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Doctor Stefan schneider was the fourth referral I had gotten after my PCP said he would send me to a specialist of his kind. Sense my PCP was chatting to my employer behind my back, just getting there was hell (4 referrals; 1 wrong specialist 2 with sudden "vacations". So I should have been a little worried about the treatment I was to receive. After he would ramble on and answer question for me, he had asked about an x-ray and when I spoke how my PCP has been denying me one, Schneider quickly changed his story and told me know after asking if I had had one yet. He insisted on a full exam including his "Rectal and gentle". The rash I got is a whole other story. On my second visit Schneider told me "well what about that x-ray I wanted you to get?"are you " F in" kidding me, I wanted to see my lab work and get out. Reviewing his notes, u started to see how funny his business is do I got a copy on my way out. Long story short he denied my treatment test , change my medical papers, more.

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flag | Submitted May 7, 2011

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