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RID: 5238259
14/03/14 1 1 4 4 I went to Dr. Budning's office today with my toddler for his strabimus. It took me 3 months to get the app't. When I arrived I was told the app't had been re-scheduled weeks ago and a msg had been left for me. I never received any messages. I had read on this site about this happening to someone so I specifically called during the week to confirm the appointment. Surprise, surprise no call back. Honestly I am so fed up...this guy might be a good doctor but from what I see from his staff and office I am so reluctant to put my son in his hands. If he is truly the only pediatric opthomologist specializing in strabismus in Ontario he surely can't be hard up for cash. Hire some decent, competent staff!!! Get some nice furniture in your office and how bout a few toys as well since apparently the wait is horrendous? Is our time not worth as much?? I hate that I have no choice but to see him. I literally wanted to cry today as I was so looking forward to some answers finally, but clearly it was not to be :(  Respond
RID: 2577625
05/03/13 1 1 1 1 I was referred to see Dr. Budning and waited 3 mths for my appt date. When I went in for my 1st appt the secretary was very cold and mean, I stood there for a few minutes without her even acknowledging me, I had to say something in order to get her attention; not a good impression on my first visit. 2nd, I didn't even see Dr. Budning, I seen an associate, some Oriental guy. Who was not the specialist and he said he would have to discuss his findings with Dr. Budning and someone would call me back. After 4 hours in this office and not getting the proper treatment, I was upset. But I thought just be patient, don't judge to quickly. So I got the call and I was told Dr. Budning would see me in another 3 mths, upsetting yet again. 3 mths later I go to my appt and his office is so packed pts r sitting on the flr, I was like, who have I been referred 2? So I see Dr. Budning and all he does is give me a rx for glasses and tells me nothing is wrong. When I know something is definitely wrong. 
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RID: 2507554
20/12/12 4 4 5 5 Lived with right eye turning in all my life.used to look abnormal. Consulted lots of opthamologists in the past both in Canada and abroad but they all refused to perform surgery due to risk of double vision. Not only I got his appointment in weeks time but he performed surgery just 12 days after the consultation at his office in Mississauga. I am so happy my strabismus surgery was done just three days after my birthday.thanks for such a great gift on my Bray. Can't express my feelings in words. Keep up the good work Dr Budning  Respond
RID: 2386708
28/07/12 3 3 1 2 He smokes and doesn't wash his hands afterwards. He was touching my eyelids to open them up to take a closer look in my eye (I have strabismus or "lazy eye") and I could smell cigarettes on his fingers as he was touching my eyes! It was disgusting. Kind of tainted the whole experience. I asked about eye training exercises and he wasn't helpful at all and had no resources to offer on the subject. Never went back.  Respond
RID: 1808934
27/03/12 5 5 5 5 After seeing a few different surgeons and under going many different tests for my adult strabismus. I was told that nothing could be done and that it would cause more harm than good if they were to operate on it. Dr. Budning was the only person that offered any help. After 1 visit, he determined that surgery was required and that there was a very good chance that he could correct it. I am now 3 weeks post op and I am very pleased with the results. After 24 years with strabismus, I thank Dr. Budning for helping me :)  Respond
RID: 1697324
26/01/12 1 1 1 1   Respond
RID: 1574334
29/10/11 2 1 1 2 Sorry to say that Dr. Budning has no compassion at all... his attitude with patients is like... "NEEEXT!"..."NEEEXT!" It's like he's in a hurry all the time. Always late w/ appointments. Staff who schedules patients are very disorganized. Gave us an appt. once and when we got there, the office was closed! Didn't even call us to reschedule. I had to call them. He got upset when we asked to be referred back to our original opthalmologist. He even told his staff to tell us that once we leave as his patient, we can never go back to him again (Huh?)...but we still left anyway.  Respond
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RID: 1386345
13/03/11 4 5 5 5 Another very satisfied patient here. Surgery just two days ago for strabismus resulting from thyroid eye disease (Graves). Absolutely first class care from Andrew Budning and Credit Valley Hospital. Yesterday (on a Saturday) his office was full of smiling, happy kids and people of all ages who were part of the Friday surgery group, returning a day later for post-op check-up. Incredible to see first hand how this surgery can be so positively life altering. I have read a number of negative comments here about waiting times. Patients, Parents, pack a snack, bring a book, however long it may take to get through this waiting room will be the best quality time you can spend in the treatment of your strabismus or that of your child.  Respond
RID: 1365912
17/02/11 5 4 5 5 Dr Budning is a MIRACLE WORKER. After several corrective surgeries he has successfully aligned seriously misaligned eyes (both) caused by thyroid eye disease. Condition was serious, and we sought several opinions throught Ontario before being referred to Dr Budning. All offered no hope. Dr Budning inspired confidence and hope with our first meeting, and has continued to with every meeting. His bedside manner is exemplary. But better yet....he delivered what he said he could. He has surrounded himself with competent caring staff. The hospital experiences were better than we expected. We consider him a miracle worker....no wonder people come from far and near to be under his care!!!  Respond
RID: 1344090
22/01/11 1 1 1 1 Very impersonable doctor. Reception Staff rude. Waiting 2-3 hours in reception area for scheduled appointment is unacceptable.  Respond
RID: 1271457
14/10/10 1 1 1 2 My son has been a patient of his for more than 10 years and his eye is still very bad even after surgery. Trying to get an appointment is next to impossible, waiting a minimum of 3 hours, surly receptionist(s)...they're almost nasty when you go to check in...then wait, and wait... for his assistant to do the examination and tell me that the doctor will let me know what's going on, but Dr. Budning doesn't talk as far as I know. In 10 years, I haven't heard him utter more than 10 words. My son's lazy eye isn't much improved, I think the surgery was done too early, and the prescription at one point was far too weak - his eye actually got worse. I inquired about getting my son's records b/c Dr. Budning seems far too busy and I should perhaps find someone else, but the receptionist just told me she was too busy for this, got up and walked away. He may be the best there is-medically-but he and his office are not 'healers'  See Responses
RID: 892140
19/05/09 3 3 3 3 I am seeking some recent imput about Dr. Budning and his staff, I am taking my 3 year old daughter there tomorrow morning for the first time and would appreciate any advice or comments asap! I have heard some dreadful things about his staff but great things about Dr. Budning himself. I would like to know if there has been any improvement with the staff and wait times because reading some of the comments really gave my a bad feeling and I am not looking forward to going there tomorrow. Any info anyone may have recent to date would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!  Respond
RID: 857780
09/04/09 4 4 5 5 Excellent Doctor. I am 36 years old and have been told all my life I could not have binocular vision or straight eyes. Dr. Budning straighten my eyes and restored near perfect binocular vision. I believe the ratings for staff is more for GPs and not for specialists. Some of the latter are in such demand that they must forego some administrative efficiency. This is required to see and do their best for as many patients as possible. The negative comments on Dr. Budning have nothing to do with his abilities. I would set outside in the rain to see this gifted physician. He changed my life.  Respond
RID: 851727
03/04/09 5 5 5 5 I am 28 years old and had adult strabismus surgery with few cysts removed that developed inside corner of my eye. I was refferred to him by another opthamologist. I am sooo happy Dr Budning was my surgeon. Surgery was a huge Success he successfully removed cysts that were a results of a poor surgery. I developed ptosis from my previous bad surgery as well. I had an appointment booked in June to correct droopiness with another surgeon but I dont even need it anymore. he alligned my eye balls in a way that my eyelid is not droopy anymore. He doesn't talk too much but he knows exactly what he is doing. I cant recommend him enough. I would give him bonus points if I could. Strongly Recommended! I dont know why people complain about long wait time, I have been to his office about 5 times and I have been always out within 45 minutes max. I still agree that his receptionists are bit rude but who cares about them. Best time for appointment is in morning.  Respond
RID: 739442
08/12/08 2 2 3 3 No interpersonal skills. Staff are not professional. Long wait times. For my daughter's second scheduled visit with Budning (referred by Sick Kids) the staff scheduled her to see another doctor without informing me! I drove 2 hrs to get there and they still had me believe that I was going to see Budning! It was finally revealed (seams as thought they were trying to keep a secret that he was not in) by the other doctor that that the reason I was seeing her was because that Budning was called for an emergency operation. After the visit with the other doctor I made an appointment to see Dr Budning or so I thought untill I checked a few days after only to find out that I was again scheduled to see this other doctor! I am still trying to get the appointment! They never answer their phones (apparently very busy)! For a guy that bills OHIP almost $100,000 / month you would think he can afford more competent staff!  Respond
RID: 730537
26/11/08 1 1 1 1 The first time I saw Dr. Budning, I was furious. My son's appointment was for 8:10am and we saw him at 10:30am...why did we have to wait so long when the office opens at 8am! We have been going there for 3 years and I dread that appointment everytime. The room is crappy, there's are no toys or books, the TV is too high, the office staff are extremely rude and they never answer the phone, you have to wait 3 hours and Dr. Budning sees you for 2-5 minutes, and the worst thing about all of this is that THEY DON'T CARE! None of the staff know how to talk to or deal with small children. Too bad we are forced to spend our vauable time and money on these people. Dr. Budning and his staff may be educated but they need a lesson in manners and how to communicate to their patients.  Respond
RID: 582919
04/05/08 1 1 1 1 This doctor kept us waiting for 3.5 hrs with a child. He gave us exactly 2 minutes of his time and tried to push us out the door without speaking to us (other than to tell us to come back again later). He had absolutely no clue about the disease my son is likely affected by (gave us wrong information), did not return our calls or e-mails and did not bother to follow up with the referral than was required (we had to arrange it through another doctor, since 37 phonecalls to Dr. Budning's office yielded nothing). It's possible that Dr. Budning may be a good specialist in certain fields, but he certainly was not suitable for this particular disorder and he should have said so immediately and referred us to someone with knowledge, rather than waisted our time. He and his staff were rude, inefficient and ineffective. My advice: find someone else!  Respond
RID: 562772
10/04/08 1 1 1 3 Wish I could get a hold of the office!! I have spent days calling and yet they do not have an answering machine - BUSY SIGNAL  Respond
RID: 545397
24/03/08 1 1 1 1 This Dr. was rude and impatient with my 3 year-old, who freaked out after waiting 2.5 hours to see Dr. Budning. Was SOOOO happy when my son was able to return to his normal othamologist. I think I would rather pay to see a less-in-demand specialist in the US than endure that service again. Tip: if you have to see this guy, get your appointment VERY early in the morning because he is less behind schedule then.  Respond
RID: 536579
12/03/08 5 5 5 5 he is a very down to earth and very thorough for presurgery and postsurgery care he is very polite listens to all your concerns and then deals with each and every one of them before proceeding . I am thankfull for his expertise and caring nature sm  Respond
RID: 521718
23/02/08 1 1 3 5 Dr. Budning has the worst secretary - she is impatient and rude. You also have to wait hours and hours past your scheduled time - but he is very knowledgeable.  Respond
RID: 513642
14/02/08 3 5 5 5 Love Dr. Budning, I find him very knowledgeable and would recommend him anytime.  Respond
RID: 504496
04/02/08 3 2 5 5 We have been taking our 4 year old daughter to Dr. Budning for the past 2 years. At first, like almost every other parent's comment below, we were appalled by the wait times, the discourteous administrative staff and the impersonal and seemingly rushed visits with Dr. Budning. But he is an incredible doctor and has "warmed" up during our past few visits. I've noticed an absolutely significant improvement in the wait times to see him. On several occasions we ended up having to wait out in the hall or down in the cafeteria due to a lack of space in the waiting room for 2+ hours (actually 3 hours for one visit) but this has definitely changed over our last 3 visits. We've managed to get in and our in an hour. I have total faith in Dr. Budning and his care. I was referred to him in 2005 by my family doctor on a Tuesday and Dr. Budning saw my daughter 3 days later. We were truly impressed. Thank you Dr. Budning for your expert and professional care for our daughter.  Respond
RID: 489002
20/01/08 2 1 4 5 Dr.Budning is a very good doctor and has helped my son considerably. BUT....his office staff needs a lesson in politeness. They seem uninterested in their jobs and impatient with the clients. The orthoptists that work with Dr.Budning are very impersonal and don't seem to know how to deal with children (even though that is the majority of the clientele) Both are very skittish and get frustrated when kids don't cooperate. The wait time is ridiculous and far too long when you have a young child as the patient. I don't care how good of a doctor it is, they do not have the right to monoplize someone's time like that....appointment time 10:30 - seen by doctor 1:10....unacceptable! My son has missed full days of school because of an appontment, when he could have just missed the morning if they had been on-time. Although I appreciate everything Dr.Budning has done for us, I hate going to his over crowded office and dread the appointments when they come up.  Respond
RID: 465888
17/12/07 2 1 4 5 I saw him the fist time as an emergency patient (sent to see him by ER at Credit Valley Hospital). He doesn't have much personality, but he was very helpful at my emerg visit and for all follow-up appts. His assistant (Teresa?) was terrific. Staff is obviously under a huge amount of stress. There are very few ophthamologists in Ontario, so I understand that he is completely overbooked. I always felt bad seeing the parents with small kids with such a long wait. Dr. Budning wanted me to do all my yearly exams with him, but I felt like I was taking a valuable and coveted spot, so I just see my optometrist (and haven't had a recurrence of my original problem - iritis). The only thing I didn't like about Dr. Budning was the way he did his OHIP billing while I was still in the exam chair and asking questions.  Respond
RID: 462299
11/12/07 5 5 5 5 I am from Montreal and visited Dr Budning through recommendations from the Hospital when I returned to Montreal I told my ophthalmologist I had to visit a doctor in Ontario when i told him it was Dr Budning he said that was one of my top students at the university here in montreal and the treatment was excellent hope to see him soon to do laser surgery  Respond
RID: 455477
03/12/07 4 4 5 5 I found Dr. Budnig very professional, blunt to the point, honest and extremely talented and for this I rate him excellent 10+. Yes his office is extremely busy, but I was always told to expect to be there 3-4 hours. His time is precious so I went prepared with a list of questions, of which he answered every one, He is shy but very talented and confident when it comes to explaining the surgery, procedures, etc. My little girl had double stribismus and thanks to Dr. Budnig her eyes are now straight all the time. I found the trip to the hospital very low stress, you can tell they do this all the time but the nurses and surgical team members were all very happy and approachable. I would reccommend this doctor to anyone, especially nervous parents. I do not regret at all taking the time to see him. I did not find the parking expensive and from where we live 2 hour drive we have to take the day off work anyway so we make a day of it. We are luck to have His Talent in our backyard.  Respond
RID: 423550
03/10/07 2 3 5 5 My son was referred to Dr. Budning and we had 3 appointments with him before surgery this past january. He is an extremely knowledgeable and thorough doctor and has worked wonders on my son's eyes. He only wears glasses now for computer or reading!! The surgery to correct strabismus was very successful. We drive 3.5 hours each way to see him and the wait was just as long. I fortunately anticipated this and did not bring my younger children. Even with movies, they would never survive that long of a wait!!! Nor would I!!The reception can be rude and not very understanding and Dr. Budning is quiet but you have to be an advocate and demand a few more minutes of his time to have your questions and concerns answered.I believe he is just so focused on the children and their individual care and there are so many clients to see,that his bedside manner and personable skills fall short.He is the best and people travel from all over for his care. If you can endure the long waits & reception, do so!  Respond
RID: 387229
17/08/07 1 1 1 1 The doctor was not present and his assisstant does all the examination (17th aug).waited in appoinment over a month and never get to see a specialist. poor staff what a waste of time!!!feel cheated. dont know whats going on.never looks professional. i prefer another doc now.  Respond
RID: 386025
15/08/07 1 1 4 5 The wait time is horrendous. Especially with small children involved, they dont have the patience for it, and alot of people cant book a day off work for it. We dealt with Dr Budning on my sons first appointment, he had a poor bedside manner, especially when dealing with children. Since then weve been seeing the woman Dr in his office. I would rather have to deal with Dr Budning, because she is by far the WORST when it comes to bedside manner. She is beyond rude with my son, and myself for no reason. I dread his upcoming appointments more than I dread a trip to the dentist. I dont care how much education they have, or how much of a specialist they are considered, they are dealing with children as well as adults, and a little bedside manner goes a long way. I pray my sons appointments are finished, soon! In regards to their helpfulness, my sons eyes are improving with his glasses for which we are grateful.  Respond
RID: 385232
14/08/07 4 4 5 5 He was a good doctor and very knowledgeable. I would recommend.  Respond
RID: 382472
09/08/07 3 1 4 4 The surgery was a success for my son's eyes but the wait and the time were so long especially when we moved and to drive for an hour only to wait 2 hours was disappointing. Especially with the high cost of the parking  Respond
RID: 378156
02/08/07 2 3 5 5 Our son had 3 surgeries at Sick Kids and we were referred to Dr. Budning after post op care. While the wait at the office can be long (no longer than sick kids), we manage it by checking in then go the mall and return. He is always on time for his hospital tests and very helpful. While he is somewhat quiet, his knowledge is excellent and his manner always very pleasant, professional and answers all our questions. Whenever we have had concerns, he makes time to fit us in. We are very happy to have our son in his care.  Respond
RID: 367761
16/07/07 5 1 2 4 Minimum waiting time in waiting room, 2 hours. Does not give much if any information, or encouragement.  Respond
RID: 350642
21/06/07 1 4 5 My son has been a patient of dr Budning for 11 yrs now. The doctor has perfomed two surgeries to date on him. I dread making an appointment with him as the wait time is horrific and the receptionist are quite rude.On more than one occasion i had appointment booked and when i showed up he was not there and i had not receive any calls cancelling the appointment. Recently i have had the receptionist tell me that the have better things to do than to update my address info when i inquried about the fact that they did not call to cancel. The doctor lack people skills which is weird because he office attracts clients from all over Ontario.The doctor hac extensive knowellege about his profession hense my reason for still being a patient!!!!  Respond
RID: 346858
16/06/07 3 3 5 i had had lazy eye surgery with this doctor. he was very quiet. RUDE receptionist, she refused a follow up visit because i called a day late ( was sick from the anastetic), Ii just can' believe she refused me a FOLLOw up appt after i had surgery on both eyes. There is a doctor down town toronto named DR. KRAFT, i had him b4 and he is awesome. i would go back to him, as he does adults in toronto hosp...i am 24 now... 
Paid (or co-pay): $5000
RID: 337302
04/06/07 1 3 5 I think that Dr. Budning excels in the operating room. I didn't see him smile till my little boy was being carried off to his operation. Dr. Budning was warm, friendly, smiling, making small talk with staff. The most interesting thing was his goofy, colorful hat he wore, maybe to help cheer up the kids. A completely different Dr. I wanted to comment about the wait times... After surgery we were told to come back the next day, for an appt in his office. I hated to come back, but they had to fit all that days surgical patients in to the next day. This would help explain why the wait is so extreme. Also he takes on emergency patients all the time. Children who need to be seen YESTERDAY - tumours, eye injuries. He takes them in immediately. And since he is the best around, they are sent to him. If you go to his website you can read one heart wrenching story. Dr. Budning did say "we MAKE time for our surgical kids". This does create a massive wait time, but there are some reasons why.  Respond
RID: 329324
26/05/07 1 2 3 Wasn't happy with this guy at all. Like what the other people have said, he doesn't talk to you or your child. I had to chase him out of the room when I had a question. After a few years, we found another doctor and when I signed the transfer papers and asked the secretary to send our records to the new doctor, they never arrived. I called to check on when they would get to the new doctor and the secretary was quite rude and said she was too busy to worry about trivial things such as paperwork! Our new doctor never did receive the files so had to start from scratch. Every day I wonder if my child's lazy eye may have become stronger if I'd started with another doctor from the time he was diagnosed.  Respond
RID: 317645
13/05/07 2 5 5 Yes, there is a long wait for Dr. Budning, however there are only 4 docters in Ontario that work with peds. If he takes you on you are lucky. My daughter had one operation on her eyes when she was 4. She is now going on 8 and doing great. There is a mall across the street. We park there, walk to the office and find out how long it will be-then we go back to the mall looking around to help pass the time. When you know theres going to be a long wait-just make the best of the time. He is worth the wait.  Respond
RID: 312413
08/05/07 1 3 5 WoW the wait time is incredible. I wish there was someway that the receptionist could warn you ahead of time. The first time i went there, i waited 3 1/2 hours !! I brought 2 young children and had to go and buy food as i didnt realize I would spend my entire afternoon there. The first thing that caught my eye was a sign beside the receptionist saying "attention ! if you are rude or disrespectful to our staff you will be asked to leave the building and never retur ( cant remember if that was word for word) well that in itself tells ya what its like in there day to day. Why do they overbook? I dont get it. If you have a choice.. book the FIRST appt.. u wont have such a long wait time. Now, to say the truth.. Dr. Budning is great no doubt ! BUT, there must be some resolution to this office and wait time madness.. I hope they send him and their staff to this site and read our comments. Who knows, things might change?  Respond
RID: 267917
09/04/07 1 3 4 I have been taking my son to Dr. Budning for 14 years, since he was 6 weeks old. I dread having to book an appointment, as the wait, seating, rude receptionist and non-existant 'bed-side' manner of Dr. Budning is frustrating. He performed surgery on my son at 4 months old and has been prescribing glasses and contacts since. Now that my son is age 14, I am seeking another opthalmologist.  Respond
RID: 245261
30/03/07 1 3 5 It is true that the wait times are just ridiculous. On one occasion his small office was so busy that we had to sit on the floor outside (with others) and wait for an hour. However, he certainly is the best at what he does. Our son had strabismus and with eyeglasses making no improvement, we pushed for surgery. The surgery wait was short and the operation was a great success. His bedside manner is pretty non-existent, but then again given the volume of people he sees each day (on top of performing surgery) it's no surprise that he doesn't have time to sit and chat.  Respond
RID: 195167
13/03/07 1 5 5 Dr. Budnig is very capable but others are correct in saying he is far too overbooked. Wait times in his office are ridiculously long. I talked to his staff about that saying that a 9am appt. should mean 9am, give or take 5-10 minutes. They said, "That's how it is." He is very capable though.  See Responses
RID: 179419
09/03/07 1 2 5 This doctor knows what he's doing and the other patients in the waiting room just raved about what a great doctor he is. However, our wait was 1 hour and 50 minutes! I asked the receptionist if I could rebook since the wait was so long, but she was rude and said that an hour to an hour and a half wait is typical. We were not warned of this when I made the appointment and I came with my 3 small children (3, 2 and 7 months). This guy is way overbooked, his receptionist is rude and I hope and pray we never have to return!  Respond
RID: 165645
01/03/07 2 3 5 I was a little surprised by the first response about Dr. Budning. Yes, the wait can be extreme. The rooms are small, and he sure could use a much larger facility. (He deserves a larger place). He can come across a little cold or uncaring as the first response said, BUT he knows exactly what he is doing, knows exactly what he is talking about, and has more experience then any of us could even imagine. I wouldn't trust my son's eyes to any other doctor. There are many personalities in the world. I would rather a quiet doctor, who has full trust in what he was doing, with a great record, deep in thought, operate on my sons eyes, then one who put on a great show for us, with a lesser record. There are not many doctors out there doing what Dr. Budning is doing, and even fewer who are great at it. I am over all happy when I leave. The only reason is because he is self confident. Very self confident. Parents need that when their childs sight is the topic of conversation.  Respond
RID: 142825
15/02/07 1 1 2 I have heard that this doctor is good but my comfort level with him was based on the info others gave me about him. My impression of him is that he only cares about money. His patients are all kids but he does not make them feel comfortable. He only looks at their eyes and does not say a word to them. I was not happy. If you go to his office except long wait. He has no people skills. He is rude and does not even acknowledge your presence when you are sitting in his office. Dr. Budning you probably help alot of people but what is the point if the only thing they remember from a visit with you is lack of interest,communication and affection. You even took a personal call when I was in your office without consideration that i was waiting in your office for 1.5 hrs. Overall, I beleive that your young patients deserve some respect and need to be acknowledged rather than being treated like just another eye you looked at in a days work.  Respond
RID: 134179
09/02/07 3 5 5 the surprise was on me when i was sent to this specialist who is a pediatric ophtomologist/surgeon...i am 45 years old..but he is the best ...you do have to wait..travel 4hours...but they work around my hours of availibility..within 3 weeks i had the surgery..in sudbury i would still be waiting after a full year...my eyes look great...i see straight....and i met a very compassionate and talented doctor....  Respond
RID: 101921
19/01/07 2 5 5 Excellent doctor. He is my 4 year old son's opthalmolgist and he is super knowledgeable and very thorough.  Respond
RID: 85364
15/01/07 4 5 5 One of my daughters many Dr's. He is great with her, and he knows what he is talking about. Great Dr!  Respond
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