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RID: 2462755
31/10/12 5 5 5 5 I found doctor Horton's staff to be very accommodating when I first made my appointment. When I went in for my consultation Dr. Horton explained everything thoroughly to me and took time to answer my questions. When I explained that I was scared of needles he offered an alternative for my anesthesia. He followed up the day after my surgery with a personal phone call. Great patient care would recommend him with no hesitation.  Respond
RID: 2412214
27/08/12 5 4 5 5 very professional,very proficient,very good at what he does and with good results.  Respond
RID: 1696960
26/01/12 5 4 4 5 I wOuld definety recommend Dr. Horton. I had 2 body contouring procedures done by him throught the recommendations of people. I have to say that he is a very good surgeon when it comes to body shaping and you know you are in good hands with Dr. Horton. He will take a good care of you if you have any complication. I was very amazed by his after care. His staffs are very friendly and make you feel at ease at all times. I would definitely recommend Dr Horton for any body sculpting procedure. He is awesome .  Respond
RID: 1687581
15/01/12 5 5 5 5 Absolutely recommend!!! Each step has been postive, from consultation to surgery, the staff is amazing. I look forward to visiting for follow ups. I will definitely return to Dr.Horton for all my procedures in the future! I am absolutely ecstatic of the results of my breast lift/implants. I chose Dr.Horton after many of my satisfied friend's work!! Thank you!!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $10000
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RID: 1543393
21/09/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Horton was my personal saviour. After giving birth at a very young age I had severe loose skin on my tummy and saggy deflated breasts.After carefully considering several different doctors who sometimes charged consultation fees, which he didn't, I was impressed by his thorough knowlege empathy and stellar refernces from previous patients and pictures provided.I was also made to feel very cared for by Janet and Anna, his staff members.I had the mommy makeover which is a breastlift with proline mesh and cohesive gel implants which to my knowledge is not performed(mesh) locally by any other md.This is like an internal bra and is fabulous.He did a full tummy tuck with lipo and it looks amazing he even addaed a cut look in the centre with a nice line. The aftercare is 2nd to none, they have rolled out the red carpet at every turn. Thanks for making my life so much better and giving me renewed confidence and youth back. Natasha  Respond
RID: 1541192
19/09/11 5 4 5 5 I have been using Botox for over 6yrs. A friend recommended I see Dr. Horton for the injections. I gave it a try. I have to admit I was spending less (but a Dr. was not injecting me). I love my new results!! I have a lifted brow, diminished frown lines but still have minimal movement so "the frozen" look is gone!! No one knows I am injected now. Glad I made the switch. Have pre booked my 4 mos appt.  Respond
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RID: 1421503
20/04/11 5 5 5 5 Dr Horton is awesome! I had a mini tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants. Unfortunately I developed an infection (through no fault of Dr H).His care was amazing. Anna and Janet are also awesome. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Dr Horton, he is such a nice man and he is excellent at what her does. My results are better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to everyone at Metrotown Surgical Centre :)  Respond
RID: 1419864
19/04/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Horton is THE MAN.. a few days post op and I can already see that my results are AMAZING. He did what other doctors said wasn't possible and the results exceeded my highest expectations. In addition he's a very cool guy, has rock star staff, the best equipment in BC. He also doesn't over charge and doesn't even charge for a consultation (I spent over $600 on consults with other doctors). I had a couple body contouring procedures and have to say that he's at the top of his game. 
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RID: 1347861
26/01/11 5 4 1 1 After reading the reviews about Dr. H, I'm not surprised that every good review was written by someone forking out considerable dough for a cosmetic procedure of some kind, and the few extremely negative reviews (aside from one) were submitted by folks like me, recommended by a doctor for a genuine medical problem. I have no idea why I was sent to Burnaby from Lions Gate Emergency to begin with; I had a serious break in a bone in my left hand. From the moment I stepped into his office Dr. Horton downplayed my pain and brushed off my concerns. I broke my arm at 6:30am on a Tuesday. He didn't set the break till Thursday. He wiggled my broken bone around causing considerable agony. Worst of all, he ignored my observations that the local anesthetic wasn't working and proceeded to drill pins into my bone. The pain was so severe I passed out in the casting ward minutes later. As for his skill, I just had surgery last week to correct his mistakes, 2 years later.I think that speaks for itself.  See Responses
RID: 1310458
08/12/10 5 5 5 5 This man is a total rockstar!!!!I have had two procedures by Dr. Horton, both with excellent results. Many years ago I had breast augmentation surgery with amazing results. A couple of years ago I got breast cancer and after multiple surgeries to eradicate the cancer, as well as treatment with chemo & radiation, the breast became very disfigured. I went back to Dr. Horton to see if he could "fix" me. I was expecting a good result, but the actual result far exceeded my expectations. He transformed an extremely disfigured breast into a perfect one. Besides having superb surgical skills, he is a really nice guy. His office staff are great, very helpful and efficient. I would confidently recommned him to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon.  Respond
RID: 1284206
02/11/10 5 5 5 5 I had eyelid surgery 8 days ago. My eyelids look beautiful and balanced after. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Horton and all of the staff members. Dr. Horton is the best cosmetic surgeon.  Respond
RID: 1248729
12/09/10 5 5 5 5 Knw of dr r horton frm a few girlfriends who got there boobs done by him,my god did they look amazing , decided to bk a consult to meet him as soon as I walked in to his office a modern comfortable office nice and clean :) met Janet and Anna very helpful and made me feel rate at home , dr r horton is a kind , sweet soul who listend to my needs and made amazing suggestions I'm 2 days post op,went with 500cc coh gel, HD vert lift lipo of breasts there beautiful already, frm d first consult to meeting the nurses the doctor who put me to sleep ,to the recovery room everyone was so nice dr horton checked up on me d beautiful nurses took realy good care of me, thank u frm d bottom of my heart planning on hvn a tt in the near future and when I do I'm running to c dr Ross horton and staff , my healing is going nice and smooth dr horton called me to check up on me what a gem !! :)  Respond
RID: 1239137
28/08/10 4 3 1 1 Jerk Alert. I went to Horton after being referred to him by this girl I know that has an obvious nose job. She did warn me that he looks like he is stuck in the 70s. I needed a revision for my nose and he said there is nothing he can do further insulting me saying my skin is terribly greasy ( which was sunscreen not grease) and that my skin was waaaay too thick. And said learn to love it no doctor can fix it. Well I went to Dr. Younger and have a freakn amazing nose now. But if I had listened to his advice I'd be sad and insecure still. Dear Horton tell patients what you can or cannot do ......but never tell them to give up..you should have told me to find a specialist which i did. Terribly unhelpful. Totally unimaginative and by the book. Thumbs down!  See Responses
RID: 1189258
14/06/10 5 5 5 5 I have to start off with WOW! What a difference this has made in my life. I've wanted breast implants for so long and I finally did it. Dr. Horton and his girls are the best I could have ever hoped for. The experience was absolutely amazing and I want to tell all about it. Most of my adult life was spent hiding my chest. I used to wear a bra to make believe that I had breasts. Not anymore. What a life changing experience this is. I'm proud of being me again and hope that others who have struggled with small breasts who ever wished for breast implants will read this and feel absolutely comfortable and secure in chosing Dr. Horton and his angels. 
Paid (or co-pay): $7900
RID: 1174755
22/05/10 4 3 5 5 It has been approximately three months since I had several large, deep Lipomas (MSL)removed from my right posterior thigh. The sites are continuing to heal well, with minimal scaring and no indentation. Esthetically pleasing result. I would recommend Dr. Horton for this type of surgery. L.H.  Respond
RID: 1055387
11/12/09 5 5 5 5 I am a professional woman over 50. I have had a few procedures done by Dr. Horton over the past 5 years including a short scar facelift and extended tummytuck. I have been extremely happy with the results. I look much younger than my years, yet natural. Dr. Horton is very, very good. I must add that his staff, Janet and Anna are so very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  Respond
RID: 1012983
19/10/09 5 5 5 5 I had an extended tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer injections with Dr. Horton May 2009. Not only were the results EVERYTHING I had hoped for, but my care and recovery was beyond my expectations. Dr. Horton has a keen eye for esthetics, and my fairly significant surgery went off without a hitch. I felt that from start to finish I was well cared for and well informed. Dr. Horton's staff were amazing with their patience and knowledge and answered any and ALL of my questions. There were NO surprises, and everything went as I was told it would...beautifully.  Respond
RID: 948188
27/07/09 5 5 5 5 I recently had a breast lift/reduction and am thrilled with the results. I'm still in the recovery period, but can tell that I will be very happy. I also had some rather large facial moles removed and there are no scars whatsoever. He has a quiet confidence that I found reassuring and he answered any and all of my questions both before and after surgery. His staff are thorough and personable. I also was impressed that he phoned the evening of the surgery to check up.  Respond
RID: 752450
31/12/08 5 4 5 5 I had two surgery done by Dr Horton Tummy Tuck a yr ago and i am very happy with the result he is a awesome doctor i would recommend him.very helpful and knowledgeable.  Respond
RID: 735676
03/12/08 3 1 1 1 I was referred to Dr. Horton to complete removal of a melanoma on my cheek. The day of the surgery, I saw him glance at the referral sheet and then go back to flipping through car ads. When he completed the surgery, the chunk of skin he had removed was twice the size it was supposed to be in length and width - he showed it to me. So now I have a very visible 3-inch lumpy scar down my cheek where I had had a 3 mm diameter spot. When I went to his office for a follow-up visit I waited over an hour to see him for 30 seconds, and he dismissed the appearance of the scar that was forming, saying it would be better in 3 to 4 months. It's been 10 months and the scar is just as bad if not worse. I'm glad to be rid of the cancer, but Dr. Horton did an awful job.  Respond
RID: 551267
28/03/08 5 4 5 5 I have had abdominal and submental (under chin) liposuction with Dr. Horton. Both experiences met and exceeded my expectations, in terms of outcome and the experience itself. The staff were compassionate, accommodating, knowledgeable and helful...everything that helps put a nervous new patient at ease. The outcome of my first surgery was fabulous...I feel and my tummy looks awesome. I am still recovering from the second procedure and everything is progressing well. I would highly recommend Dr. Horton and the staff at his practice.  Respond
RID: 404758
16/09/07 5 3 4 4 Dr. Horton is pretty good when you ask him questions. He answers them briefly but to the point. It's nice that he does not charge for a consultation, and his fees are reasonable compared to other plastic surgeons in Vancouver. His front desk staff is also really friendly & helpful.  Respond
RID: 344785
13/06/07 5 5 5 I went to see Dr. Horton after he did 3 of my girlfriends. All of them looked amazing. I decided to also get my boobs done. He went thru the armpit and the scar is almost invisible. When I was at Cancun no one could believe they weren't real. They're awesome. I have sooo much fun buying bikinis now. Dr. Horton is fantastic!!  Respond
RID: 270261
10/04/07 5 5 5 I highly recomend Dr. Horton! I have had three different procedures and will defenitly be back. (Full abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, lipo, extended abdominoplasty) As I don't live in the lower mainland they are VERY accomodating for my appointments. The staff is second to none as you have your own private nurse, it is like you are the only patient there. The evening of your surgery and the next morning he will call to check on you, as he really does care (not about the money), very personal service. My scaring and healing have been better and quicker than I thought it would due to Dr. Hortons excellent knowledge, and skill, I't truly is a work of art! I went back for touch up lipo and it was done free of charge no questions asked as he is all about perfection, on me, it truly shows. I'm sure the people with unreal expectations are the ones who gave a poor review which is too bad, he is a physician not a magician. Two of my friends have also gone and are just as satisfied!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $740000
RID: 256827
03/04/07 2 1 2 I was referred to him by my GP. I had a lump under my arm which was the size of an egg and it was very painful. He took part of the lump out but not all...I was in more pain than I started with...when I complained about the pain...he didn't seem concerned and told me to wait a month...I waited two months and the pain was still there just as worse...I went to another surgeon who took all of the lump out and I have never had a problem since. Dr. Horton just cares about the money and not his patients. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 170588
05/03/07 5 5 5 Dr Horton is approachable, caring, listens to your concerns, explains fully. He is unfailingly kind and considerate. He is extremely competent, and up to date. He will do all he can to make sure that you are satisfied with your procedure. I would have no hesitation about going back to him.  Respond
RID: 108250
22/01/07 5 5 5 had abdominal liposuction July 2006. Awesome!!! my stomach is flat, my hips and waist are the smallest they have been in a long time. Staff is personable and explained things to me over and over again.....Sorry guys!! I tell everyone about my experience who is willing to hear. My thighs are next!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $4200
RID: 75193
01/01/07 4 1 2 I had liposculpture with Dr. Horton roughly 9 months ago. The procedure seemed to go well, although I was in an extreme amount of pain, especially compared to the "minor discomfort" I should have been feeling (according to the research I had done). 9 months later, my swelling and "denting" havent gone down. My swelling is still lumpy, misshapen, and rippled. Dr. Horton refused to speak with me, I've had to deal with one of his nurses. The nurse was as unhelpful as the doctor himself, untill I threatened to bring in a lawyer. I was then offered a refund for the surgery. This was roughly a month ago. Every time I attempt to expedite the process, the office has an excuse. I would never reccomend Dr. Horton as a doctor, both due to his attitude and the obvious lack of quality in his results.  See Responses
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