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Was referred to dr. Toby Gottheiner because my urine has become progressively foamy and colorless. Dr G was unconcerned. He assured that there's 'nothing wrong'. He did not order any tests. My PC ordered test of urine osmolality with fluid restriction for 14 hours, which came clearly abnormal: 372, with normal reference > 850 mOsm/Kg. It reflects inability of my kidneys to concentrate urine, which is associated with kidney failure. 3 months later back to Dr. G, reasonably expecting the differential work up of a problem. He wouldn't listen, still insisting there's nothing wrong! At first appointment, Dr. G failed to order any tests to evaluate the abnormal symptoms. At second, presented with abnormal lab findings (extremely low osmolality), dr G completely ignored them. Moreover, he ignored other significant changes (high lactic acid, anemia) which could be related to a kidney disease as well. Finally, Dr G failed to order any workup to make a diff. diagnosis, nor any treatment.

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