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Practice: Allen M. Putterman, M.D., S.C.
Hospital: The 900 North Michigan Surgical Center. and St. Joseph Hospital
Med. School:University Of Wisconsin Medical School
Grad. Year: 1963

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RID: 5344075
14/04/14 5 5 5 5 Dr. Putterman was excellent to work with. As an African American I was concerned about scarring but Doctor assured me that I would be very happy with the surgery. So far, almost four months, since the procedure, I am very pleased. He is timely, professional, and caused me very little discomfort. Prior to surgery he educated me on what to expect, how long healing would take, what items/prescriptions I would need and what follow-up I needed to do. All as gone just as he told me it would. His office staff is kind, polite and equally as easy to work with. Doctor has a "fellow" working with him who it appears will be another excellent physician. I highly recommend Dr. Putterman for eyelid reconstructive surgery. 
Insurance: Medicare
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RID: 5315105
28/03/14 5 5 5 5 Dr. Putterman and his staff are the best. After unsuccessful surgeries by another doctor on my tear ducts I went to Dr. Putterman because he invented the tubes needed for my eyes. I should have went to him in the first place. He corrected the work performed by the other surgeon and gave me relief from the constant tearing and infections. My life has changed because of him. He is kind, compassionate and brilliant. His staff treats me like an old friend when I come in. They are the nicest people and go out of their way to accommodate my strange schedule and personally care about me. I have recommended Dr. Putterman to everyone I know who needs his services and will continue to do so. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 5275856
18/03/14 5 5 5 5 I am an 85-year-old male who approached Dr. Putterman in early December 2013 because badly drooping eyelids made vision and reading very difficult. Dr. Putterman performed eyelid surgery in December with complete success. Everyone in the office was pleasant and professional. I cannot recommend him more strongly. Edwin S Mills.  Respond
RID: 3818310
21/01/14 5 5 5 5 Upper/lower bleph. Results were perfect. Dr Putterman is conscientious, meticulous and has excellent clinical and technical skills. Office staff was informative and congenial. Would not hesitate in recommending Dr Putterman. 5 STARS!!!!! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $4500
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RID: 3654814
13/01/14 5 5 5 5 located in city but has valet parking. easy access. on time and thorough staff with billing and explainations of procedures. thoughtful and helpful. surgi center also has easy access and is staffed just like a hospital. doctor is very experienced and skilled. i would recomend this doctor to my family and friends.  Respond
RID: 3595206
04/11/13 5 5 5 5 Dr Putterman is very thorough and professional. He did an excellent eye lid surgery for me last year. I am very happy with the results. He made sure I was completely satisfied post operation. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering the procedure.  See Responses
RID: 2824916
30/08/13 5 5 5 5 I had a tumor/cyst removed from my upper eyelid that invloved removing part of my eyelid and eyelashes. I was very apprehensive about how it would heal, and the end result. Dr. Putterman was fantastic!!! You cannot tell at all where the tumor was. My eyelashes have grown back seamlessly...I couldn't be happier. The day of the surgery he personally called me at home to see how I was doing. I am thrilled with the results and Dr. Putterman's expertise!!! Thank you!! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2776309
19/08/13 1 3 1 1 I had my bottom eyelids raised to correct a dry eye problem. Dr. Putterman did the procedure twice and both times it didn't work. Once the swelling went down and the stitches were taken out the eyelids didn't stay up in the proper position. I complained many times and one of his girls in the office said I should be glad I'm not blind. I found out later he used a outdated method. I wrote Dr. Putterman a letter of complaint and asked for a partial refund. He didn't care and told me to see a dry eye specialist. Now why didn't he send me to a dry eye specialist in the first place? They did do a good job taking my money though. If you're seeing him about bottom eyelids then I suggest you think twice. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2768017
14/08/13 5 5 5 5 I feel very blessed and thankful that I have come to know Dr. Putterman and his wonderful staff; all excellent at what they do. Everyone is always kind and so helpful. I have had several eye surgeries and all have been very successful. The outcome has given me back my life, my confidence. Dr. Putterman's knowledge and skill is remarkable; very professional, yet he is so kind and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Putterman, his office, and his staff. I am thankful to have this opportunity to let others know what a great doctor and surgeon he is. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2705486
10/07/13 5 5 5 5 I found Dr.Putterman and his staff to be the most helpfull and nicest. I would recomend any one to see Dr.Putterman for their needs. Dr.Putterman is the best doctor in the Chicago are and took great care of me. His office staff was very supportive and made sure that all my appointmens and surgical needs were met.. His office manager Vicki took care of all my Insurance approvels and checked on me before and after surgery.  Respond
RID: 2648039
14/05/13 5 5 5 5 I had my eye repaired by Dr. Putterman on December 4, 2012. Dr. Putterman explained in detail how things would proceed and how a very complicated procedure would turn out. 10 days later I began to see how successful this was was and after 6 weeks the healing process was complete. My family who saw me during this time could not believe how successful it all turned out. I couldn't be happier with the repair that Dr. Putterman made; what could be more valuable than your eyesight. Thank you Dr. Putterman. I would highly recommend Dr. Putterman and his terrific staff to anyone needing eye surgery. Nathan Shapiro 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2636643
30/04/13 5 5 4 5 Our son was born with congenital ptosis and we began seeing Dr. Putterman on a semiannual basis starting at 3 months of age until age two when the surgery took place. It should be mentioned we felt obligated to get a 2nd opinion from another doctor. The 2nd doctor did not believe the levator resection surgery would work and wanted to do a sling. This completely contradicted what Dr. Putterman told us since he believed the levator resection surgery could be successful, so we put our belief in his experience. The wait was very worthwhile as my son’s surgery was successful and he looks great! We couldn’t be happier with everything Dr. Putterman has done for our son. We will forever be grateful for his work. A bonus is that his appointments are always on time and the staff is very friendly. The only area that could be improved upon would be for Dr. Putterman to explain everything in layman’s terms especially when dealing with new parents or parents with young children. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2609481
06/04/13 5 5 5 5 First, I have to start off by saying Dr Putterman is a god send. I have suffered with Graves' disease for 15 or so years, and believe me it is a emotional experience. This disease took over my life! It altered the way I look so much I was ashamed to leave my house. My eyes were so protruded that the hurt constantly, the pressure was unreal. they were always dry and scratchy yet always were watery. My eyes did not close all the way,due to the protrusion. I could never leave the house without sunglasses, because they were so sensitive to lightI was constantly uncomfortable physically and emotionally :( I had seen several Dr over the years who I was not impressed with, but when I met dr Putterman I felt hopeful for the first time in a long while. He was very knowledgable and kind. I never have to wait, in fact I often arrive early and they always take me. I had 2 surgeries that went well. I'm happy! The staff is great! Vicky was always helpful. Dr Patel ( fellow) is great too. Great Drs 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2579140
07/03/13 5 5 4 5 Dr.Putterman performed occular eyelid cosemtic surgery on my 4 year old son for congenital ptosis.My son was born with severe ptosis in 1 eye,and mild in the other.He really had no levitor muscle in the severe eye.Dr. Putterman was able to lift that eyelid on the first surgery,and needed to tweak the overall shape of the eyelid on a second surgery.He also slightly lifted the eyelid with the mild ptosis,when my son had his second surgery.My son looks very good, his field of vision has been corrected,and so far all is great.Dr.Putterman may seem too quiet,especially with questions from nervous parents,but is an excellent surgeon, and that is all that really matters for your child.We can't thank him enough for our son's results.He was always available to reach, even calling us on Thanksgiving to answer our concerns.Also,I have to mention Dr.Patel,a fellow working with Dr. Putterman. He is awesome,and always available too. His experience in this surgery put Dr. Putterman on top for us. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1523251
26/08/11 5 5 5 5 helpful staff from beginning to end doctors very punctual great overall experience 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1514772
17/08/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Putterman is very gentle, experienced, and very "patient oriented". He even returned my calls on Sunday from his home! His staff is exceptional, and they, too, were responsive and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns. Cosmetic surgery is never an easy decision, but rest assured that when you select Dr. Putterman, you will be in the hands of one of the most experienced, reputable, and knowlegeable surgeons just about anywhere. I am very pleased with the results of my lower blepharoplasty.  See Responses
RID: 1475589
RID: 1437834
10/05/11 5 5 5 5 A past exceptional doctor. Caring,very skilled, and patient.Never talked or explained things in an incomprehensible vocabulary.Always spoke with a knowledgable understanding with his words. The before/after and after hour calls from this doctor and his medical staff was tremendous,not to mention the next day courtesy calls from the clinic office (Bonnie).In my 47 years and a mother of 7, never have I been treated with so much interest,understanding and kindness. "Angel's of the heart". A Great Doctor with Great Staff! Sincerely, V.L.Dickerson  Respond
RID: 1419436
18/04/11 5 5 5 5 I feel Dr Putterman is THE expert in his field.I have Thyroid Eye Disease and what he was able to do for me was amazing!He is always punctual and thoroughly explains everything.His follow-up calls after surgery were very much appreciated. His assistant and staff are warm and caring people. They make the whole process seamless.And their follow-up calls were very much appreciate, as well. It's really cool to have a professional family who makes you feel like you are their only patient.Thanks to you all! Denny & Kimberly 
Insurance: Humana
RID: 1404199
01/04/11 5 5 5 5 My 7 year old daughter could not worded doctor Putterman any better after her surgery on both of her eyes, "God gave Doctor Putterman miracle powers to make me look perfect." He has changed her life forever!!! We couldn't be any happier with her surgery!! He is Amazing !! John & Julie Gagne 
Paid (or co-pay): $16000
RID: 1392396
20/03/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Allen Putterman is a highly competent surgeon. I have been a patient of his practice for the past 5 years. During this time, my condition has required several different surgeries, all of which were successful and a blessing to me beyond words. His diagnosis was correct and at each decision point he knew the correct course of action. His action steps were appropriately timed and accurate for the situation at hand. He is competent, confident and correct. I received excellent care, and the office staff is caring and helpful. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1300963
24/11/10 5 4 2 2 Just can't say that much about the experience with Dr. Putterman was positive. He had terrible bedside manner from the beginning, which I can overlook if you know how to do your job. The experience was terrible and the results were no better. Dr. Putterman did nothing to prepare me for the pain or procedure. Nothing came out as planned (this was not a cosmetic surgery) and I am right back where I started not long ago. I understand that not everything turns out as planned, but it was Dr. Putterman's reaction, or lack of, that is the most frustrating. He refused to acknowledge that something was still wrong and brushed off all my questions/concerns post-surgery. I wish I would have reviewed him and his practice before this type of procedure. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1150913
16/04/10 5 5 5 5 All my life I have struggled with having deep-set eyes that were not in proportion to the rest of my face and were not symmetrical.As I aged, I also had more fat deposits under my lower lids. Dr.Putterman performed a removal of my upper eye lid skin folds and lower eye lid bags.The consultation was gentle as he helped guide me with the decision making process. I appreciated how Dr.Putterman found a balance with considering what I wanted done ideally and what he understood to be a natural looking result. His office staff was very helpful in setting up the dates and organizing details of surgery and his nurses were kind and helped me feel at ease the day of the procedure. My recovery was seamless but the few times I worried about something, Dr.Putterman was responsive to my phone calls got right back to me. I appreciated his gentle reassuring approach and I have to say this was one of the easiest procedures I ever had. My result is so natural no one ever had an idea I had surgery.  Respond
RID: 1121252
05/03/10 5 5 5 5 Dr. Allen Putterman performed a mid-face lift on me, and I had a very successful and positive outcome. I look ten years younger, my skin doesn't droop anymore, my lower lids are not saggy, and my friends think I look great. The procedure has given me more self confidence, and I can continue to work looking more vibrant and happy.  See Responses
RID: 1097706
04/02/10 5 5 5 5 Dr.Putterman performed a 4-lid blepheroplasty on me several years ago, and it was a great experience for several reasons. First of all, his office staff is friendly and professional. They make you feel so comfortable. I didn't have to sit in the waiting room - he was on time for my consult and my post-op visits. And he patiently explained everything about the procedure. I never felt rushed, nor did I feel that he was pushing me to have surgery. I had very little discomfort while I was healing and went back to work in 2 days. When I called him with a few questions, he was really helpful. Most important is that no one asked me if I had my eyes done. People just said that I looked so rested. I am thrilled with my results.  Respond
RID: 1088571
25/01/10 5 5 5 5 Dr. Putterman took my very tired eyelids & made them look like I had just returned from. a long, wonderful, restful vacation. I am able to apply my eye makeup now in much less time since there is nothing to camouflage. I feel so much better about my appearance.I even lost some weight so I wouldn't detract from my eyes. He was very informative on what to expect & made me so comfortable, I called several times with additional questions both before & after surgery. When I needed a call back, I was able to speak with him directly, although the office girls were great. I would do this again in a heartbeat, if he would be my surgeon.  Respond
RID: 1075797
12/01/10 5 5 5 5 Dr.Putterman is by far the best, most thorough Ophthamologist I have ever been to. He helped me look ten years younger by removing the fat from under my eyes. The recovery time was minimal and I had no bruising. I have never had any sort of surgery and was nervous but the staff constantly put me at ease by answering all of my questions and giving very thorough post-surgical care instructions. Thank you Dr.Putterman for giving me fresher eyes!!  See Responses
RID: 738698
07/12/08 3 5 1 1 Upper Bleph/Lower Bleph and mid-face lift performed by Dr. Putterman. He did a revision of his first surgery because of resulting hooded outer eyelids. Dr. Putterman subsequently stitched my outer corners closed, which changed them to a reptile-eye type of appearance i.e. no whites of my eyes at the outer corners. Scary looking to be brutally honest. Dr. Putterman's responses to my obvious concerns when my eyes healed, were vague, and yes and no answers. I believe this Doctor is complacent/indifferent and rests on his laurels. I would advise anyone planning on consulting this Doctor to seriously reconsider one who is not 'old school'. I felt he didn't care one way or the other involving my results. Major mistake on my part, although I am hopeful in finding a competent surgeon. Dr. Putterman may have had surgical skills for delicate eye surgery at one time, many years ago, but in looking at my results, he doesn't have them any more.  See Responses
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