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Gastroenterologist-related: Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, GI cancer, bowel disease, stomach, intestines, bowels and other structures, such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and esophagus, and focus on maladies that include ulcers, jaundice, colitis, hepatitis, cancer, eating disorders, GIST
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RID: 3587173
26/10/13 2 1 1 1 I would have died if I had listened to Bernstein and not gotten a second opinion. He did not take my concerns seriously and did not listen to me. He also was incredibly arrogant and rude. He would not even look at me when I spoke to him. I could have bled to death and nearly needed a blood transfusion by the time I saw a different dr. Thank god I listened to my body and not to him. He diagnosed me as having internal hemorrhoids. I actually had severe ulcerative colitis and nearly died!  Respond
RID: 1579019
03/11/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. B can come off as a tad distant but he is quite nice overall and is incredibly knowledgeable. I would rather have an arrogant or distant doctor than an incompetent one. He takes the time to listen to how I'm feeling and gives me an idea on what could possibly be going on without worrying me. If a medication doesn't work effectively for then he is perfectly willing to search for other alternatives. (I went through 2 varieties of anti-diarrheal medicine before finding one that worked). I highly recommend him.  Respond
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RID: 731989
28/11/08 4 1 4 5 Although I appreciate that he was the GI to finally diagnose my crohn's, I definitely feel more like a research subject to him than a patient. After trying me on numerous meds that just made me sicker, and being sent to see his useless and ****y resident instead of him 3 times when I kept having problems, I ended up in the ER needing an emergency resection. My surgeon was convinced that had he and his staff been more attentive, my problem would have been dealt with months earlier. I will keep seeing him, but from now on will pester him and his staff to no end to make sure they don't lose any more paper work and test forms. He loses interest in you as soon as you're not on one of his drug trials. Watch out for yourself!  Respond
RID: 699231
09/10/08 1 1 1 1 My mom went to see him and he did nothing but treat her like dirt. His staff never calls you back and neither does he. My mom got a sever allergic reaction to a medication he put her on and she ended up going to our family doctor about it. He said to get off of it immedialty and he had never heard of it before. She also contacted the local pharmasist and he said sorry i can't tell you much on it i don't know an overly big amount on it either but i suggest get off of it. This so called dr. does nothing but disrespect his patients and is way too full of himself. *remember there is always someone higher that trained him so do some research. i know i will be for my mom*  Respond
RID: 583006
04/05/08 3 1 1 4 No matter how smart he is, his arrogance and poor bedside matter give him no place practicing on patients. he should stay in research where he does his best work.  Respond
RID: 560243
08/04/08 5 4 5 5 I started to see Dr. Bernstein when I was 13 (i'm 25 now), after a horrible treatment from the Gastroenterologist at Children's. He right away took me off the drugs that were poisoning me that I should have only been on for 6 weeks (I was on it for 7 months, lost feeling in my legs and fingers, and my circulation is not good). He knows what to do, and when something isn't working in my opinion, he's willing to look at alternatives. I'm very happy with Dr. B, and his staff.  Respond
RID: 539072
15/03/08 3 1 1 5 I agree that Dr. B is very arrogent. He insists I have colitis not crohn's despite what 3 other specialists who have actually done tests on me say. Every time I drive the 4 hours to see him, spend the $100+ on a hotel and meals, wait the 3 hours in the waiting room I spend under 10 minutes in his office with him telling me I should get a colectomy. I broke down and went to see the surgen he recommended who told me I shouldn't get the surgery yet, after that Dr.B still insisted I need surgery despite the fact that my symptoms were under control via remmicade. Even though he is a very knowlegable man I think he would be better at researching and testing then actually dealing with patients.  Respond
RID: 455448
03/12/07 2 3 3 5 my now 18 yr old daughter is a patient of his. She has Crohn's. I find Dr B to be very knowledgeable, but does come off a little arrogant. I find his staff almost impossible to get into contact with, and don't always follow through with what they say they will do. I found if you have done any research and ask any questions he doesn't really like that. Now adays you have to be very proactive in your/your families health care. I did feel pushed out. I know he is a reallly busy Dr, and an amazing one at that, but, PR skills could use a bit of buffing. Otherwise, great dr and I hope he keeps up doing the great work he is doing. I am very thankful we got on to see him as quickly as we did! I would just like to be more involved with my daughters care, ie: get copies of tests results, etc like they do in the states.  Respond
RID: 430004
16/10/07 1 1 1 3 Not worth the wait. Waited 6 months to see this guy. No proper exam, dismissed the problem, said he wouldn't find anything. Have stage 4 cancer. Not very happy. If you get blown off, go somewhere else.  Respond
RID: 429927
16/10/07 5 5 5 5 The confidence that Dr. Bernstein gives you is because he is such a down to earth and knowledgable doctor. I would recommend him to anyone!! He is always willing to try new things to help you feel better!  Respond
RID: 418078
24/09/07 4 4 5 5 Definitely worth the waiting time it takes to see him! An amazing doctor -- very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I was terrified of having the colonoscopy and he was so gentle and kind he totally put me at ease. I'd recommend him highly!  Respond
RID: 369939
19/07/07 1 2 1 3 I found Dr.B to think that he is better than everyone else as well. I agree that he only believes in "HIS" tests and not the tests from other physicians/specialists. I've seen Dr.B on more than one occassion and the last time I saw him I did not get the answers I wanted - and even his staff were disgusted with him saying.. it's nothing. At that time I had other physical ailments that contributed to having IBD - but not in DrB's eyes. Since then I've seen specialists in Saskatchewan who were able to give me a correct diagnosis and save me from possible death. If you want a prick as a dr.. go see bernstein then. (oh ya - he's "very" knowledgable! ya right)  Respond
RID: 369448
18/07/07 5 4 5 5 I have a 25yr history of colitis and have had gastros in every province that I've lived in and of the many only 3have been excellent. Dr. B is one of them. When our son had a serious chrohn's attack he was hospitalized immediately and Dr.B even took on EI to help him. He had a long recovery but with the time Dr.B put into treating our son he has now had 4yrs.symptom free and is doing phenomenal. Even tho' he lives in SK he still sees his doctor yearly and knows if he gets sick it's just a call. Dr. B is straight up with us and answers any questions we have. When you're sick with this disease and crash he stays in contact by phone once you go home just to make sure you're ok. He is truly a professional, compassionate and observant doctor. I now live in another province and he has made sure that I have a specialist here once I get set up. When you're in trouble he is the doctor you want and if you're just whining then you're not sick enough,you just need an attitude adjustment. 5 STARS!  Respond
RID: 346978
16/06/07 4 1 2 This doctor needs to come off his high horse and listen to his patients. He is only interested in treating the "A" typical patients. If you don't fall in his perfect diagnosis, FIND AN OTHER DOCTOR!!! He is very Arrogant. Found that he treated my like I did not have a clue about what I was feeling.  Respond
RID: 291596
21/04/07 4 5 5 I was EXTREMELY nervous about an upcoming colonoscopy, and his nurses are AMAZING!! In the end, the entire procedure was virutally pain free, and I agree with the comments left here, he doesn't rush you out the door, well worth the few extra minutes wait! Thank you!!!!  Respond
RID: 274257
12/04/07 5 5 5 After many years of complaining of stomach problems, Dr. Bernstein finally took the time to get to the bottom of the problem. Not only did he diagnose me with IBS and colitis, he did further investigation and found out that I had problems with my parathyroid. No other physician even took the time nor had the knowledge to look into the symptons and signs. Dr. Bernstein, in finding this, has given me back my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Respond
RID: 273825
11/04/07 5 5 5 On a scale of 0-10 Dr. Bernstein rates a 15.He is kind, considerate and makes you feel very comfortable.I am glad that I was refered to him.  Respond
RID: 263530
06/04/07 4 1 3 Dismissive and lack of curiousity for finding out what is really happening. Arrogant and demeaning are two words that pop into my mind when I think of this doctor. Have had gastrointestinal problems for over 3 years and his suggestion after the last visit was to stop eating dairy, as if that hadn't been tried years ago, and failing that working, get over it. If it's painfully obvious what is going on, this doctor would probably be fine but for taking the time to care individually, I seriously doubt it.  Respond
RID: 252601
02/04/07 3 4 5 I don't understand people who complain that their doctor is arrogant. I don't care if he is a complete prick (Dr. B isn't) as long as he is smart and knows what is going on (Dr. B is). If all that was required to be a doc was to be Mr. Sunshine they wouldn't have to go to school for 10 years.  Respond
RID: 239461
28/03/07 5 5 5 I have been seeing him for a number of years. My last colonoscopy was pain free. I made sure he gave me enough drugs. Two years ago it was very painfull, but one of his trainee's did it. Make sure he does it. My crohn's is under control because of him.  Respond
RID: 235804
27/03/07 2 3 4 He may be knowledgeable, and I would hope so as this is a difficult specialty, but I will NEVER have another colonoscopy after what he put me through! Not enough drugs to put me out. He kept at it even though I begged him to srop. Arrogant manner. And when I requested a follow up visit to discuss the unusual length of time I'd been experiencing pain afterwards, his nurse suggested I come back in....three months!! I would suggest anyone wanting this procedure to just shop around a bit.  Respond
RID: 220992
21/03/07 3 1 2 Not impressed with this doctor. Found he doesn't listen to what I (the patient) has to say and doesn't care about tests that other dr's have performed besides his own testing. Did not have good visits with him, he is very arrogant I find.  Respond
RID: 209666
17/03/07 2 4 5 Dr. B. is excellent at what he does! I was transferred to him when I outgrew the Peds Gastroenterology ward, and even though I was nervous about going to this new guy, he put all my worries to rest. He's great at what he does, is very knowledgeable and I never feel like I'm being rushed out the door after meeting with him.  Respond
RID: 154530
23/02/07 4 4 5 Very good bedside manner. Very knowledgeable, and doesn't rush you out the door.  Respond
RID: 148363
19/02/07 4 5 5 Very knowledgable and puts a patient at ease... even in Gastroenterology!!  Respond
RID: 147110
18/02/07 3 5 5 great dr. caring and resourcefull, very recommend for anyone with crohns  Respond
RID: 136425
11/02/07 5 5 5 He must be one of the best Dr's out there!Two thumbs up to Dr.Bernstein! Very Good to his patients.  Respond
RID: 132979
RID: 69709
12/12/06 4 5 5 You may have to wait a while in his waiting room, but it is worth the wait. He makes you feel very comfortable, knows everything about the subject. Will answer all your questions, but you sometimes need to ask the question in order to find out information. He has helped me a great deal.  Respond
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