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RID: 5597965
04/07/14 5 5 5 5 I was very very nervous about the whole procedure since the very first appointment with Dr. Kucey. He was very nice, patience and took the time twice to answer all my stupid questions to try and get my confidence level up and understand the risks and procedure process. The staff was great as well and very helpful. Post surgery I had to call back the office to ask a few questions and everybody in the office was very happy to answer my questions. After 24 hours I also got a follow up call from one of the nurses to make sure everything was fine with me. I would recommend Dr. Kucey and the Carling clinic to anybody. I kept postponing the procedure for almost 3 years but in the end it went very well, I was out throughout the procedure and I felt well after. Thank you Dr. Kucey!  Respond
RID: 5490770
22/05/14 4 4 5 5 I did not have oral surgery by him, but I my best friend did. She said he is the best one in Argyle Associate (one coworker said so). He is also one of the founder of the practice (way before I was born). Consultation can be a really long wait, but not sure how about surgery. She did not experience post surgery complication and her surgery went really well. Took time to understand her health history which it was great for her. My mom knows him from the Ottawa Hospital (General Campus) and also one of her workers did work for him before (I do not know if it was at his private practice or in the hospital), has he goes there for bigger procedure (jaw surgery, fractures...) and said he is a really nice guy. He should be close of retirement, but for if you want someone who had practice has a oral + maxillofacial surgeon for years, he is the one to go for.  Respond
RID: 3647026
03/01/14 1 4 5 5 I agree with the comments below saying the staff at Argyle Associates was arrogant and rude. I feel the whole organization of this company needs to be drastically improved. I actually could not book my surgery date at their Carling location, but have to call this Gillian lady, whom I've never even met before, spoke to me like a child--even my boss doesn't talk to me like that. At the end, I was told to call ANOTHER person to set up the appointment, so what was her job?!? Anyways, it was scheduled but I was not told the time or cost of the surgery. Two days prior to my appointment, I had to call the staff to inquire and was again treated with the same rude attitude. I got so pissed that I cancelled my surgery entirely. I met with Dr. Kucey three times, and overall I felt he was a nice person. A pity...  Respond
RID: 3621095
29/11/13 3 1 1 5 Had an implant for a lost molar at the Orleans location. Was finally called in and sat for close to an hour, staring at the instrument tray. Am usually pretty stoic about dental treatments but my anxiety grew as the clock ticked by... By the time he came in, he commented at how tense I was... Duh!! Two weeks later, the screw or 'abutment' fell out. Had no idea this could happen. Got an appointment at the Carling location and once again, sat there in a chair, staring at an instrument tray, for 45 minutes while he was on the phone having a private conversation about some event being organized. His comment was 'Have you been dancing the polka?' No 'so sorry', 'it happens', nothing but the implication that I was somehow to blame! Was fighting back tears when he quickly froze the gum and put a screw back in... very rough, no numbing the gum beforehand, no compassion and then it hit me... he's not making any money on this second visit!Stupid me for thinking he'd care. Never again!  Respond
RID: 2753559
04/08/13 5 5 5 5 I have known Dr. Kucey since he first came to Ottawa. Dr. Kucey removed my daughters wisdom teeth and the whole procedure was nothing but professional. If I required any surgery, I would travel from southern Ontario to Ottawa.  Respond
RID: 2605557
02/04/13 5 4 5 5 What???? I just cannot understand any negative comments! I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth out while under general anesthetic. From the first phone call, to problems with insurance in which they went above and beyond trying to help me, to surgery day, to OR nurse and recovery nurse, the care, compassion, empathy and professionalism was beyond excellent. Dr Kucey is an incredibly skilled surgeon with a crazy amount of expertise and knowledge. He is without a doubt the very best in the area. Yes, he is late at times, but when he is with you, he is calm, doesn't rush you and explains everything. He is caring and compassionate. His staff are top notch. I can not say enough great things. His OR staff and recovery room staff are caring, and nurturing, and give excellent care. They have a doctor on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They treat you with dignity and respect. They are always there to answer your call and support you in any way they can! Thank you argyle associates!  Respond
RID: 2506200
19/12/12 5 5 5 5 Dr. Kucey is an excellent and experienced dental surgeon. He is, without question, one of the best dental surgeons that I have consulted over the years. He is extremely competent and a real gentleman, as well as extremely professional. I would highly recommend him for any dental surgery or dental implants. In my numerous appointments he was always punctual and extremely helpful. I believe Dr. Kucey is highly qualified and he is one of the leading dental surgeons in Canada  Respond
RID: 1683618
RID: 1580871
06/11/11 3 1 3 3 I had several appointments for a dental implant. This involved removal of the existing tooth as well as a bone graft and installation of an implant. I found Dr. K to be very arrogant & bossy and talking to him was usually awkward. During one surgery, I thought I could handle it with nitrous oxide rather than being fully sedated. Something definitely went wrong because I was 100% aware of his every move and it was painful. Maybe their tank of nitrous was empty or something. I was complaining during the surgery and they refused to take any action. After the surgery, the other staff stared at me when I was crying from pain and they booked me at least 3 or 4 appointments at the Carling location without telling me so I was having to keep moving them to Kanata as they came up. Besides all that, I am not happy with the position of the implant. My smile is not symmetrical. If I ever need other dental surgery, I will go elsewhere, although his office is close to my house. 
Paid (or co-pay): $4000
RID: 1532857
08/09/11 4 2 5 5 Consultation only, but am very impressed by Dr. Kucey. Thoroughly explained to me what he saw, and decided I did not require surgery. If I ever require an oral surgeon, I would definitely return to see him.  Respond
RID: 1480949
07/07/11 4 3 5 5 I did have to wait 45-60 mins in the waiting room for my scheduled appointment which was a bit annoying. However once I was brought into the back everything was started promptly. I was given the option to have anesthetic or stay awake and chose to stay awake which he agreed was better in my case. He made sure that the local freezing was sufficient and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire implant surgery which was performed in a very efficient and timely manner. Overall a good experience.  Respond
RID: 1336260
14/01/11 1 3 1 1 my son had a tumor removed by kucey. Kucey was very casual and reasuring this was routine. It was cancer, he phoned to tell us it was cancer from vacation. that was our followup a call from the beach. Kucey told us the surgery would happen in september and finally when we lost it on his staff in december an opening occuerd. i gues his receptionest sets his priorities. This old fart should retire,.  Respond
RID: 1293227
14/11/10 3 1 2 3 I had several dental implants placed ( I spent over 10 000$) and they failed. Always late, and doesn't seem to care about it. I would call him arrogant. Not recommended.  Respond
RID: 1221623
04/08/10 4 5 3 3 He was rough with the needle to freeze the part of the mouth infected. Tooth extraction was fine. He is sometimes rude, but overall mediocre service for the super high price I paid for an implant.  Respond
RID: 1079195
14/01/10 4 1 4 5 In 2009 I got two surgeries with Dr. Kucey. Both times things went quite well, the healing was fast and there was little to no pain or discomfort. Dr. Kucey and his staff were caring and very polite. From the start I felt in good hands, and now thanks to him I managed to overcome a very bothersome problem. The only negative about my experience with this doctor is the long waiting time while at the clinic, which is probably due to the many patients in attendance. From my perspective, it is a minor inconvenience considering the quality of care, the end results and Dr. Kucey's expertise.  Respond
RID: 1069522
04/01/10 4 4 5 5 I felt I was in very capable hands. Dr. Kucey was responsible for a dental implant on one of my front teeth. I found him highly competent. as well as extremely courteous. He also has a good sense of humour. At every stage he explained what he would be doing and what I could expect. I was extremely pleased with the results. It is true that patients sometimes have to wait, but when I did see him, I felt Dr. Kucey was absolutely focused on my tooth and any problems I might be having. I would go back to him anytime (apart from the expense!)  Respond
RID: 956793
07/08/09 1 3 3 3 This is more of a review of the horrible front desk staff at the Orleans location. I was stressed out enough with having to wait for my husbands surgery- I really did not appreciate the two very rude women that made me feel uncomfortable and were just simply rude to me. We made all of our follow-up appointments at other offices to avoid them.  Respond
RID: 948607
27/07/09 1 2 1 2 His staff were very unhelpful and could not manage to get a birthdate correct for insurance purposes. Thus it was rejected 4 times before they finally believe me I knew my own birthdate and learned the difference between month and date in their forms. He removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth succesfully. His nurses bedside manner left a lot to be desired, and they didn't manage me properly as I almost fell off the bed they left me to rest in. Very little bedside manner and I would never speak to the man again.  Respond
RID: 592458
17/05/08 1 1 2 3 I have been made to wait 1 to 2 hours in the waiting room on multiple occasions because he routinely overbooks. I find him to be arrogant and bossy, obviously after the money. No after surgery follow up call or support if something goes wrong and you call back for help. No concept of pain management. If you get a surgery, you better be under general anaesthesia. 
Paid (or co-pay): $3000
RID: 114059
26/01/07 3 3 5 Like almost every specialist, Dr. Kucey is late with his appoitments. He delivers, however. My son was operated for facial and dental issues(reconstructive surgery) and he did a good job. A bit overlooking in terms of reassuring patients and parents, though -it is so important to act with humanity, and to take one's time, as patients are entirely relying on tis MD. Good results. Thanks  Respond
RID: 74897
29/12/06 4 4 4 Dr. Kucey removed my 4 wisdom teeth. I received numerous recurring infections where one of the wisdom teeth were removed. He medicated the infection and did not go to the root of the problem. It was a year later that he told me I would need surgery where the infection occurred because I had dead bone growth. Cannot believe it took him a year to figure out that was why I kept getting an infection. Overall i was pleased with how the wisdom teeth surgery went. He is nice, pleasant, and great doctor.  Respond