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This is the same doctor that is located in Redwood City. Dr. Fanton did a second surgery on my knee and I am so thankful that I found him. The first surgeon I had left me with permanent numbness on the side of my knee; no feeling at all and probably little circulation. After my surgery with Dr. Fanton the only numbness I had was what was left from the first surgery. there was "ZERO" numbness from Dr. Fanton's surgery. Dr Fanton is a fabulous surgeon and specializes on certain body parts. I was even told before my first appointment that if the Xrays showed that I had an advanced stage of arthritis that Dr. Fanton would not work on me and would refer me to a specialist in the same outpatient clinic. I really appreciated that Dr. Fanton was not a doctor that was so desperate for the business that he would attempt to do anything. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Fanton if he speciallizes in the body part you need fixed, and one of them is the "KNEE." He gets an A+ in my book.

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