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Rating: 2.7 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 19 reviews. Dr. Jacqueline I. Fulop-Goodling has a fair overall rating on RateMDs.com. neutral

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Orthodontist-related: dental braces, invisalign
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RID: 5495097
26/05/14 1 1 1 1 Dentistry is not on her priority list. She a true con-artist, never puts her hands into patience mouth her assistance which are not qualified do all the work. Only available for first consultation and for collecting your payment. Such Dr.'s should be banned from practicing. 
Paid (or co-pay): $8000
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RID: 5430469
28/04/14 2 1 2 3 Dr. Jackie seemed very nice and knowledgeable when I first met her at the counseling, so I decided on starting the treatment. I've been there for the appointments, but Dr. Jackie not even once examined me and see the progress of the treatment. The only time she showed up is when her assistant attached a wrong attachment and she tried to convinced me that it is not the wrong attachment but the "different" and "more comfortable" one instead of accepting their mistake. The staffs are nice only at the beginning, and they've made a few minor mistakes with my appointment and the treatment. I've been trying to be optimistic every time I have the appointment but it seems like they never fail to disappoint me. I feel like I am trapped because I have already paid for the treatment. I should have read all of the reviews before I decided on choosing this doctor.  Respond
RID: 5213951
27/02/14 5 4 5 5 great experience I found Dr Jackie on Google as I understand that she is the top provider for Invisalign in NYC. My experience wwas excellent as I referred my wife and the rest of my family to her office.  Respond
RID: 4399063
29/01/14 1 2 2 2 Horrible experience with front office. Have no idea of what's going on. They have new lady, I think she's southern or something.....sweet talks you into paying , very unprofessional atmosphere. Can't get a phone call back, no organization. Trying to get refund. Can't get a call back!  Respond
RID: 3646465
02/01/14 1 1 1 1 Took my money over phone stating had to right then to get coupon. Was injured before apt and can not by any means sit in a dentist chair which I called to no one answering phone and sent several emails. When I finally got call back, first asked for drs note?? remember I didn't sign contract, no agreement, nothing at all final decision. Well her sweet talking hired help said no problem will refund money by Monday. today Friday, nothing. Have to rely on bank and lawyer apparently. I had planned to go back to them months down the road when healed and now I know. RUN AWAY! It wasn't even a 24 hr time period, no one does that kind of business with no contract or agreements. All other ortho's will do either free consultation or charge small amount for measurement. So I now know.  Respond
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RID: 2613752
10/04/13 2 2 1 3 I wish I had read these reviews before dealing with her. I had the same experience with her being defensive, out of line and unhelpful. My 7 year old daughter was experiencing extreme discomfort after they put in an expander. She spent more time being argumentative with me rather than help my daughter and remove the expander. I ended up calling an orthodontist in Massapequa and they removed it for me. This was three days of my child not eating, crying and complaining of discomfort. I told Dr Jacquie this but she was too busy defending her work to listen. Still can not believe how she and her practice neglected my family.  Respond
RID: 2557056
11/02/13 1 1 1 1 This was the worst experience with a medical / dental professional ever. After 8 months of seeing assistants and a bunch of trays that were not "tracking", I threw in the towel. When I expressed my frustration with Dr. Fulop-Goodling, she became hostile, and oddly unprofessional. Long story short, I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and filed a professional misconduct complaint with New York State. I agree with every negative review on this site. Hopefully, you're reading this before initiating service. Don't let the sales pitch fool you. It's only that. I completed invisaglign with another dentist for half the cost and am 100% satisfied with the professional service I received. 
Paid (or co-pay): $6000
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RID: 1490886
19/07/11 2 1 2 2 This doctor is a big phoney. She doesn't care about patients. Office waiting time is awful with no explanations given for why you end up waiting so long. I left even before my child's treatment was complete...that's how fed up I was. Even though doing so will cost me more money, I don't care. Glad to be done with the doc and her disrespectful ways. 
Insurance: CIGNA
Paid (or co-pay): $1137
RID: 1450177
26/05/11 3 1 1 3 Dr. Jackie as definitely a leader in her field, but I think her practice has gotten too big that you will never see her after your initial consultation with her. Everything is done by her assistants. Even when I specifically scheduled appointments with her, an assistant would end up seeing me instead. The wait to be seen at each appointment has gotten ridiculous. Towards the end I was waiting almost an hour to be seen. I'm not sure wether it was cuz I had already completed payments, but I would see people who came in later than me all be seen before me, especially if they were initial consultations. Dr. Jackie also never saw my final results. How can your orthodontist not take a look at the end result? In the end, I paid tooo much to be seen just by assistants. My teeth are straight, but not everything is fixed that she initially said would be. 
Paid (or co-pay): $6500
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RID: 1348013
27/01/11 2 2 1 1 I had such high expectations when I brought my daughter there 2 years ago. Dr. Jacqueline is all hype and fluff - she wants your money and she puts herself on a pedestal that is nauseating. In the 2 years my daughter has been going, Dr. Jackie has never seen my daughter. Even when I request an appt. with Dr. Jacqueline she may be there physically but she is so self-involved that an assembly line of dental assistants do her job. I was so furious at the last visit that I requested a to speak to her and I was very honest with her saying that I felt like this was a factory and I felt misled. Well, of course Dr. Jacqueline jumped on the defense and put herself on that pedestal and told me about all her credentials and how much money she gets paid to "speak" when I finally had to knock her off that bubbly pedestal and let her know it had nothing to do with her qualifications but to do with customer service, which there is very little of. She's all about marketing and quantity over quality. 
Paid (or co-pay): $5000
RID: 1332547
10/01/11 5 5 5 5 Great and fun loving DR! She is very helpful and honest. Very happy with my teeth!  Respond
RID: 1294179
15/11/10 5 3 5 5 Dr. Jacquie fixed my teeth using Invisalign and did an amazing job. My friends cannot believe the difference in not just my teeth but my entire facial appearence. 2 of my friends just started there treatment with her because they love the way my smile came out. I highly recommend Dr. Jacquie!  Respond
RID: 1274072
18/10/10 5 5 5 5 Dr. Jackie was the first doctor that said she could actually treated me with Invisalign. I went to 2 other doctors and they said I was a good candidate, which I think means they just didn't know how to do it! I had my trays for 18 months and when I say my teeth were crocked, I looked like snaggle tooth. Now my tooth look amazing and I couldn't be happier. Every time I had an appointment I was greeted with a friendly and courteous manner. Sometimes I had to wait a little but when it was my turn I got her undivided attention. The doctor and her staff was on top of everything. In the end I definitely got my monies worth and I am EXTREMELY happy! 
Paid (or co-pay): $6500
RID: 1069024
04/01/10 1 1 1 1 She ruined my child’s teeth and deformed his entire face. We still deal with the side effects of her "treatment". A nightmare!  Respond
RID: 1039666
20/11/09 1 1 1 3 After upfront payment, Dr. Jackie lost interest in my case. She passed off all work to other assistants. The assistant who shaved my teeth before treatment was fired the following week for her lack of experience. Dr. Jackie is rarely at the office and always very late. I had to pay for a second treatment because she underestimated my case. I was also asked to pay for my retainers, which were promised to be included at the end. And she asked 4x her nearest competitor. $1,500 for the retainers. When I told her I was going to my dentist for the retainers, she had the audacity to ask for $250 for a 2 minute consultation, to which she was 4 minutes late. She is a crook. I would strongly advise against seeing Dr. Jackie. 
Paid (or co-pay): $4500
RID: 980277
04/09/09 3 3 1 1 Sadly, I am revoking my positive review from 1/2/09. Too bad I can't just update it. The whole treatment with Dr Jacquie was a disaster, from start to finish. She lied to me at the start (which I only realized once I was at the end of my treatment with her), did not follow through during treatment, and was rude and dismissive at the end. All work is performed by assistants, and she is absent from the office most of the time. Even when she is there, all you get is a cold shoulder, and that is if you specifically request her to see you. Otherwise she will not even acknowledge your presence. Clearly patients are not her priority. I would not recommend her to anyone.  Respond
RID: 753862
02/01/09 4 5 5 5 While Dr Jacquie is great (very knowledgeable, easy to talk to), I feel that she is spreading too thin between what seems to be 4 offices, teaching, and research. She is only 1 day a week in her NY office, and not even always. There are lots of assistants, but I didn't sign up to be treated by the assistants, which is what has been happening:( I only get a minute of her attention, if I am lucky... 
Paid (or co-pay): $7500
RID: 378667
03/08/07 4 2 3 3 I go to Dr. Fulop's NYC office and started my treatment about two years ago. The quality of her services has decreased since then. In my opinion, Dr. Fulop has more patients now than she can handle. She's in her NYC office only on Thursdays, and it's usually very crowded and there is a good chance you will be seen later than your scheduled time (and I'm not talking about 15 min later). If you need an appointment any other day, you're seen by other doctors or assistants, but not Dr. Fulop herself. Overall I don't feel confident anymore that I am offered the best service I could get for the money I'm paying. I have a feeling that patients are rushed through their appointments; basically it's the quantity vs quality treatment. Two years ago I would have highly recommended Dr. Jackie, but now I have to say that you might be better off going to an orthodontist who can offer more personalized treatment especially for something like Invisalign.  Respond
RID: 75884
03/01/07 4 5 5 Professional, Comforting, accomodating. Great staff, encouraging. Great results. I highly recommend Dr. Jackie and Dr. Josh.  Respond