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Dr. Delgado was absolutely amazing! I saw her in Walnut Creek and she was great. Her staff was super accommodating, although sometimes she did run behind schedule, they were always upfront and told you via phone or when you arrived that it might be a bit due to a patient in labor, ect. I have nothing but great things to say- she was nice, answered every question that a first time mom had and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with each answer and decision. My labor and birth was a positive experience and she safely delivered my baby boy even though the cord was wrapped around his neck (he was fine thanks to her)! Her office is located just across the street from John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek which was great when I went into a long labor she checked on me multiple times during the day even though it was during business hours. And her receptionist Angie is a riot! Very personable and friendly. Always enjoyed by appointments!

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