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Specialty:Orthopedics / Sports
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Orthopedics / Sports-related: hand surgery, arthritis surgery, knee surgery, back surgery, spine surgery, scoliosis, athletic injuries, sports injuries, sprained knees, back strains, broken bones, torn ligaments
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RID: 2663338
27/05/13 3 5 5 5 I have to say, I came here to look at ratings for this doctor before going to see him and I was a little apprehensive. Some of the ratings made him sound a bit intimidating. However, I felt compelled to put up a rating after my experience for other people who may be coming here to look for some info on him. I have to say that Dr Oxner, spent all of the time he needed with me, he was very thorough, took time to talk through everything, examine me, and make some observations about my condition. He feels he is not the right specialist to treat me ( as he is a surgeon and I don't need surgery right now) so is referring me on, but he was attentive, knowledgeable, approachable, and easy to talk to , I found. He made me feel understood and taken seriously, and really I could have not asked for more. Thanks doc! Keep up the good work.  Respond
RID: 2532348
15/01/13 3 5 1 1 I would not recommend Dr. Oxner as he did not want my medical history and only spent a few minutes with me. Did not get any answers from except things like I don't know. Have major back problems for years, seen many specialist and told of major problems with my back and he told me nothing wrong with my back.  Respond
RID: 2114935
07/05/12 5 5 5 5 Dr Oxners people skills are as good as his medical skills andfrom my experience does care  a lot for his patient I consider myself lucky to have had him perform my surgery, I am now in the process of physio, pre surgery it was a strugle to perform simplest hygene tasks post surgery able to walk again and to care for myself and able to live life with didnity a simple thanks seams cheap for giving me my life back. So a million thanks greatful for ever!  Respond
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RID: 1429139
30/04/11 5 5 5 5 i am 16 years old and im getting back surgery, i have two herniated dics, dr. oxner was very good to me and booked my surgery so that i can get back to sports as soon as possible  Respond
RID: 1380425
07/03/11 5 5 5 5 dr. oxner was very pleasant and very helpful. he listened extremely well to everything i had to say.  Respond
RID: 1273037
16/10/10 2 2 1 2 I was in to see the first time an well that took 1 whole min. an said I need an MRI.After the MRI was back to see him again. well he didnt give me any answers more questions.!!! He dont seem to care. The only thing he did seem to worry about was his pager. When he is with a patient one would think the Dr. would focus all his attention to that person. I am really disappointed after I have seen lots of Dr.s over the yrs. An I can honestly say he is the worst of the lot.He then asks. what I had done before. Well I had seen alll the other Dr.s an have tried everything else. He was surprised. but said will I guess you will have to live with it.  Respond
RID: 1255528
21/09/10 4 5 5 5 One of the beat surgeons I've ever had work on my back. no one will ever touch me again but him.  Respond
RID: 1239473
29/08/10 4 4 1 1 I had 2 visits with Dr Oxner for a broken wrist, and both times he came across as somebody who simply doesn't like his job. I asked questions and got only "yes" or "no" replies with no details, sometimes sarcasm, and never any useful information. I had to come home and do my own research to find out how long it will take to recover (up to a year or two!). Why couldn't he have taken 60 seconds to explain that to me? If I had a choice I would never return to him again.  Respond
RID: 1232482
19/08/10 4 4 5 5 I spent 8 months with Dr's telling me there was nothing wrong until I went to another Dr. who ran test and then sent me to see Dr. Oxner. The first time I had a herniated dics in the L5-S1. He told me about the proceedure of removing half the disc. I stopped him and said the worst thing that could happen is that I would end up paralized and I could live with that. I had the first surgery removal of half the disc the right side it was great for about 3 months then the left side misbehaved, then I was bone on bone. I went back to see the Good Doctor and was booked for a spinal. Some say he doesn't give you a choice, I had a choice to have the fusion done or to live with the pain for as long as I could stand it basically. I am so glad that I had the fusion still in the first week post op.Moving alot more easily then before with only surgical pain that is to be expected. Can wait to hear that the bones are fusing Dr. Oxner is the best of the best and that is who you want working your spine  Respond
RID: 1205948
12/07/10 5 5 5 5 my daughter age 22, recently had back surgery... she was to the point that she couldnt walk more than 20 feet at a time, and wasnt able to work for many years . Thanks to doctor oxner she has returned to work today, and starting a new life on her own .  Respond
RID: 1126093
12/03/10 5 4 5 5 Very pleased with microdiskectomy - support staff response time to pre appt questions, first appt (although i was not eloquent)anaesth & resident etc preop info, op itself, post op nursing care and realistic post op appt information. so glad to be walking , standing again! many many thanks to Dr O and team.  Respond
RID: 1068969
04/01/10 5 5 5 5 I had a successful spinal fusion L5-S1 on May 29/09. This followed several years of daily pain. I waited a while to report my success even though my relief was immediate and now I can add "long lasting." Thank you Dr. Oxner. I am so grateful for your skillful intervention. I am almost 50 years old and looking forward to the future. I feel 20 years younger than I did this time last year. I recieved the best of care.  Respond
RID: 1066552
30/12/09 1 1 1 1 I waited for 2 months to see him,i was in a lot of pain,when the 1,i mean ONE minute app.was over,he told me nothing,i mean nothing,he said "well it looks like yo have quite the injury follow me" he walked so fast I could barley keep up with him, I thought we were going to do more tests, or something.... he brought me to the secretary and said "make an apt and see me in 30 days" then walked away. I tryed to stop him and ask him what I could do in the meantime, he said ride a bike. He was ignorant, and didn't care what so ever about my situation.  Respond
RID: 925047
29/06/09 5 5 5 5 Saved my Life!! Excellent surgeon, had no complications. Went from being bed ridden for 2 months with extreme pain to walking within a day after having surgery. I am now completely pain free!! Would highly recommend!!!  Respond
RID: 723049
15/11/08 5 5 5 5 Very good doctor who is an amazing surgeon and is very helpful and nice and is professional too  Respond
RID: 567771
16/04/08 5 5 5 5 dr. oxner is the best doctor ever. he's very nice and knows what he's doing  Respond
RID: 554639
01/04/08 5 5 5 5 I went to Dr. Oxner because of persistent back pain I had. Many previous doctors believed was from my scoliosis. He took a look at the MRI that several other doctors had looked at and said it was my kidney. The urology department was VERY impressed that an orthopod could pick up that! Great guy, saved my life  Respond
RID: 525730
28/02/08 4 4 1 3 Like the earlier comment I found his attitude arrogant. He at no time respected patients right to informed decision making or in put into their own care. Seemingly went out of way to put unnecessary pressure on patient. Despite patient's comments on her preferences with regard to her treatment nothing was on her chart but his opinion's and wants. Omitted required safety procedure that even he admitted the patient needed for surgery, the need of which was questionable in the first place,taking unneeded risks with the patient. While Dr. Oxner gave no offer or even much opportunity for a second opinion on his decision the head of his department said that no the procedure was not needed on a later visit. You get the impression that his opinion and time are much more valuable than any member of the public. If you are happy to turn your body over to a doctor with no input and no consultation from yourself with regard to your care this is the doctor for you in my opinion.  Respond
RID: 470494
23/12/07 5 4 1 4 Dr. Oxner diagnosed me with scoliosis when I was 15. When I used to go with my mother, he took the time to explain things and answer questions. I went a few months ago alone (I'm now 21), and he brushed my problems off like they were of no concern. I realize he's a specialist and he's very busy, but taking the time to answer questions and showing genuine concern for the patient is PIVOTAL to be a good doctor. His indifference left me in tears.  Respond
RID: 397016
04/09/07 3 1 1 1 I had a spinal fusion 5 yrs ago.He told me "all" of my pain would go away after surgery. I saw him for check-ups for the first year.Every visit was the same-look at the x-ray and say,"everything looks fine". When I told him about problems I was having,his response was, "oh,I've never heard of that"& off he went to the next person. He never showed any interest& gave no explanation for the problem. If I could go back in time,I would never have a spinal fusion. My back problem is 10 times worse after the surgery and I live with chronic pain everyday of my life. I feel it's a surgeons'responsibility to tell a patient the pros and cons of back surgery and to let them know, there's a possibility they may end up worse after surgery.The impression he gave me was,all he cared about was how many surgeries he did,opposed to his patients.Anyone thinking about a fusion please do your research first. Obviously, I have completely written him off my list.  See Responses
RID: 389849
21/08/07 5 5 1 5 I Believe that he is a superb surgeon but he is very difficule to talk to . aregant . Does not take the time to explane much .I drove 200 k and he spent 15 secands looking at my MRI . of witch I went down to find out about the feasiability of surgery . I have very much confidance in his skills but He doesn't seam intrested in relieveing suffering .../ of course I respect his opinion but seams to have a God colplex . Just an opinion . He may be the best surgeon in the world but I dont think I will go back unless it is to Emergincy .  Respond
RID: 284831
17/04/07 4 5 5 Excellent doctor!! He was very caring. He called me at home when I had an increase in symptoms. He explained things well and showed me the CT results. He is the best back surgeon !! Very knowledgeable and empathetic.  Respond
RID: 196201
14/03/07 5 4 5 I've had back fusion back in 2004, very nice Dr and he knows his business. I would recommend him to anybody,although he told me I would be returning to work within the year, but unfortunatly I could not.I Have made many trips to see him, and I don't regret any of them. His staff is the Best!!!!!.(THANK YOU DONNA)  Respond
RID: 156023
24/02/07 2 2 3 If you are injured and sent for an Independant Medical Evaluation by your employer, expect the report to state that with therapy and medication , you can return to your job. He is being paid x amount of dollars above his normal salary for these evaluations and is not about to let this money slip from his fingers, no matter what your condition.  Respond
RID: 142273
15/02/07 5 5 5 Dr Oxner performed a lamenectomy and fusion on my back. What he lacked in empathy he made up for in ability. I didn`t want the best looking or the nicest surgeon cutting into my back, I wanted the best. My life overall has improved with the surgery. Excellent surgeon.  Respond
RID: 142072
15/02/07 3 1 1 I did not feel he was very knowledgeable about disorder I had. I saw someone else a few months later with much better results.  Respond
RID: 136306
11/02/07 5 5 5 Dr. Oxner performed a very painful procedure on my back, but was necessary to diagnose my problems. He is very professional and skilled.  Respond
RID: 87972
15/01/07 5 5 5 I found Dr. Oxner very personable and he calls a spade a spad..if he cant help you he tells you so but leaves the door open if the time comes when your condition warrants his help  Respond
RID: 75149
31/12/06 4 5 5 what can i say he is the best once you can get in to see him he's nice cute and sweet operated on me 2 years ago and finally stop the pain your the best  Respond
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