns the big bucks but I haven't been able to follow it.  Respond
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