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Dr. Camma is the most uncaring, mean, evil, rude, unprofessional doctor I have ever known. He liked to see me in pain, and knew he was not going to do surgery on me. I went a year and a half going to him in pain, so bad,that all I could do was sob. He asked me if I wanted surgery, after seeing me all that time in pain. I think that should of been his judgement, he is the doctor! He did do my surgery, and told me I would need a second surgery on my L-5. Four years later the time came I needed my second surgery. He, and his office staff, including his nurse played with my mind for about 6 months, while I was almost at the point I was unable to do anything. After he sucked all he wanted from my insurance, he told me he did not want a follow up with me. I went to see another neurosurgeon, which treated me like a human being. Dr. Zerick, my hero, performed a major surgery two weeks later. It turned out, it was not my L-5, I had numerous pinched nerves in my spine!

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