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Dr. Kenneth Gordon Makus
Neurologist-related: nervous system, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, stroke, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathy, neuromuscular disorders, sleep disorders
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RID: 2532115
15/01/13 5 5 5 5 I was diagnosed with epilepsy after a major head injury many years ago but wasn't until the last 2 years it steadily got worse . 2012 became the year nightmares were made seizures slamming my body not stop. tons of doctors and specialists couldn't figure them . I had lost all hope they would ever fix me ... until dr makus called said his colleagues referred my case to him. I had nothing left to lose . within 2 appointments he hospitalized me for observation. Witnessed my seizures first hand and within a few days called me back with my new care plan. He has tried a relatively new medicine for epilepsy and weened me off those horrible dilantin pills . Its been one month and one day since my last seizure a feat I never thought could be achieved . HE IS MY MIRACLE MAKER  Respond
RID: 1773182
21/03/12 4 5 5 5 He is amazing! I struggle with anxiety when on doctor appointment but not one did I feel uncomfortable during my visit. He has a great personality, very welcoming and relaxed. He is very professional, knowlegable, informative and pacient, if he didn't have an answer to a question he would say so and take the time right then and there to find an answer. He takes time to listen to everything that your experiencing before he comes to concussions and is very thorough! I highly recommend him!!!  Respond
RID: 1498495
28/07/11 4 4 5 5 Dr. Makus is excellent. He listens to the patient and takes into account subjective complaints when piecing together a clinical picture. If there is a neurologic disorder he will find it. Like mine, many neurologic conditions are chronic and treatment revolves around symptom management as opposed to a cure. This is frustrating for both the doctor and patient alike. If he suggests a patient pray, he is offering that as a possible tool for a person to cope. I appreciate being given ideas - even if they aren't my thing. He has gone way over and above to help me. He contacts my other doctors or my family directly as needed. I consider myself very fortunate to be under his care. Thank you Dr. Makus  Respond
RID: 1496110
26/07/11 5 3 5 5 He has been my doctor for about 8 years now and has been great!!! I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 17 and was seeing another neurologist he put me on some meds but did not watch me on them and over dose me on them, which was not fun at all, the side effects where crazy. So my parents refer me to Dr.Makus since my father was seeing him for other reasons. He has been awesome ever since. Never again was I over dosed on meds, he got my seizures under control (which when I saw him I was having a few every month) He has never given me meds that I cant afford. for everybody who said that he has an ego, never seen it always been friendly and kind, as for his tape recorder, you see that many patients and see if you remember everything!! I dont even want to move, because I don't want to lose him as a doctor, that's how great he is!!!! No ego and cares about his patients and there families  Respond
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RID: 1386754
14/03/11 5 4 5 5 Wonderful doctor! His personality is friendly and calm, I always feel listened to. When I go in for my appointment I feel that I have his full attention and never feel rushed.  Respond
RID: 1195159
23/06/10 3 4 5 5 when i saw dr. m. i was in a pretty bad way and convinced there was something wrong with my brain. once it was confirmed that there was (via MRI&CSF), he looked after me very well, and i always felt heard. i was working on a phd when i got sick, and he took my need to maintain a high functioning mind seriously. i returned to ireland, where i study, and have seen many neuro's over here. they are all rubbish compared to him or any canadian doc i've ever seen. eventually i fit the criteria for RRMS, but it's been very disruptive to my life and studies. i will be naming this doc. in my thesis acknowledgments because he was a rock during a very unsettling time in my life. i wish every day he was still my neuro!  Respond
RID: 1074921
11/01/10 4 4 5 5 Dr. Makus always takes the time to do a thorough check-up and is concerned about what is happening in my life and how I am feeling, not just my physical symptoms. He is always able to answer my questions and respinds promptly to e-mails about my health concerns and medication. I feel lucky to be under his care.  Respond
RID: 1045666
29/11/09 4 3 5 5 I found dr. makus to be excellent. i have seen a few different docs and specialists in the last few years and he is one of the few who actually listened to what i had to say about what i was feeling and he was very helpful and personable. i am very happy with his knowledge of ms  Respond
RID: 963352
15/08/09 5 5 5 5 I am very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Makus. And grateful I have had the opportunity to be in the care of f this very competent neurologist. I was referred to Dr. Makus in 2007, I have a very complicated history and Dr. Makus took the time to go through every detail of my past to help form a diagnosis. I found him to be very friendly, easy to talk to and he treated me with nothing but respect. He has also given me his e-mail to contact him at anytime if I have any concerns or questions, which he promptly returns phone calls and e-mails. He is very skilled and modest and takes your personal health very seriously.  Respond
RID: 889406
16/05/09 5 4 5 5 I was refered to Dr. Makus in March 2009 after having constant headaches for at least 6 months prior. It took about 15 minutes in his office for him to tell me what he suspected it was, and to get the ball rolling on how to treat it. He is so friendly and helpful, and I really felt like he actually was conmcerned about my health, something I hadnt' felt from any of the numerous doctors I've seen in the past. He set up all the necessary appointments, told those doctors they could contact him at any time with questions or test results, and even gave me his email address so I could get in touch with him for any concerns. It was a pleasure to deal with him, and I'm looking forward to all my follow up appointments with a doctor who is actually concerned with helping me.  Respond
RID: 757308
06/01/09 5 1 4 4 Dr. Makus is a skilled neurologist who keeps in touch using Internet and research study resources. To the person complaining he would not do a test to prove they have MS: Multiple Sclerosis, while detectable on things like MRI scans and by identifying oligoclonal antibodies, is a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS. Meaning you have to be having symptoms at the time you see him in order for a proper diagnosis to be made. Those who find the recorder distracting should note: Physicians who report at the end of the day often mix up/leave out critical information on their patients. What Dr. Makus says into his tape is typewritten directly into a letter.  Respond
RID: 661393
11/08/08 1 3 1 1 The referring doctor did a much better neuro exam than this doctor who is apparently a neurologist. He did not spend very much time and spent most of his time typing. It was a totally useless appointment. Would not recommend him to anybody.  Respond
RID: 595811
22/05/08 4 4 5 5 Dr. Makus is an awesome doctor. Our first appointment lasted almost an hour and he took the time to get a proper history...he is the first neuro that has done a thorough job. MRI was scheduled within a month of the first visit. He is patient and understanding, I'd recommend him to anyone.  Respond
RID: 586194
09/05/08 4 4 5 5 I like his recorder because it lets me know that he is hearing what I am telling him. Also I know what he will be writing in his letters to other doctors. It reassures me. Also he is awesome.  Respond
RID: 501848
01/02/08 5 4 5 5 Dr Makus is fantastic. He is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, as well as caring. His use of a recorder during appointments is extremely efficient, and makes a patient feel more involved in the process. He has actually taken the trouble to email and phone me personally. His receptionist calls me to book my yearly appointment! I wish more doctors ran their practices like Dr. Makus.  Respond
RID: 371951
23/07/07 1 1 1 1 This doctor is unprofessional,an ego so high it is impossible to bring him down, hurries his patients through, offers no sort of help, crude in his comments and should not be trusted to deal any more with ill patients. It's sad that someone who has been given from God the ability and knowledge to help people abuses this privilege. He does not realize the reality that a MS patient lives every day and that symptoms change and worsen with every day.  Respond
RID: 359710
05/07/07 5 4 5 5 Has an exceelent knowledge of neurology issues and is widely consulted by hospital doctors. Be prepared to have his hospital pager contacted during your visit.  Respond
RID: 256062
03/04/07 3 1 1 This "MD" is out of touch with reality. Mount Everest would not be high enough to contain his ego. He is obsessed with his recorder, which he constantly corrects because he cannot remember what you told him. There is constant corrections going on. He continually talks about how busy he is and how he takes patients that no one else wants. He says that it is "HE" who makes the decision "if" he will take you as a patient! If he had any intention of saving his reputation he would call the people involved, and he knows who they are, and correct the situation. He treats men differently than woemen! He constantly tells you how we are taking time away from his family, that they are the ones that do not get enough of his time. If you want an independant view I would not go to see him. Afterall, all he does is go and read the notes from the others involved & when he figures he sees something he closes his mind and ends the interview. I have a spinal cord injury, he told me to go home and Pray!  Respond
RID: 252461
02/04/07 5 1 3 I found Dr. Makus to be very hurried, eager to be on his way home for the day. This Dr. appeared to me to have a huge ego, was very arrogant. He also missed alot of what I was saying, and got statements wrong, as he was extremely distracted with speaking into his recorder. Told me to come back when symptoms re-appear or worsen. Not a good experience at all.  Respond
RID: 238488
28/03/07 4 5 5 I think some of these people must of forgot to put what they said to put Dr Makus in a bad mood. I have seen he every six months to do with my MS, and he is wonderful. He has been patient, careful to diagnosis. Listens to you, and is quick to change drugs that are not doing well with you. He phones you back, sometimes at home if he runs out of time at the office, and then will email you too. People this is a specialist and he is treating his serious patients like an old fashion doctor making house calls. I have talk to many people with MS and they have never heard of a Neuro even phoning a patient back, let alone from their home. I will never give him up.  Respond
RID: 206586
16/03/07 5 5 5 I am very surprised with the comments on Dr. Makus. I was suffering from severe sudden onset headaches. Being a helath care provider a spinal tp was done, and an immediate appointment with Dr. Makus followed by a MRI scan. All of this taking place in the span of 2 days. Dr. Makus even called me after hours to give me the results of my MRI scan. He went above and beyond. I have since seen him once over the past 4 years. I was shceduled immediately without having to be referred again. He has always been very professional with me. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Carolyn  Respond
RID: 202864
15/03/07 4 5 5 I saw him a few times for migraine headaches. He was very knowledgable and helpful considering how complex these medical conditions are. Given the short period of time docs these days have to spend with patients, he did a great job covering many different things I could try!  Respond
RID: 176949
07/03/07 3 5 4 Dr. Makus is a wonderful doctor. Initially, he was a bit different in his manner than I was used to but now that I have seen him a few times, I am very comfortable with how he does things. He is quite knowledgeable but not afraid to look things up on the internet while you are sitting with him to confirm details. I would certainly rather have him look up these things for me since he knows the accurate reputable sites than to have him send me home to do my own research (which I have been asked to do by other doctors regarding the same condition). Like others who have rated Dr Makus, I like the recorder that he uses. It confirms the details of our conversation and it reminds me of some of the things that I may have overlooked in our conversation. I am very happy that I was referred to this particular neurologist.  Respond
RID: 140797
14/02/07 3 4 4 I have only been to see Dr Makus once but would have to say that he was very knowledgable & compassionate. He took the time to really get to the bottom of my headaches and offered wonderful reading materials and non medicinal ways to help with the pain. Would definately recommend him!  Respond
RID: 120192
30/01/07 3 1 1 Rude; unprofessional approach; didn't deleve into my entire health status before concluding that I'm not accepting the fact that I am old; so I sit and think of "what if, what if". I was diagnosed with neuropathy; he didn't have knowledge on my illness; had polio at the age of 13; ended up with "S" shaped scoliosis; two very painful illnesses to cope with and the accusation just depressed me further. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 110425
24/01/07 5 5 5 I don't know what a few people here are complaining about. Dr Makus is AWESOME!!!! VERY knowledgable, and caring without making you feel creeped-out. I LOVE the hand recorder thing because you CAN tell him things that might need clarification. He does NOT push drugs on patients like most Doctors. He helps arm his patients with the information they need to understand and take an active role in their treatment. He IS "Western Medicine" Doctor not a Holistic Medicine Doctor. If you want that go to an Herbalist! He MAKES the time to see you if you have an emergency and need to see him... without waiting weeks! I am VERY, VERY Happy that Dr Makus is my Neurologist and that won't change until he retires, which won't be for a very long time.  Respond
RID: 107476
22/01/07 2 2 2 Not terribly impressive, asked me to come back when my symptoms were worse....  Respond
RID: 106584
21/01/07 3 3 4 Dr. Makus was knowledgeable about my condition but limited in the scope of options. For example he recommended three different prescriptions but suggested no alternative, herbal, physio, etc. treatment. The wait to see him was long and yes he did come out to the waiting room to acknowledge that I was next in line after the appointment was over half an hour over due already but punctual he was not. As a western medicine man he is ok, as a holistic doctor he is young and has more to learn. I will say that he demeanor was pleasant and it was a nice hour long visit in his office. The hand held cassette was a bit put offish though.  Respond
RID: 106412
21/01/07 3 5 5 Dr. Makus is a most knowledgable physician, and a truly compassionate doctor.Over the last three years,his treatment of my extreme migraines has given me my life back.I am able to function again without crippling pain.He cares not only about test results but about dialogue with the patient,and although you may have to spend a bit of time in the waiting room,he will always apologise for the delay.The first time I had to wait I realized the reason;he took time to walk out with his last patient who seemed a bit upset,perhaps over tests result?I understood that if he made time to answer that patient's questions that he would have time for mine,and he always has.There is ALWAYS time for his patient. He actually has dictated his letter back to my regular physician in front of me so that I can be certain that there is a mutual understanding of the results of the appointment.I am truly thankful that I am in the care of such a kind&knowledgable physician.I would recommend him to anyone.  Respond
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