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RID: 5436120
30/04/14 4 4 1 1 My wife took our 17 month old to see Dr. Bekasiak because she hadn't been herself. Her sleep schedule was off, she was eating much less than normal, and she had been running a low grade fever for a couple days. Dr. Bekasiak offered no support or guidance after barely looking at our daughter. He questioned how he would even be able to diagnose her because she was so upset, as if to suggest he can't effectively evaluate kids. Dr. Bekasiak proceeded to allege that my wife was there to just get a script for our little one and that he wouldn't give us anything for her. In reality, he didn't even look at her to determine if medication was needed. Dr. Bekasiak questioned my wife's judgement to bring our daughter to see the doctor, stating that she was an overreactive first time mom. This was judgemental and inconsiderate. My wife left and scheduled the first available appt with our pediatrician who later confirmed that our daughter had a severe infection and needed antibiotics.  Respond
RID: 2647376
13/05/13 3 3 1 1 Terrible experience with this doctor. We saw him at the TMC walk in clinic on a weekend. My husband and I went in with our two sick kids who had fevers and he barely checked the baby before informing me that he wouldnt give me an antibiotic and then asked what I wanted from him. I was so thrown off, I said just check to see why she has a fever,why she isnt eating/drinking etc. He seemed annoyed and told me it was just a virus and there was nothing he could do for me. He looked at me like I was an idiot and then said "what did you think I was going to give you an antibiotic today". He spoke in a very rude, unprofessional and "power tripping" tone. I said what if she has an ear infection or something, he said even if she does, I will not prescribe an antibiotic. He then checked her ears quickly and rushed us out without even looking at my 4 year old at all. I left feeling terrible. I went there for help and felt as though he was telling me not to go to the doctors. Jerk. :(  Respond
RID: 2581858
11/03/13 4 4 5 4 Excelent doctor, I have been followed by him since day 1 and have always seen him as a Doctor who takes your problems seriously and considers your concerns. He will not refer unecessarily which is smart and better for the healthcare system but if the problem persists he will refer and for me called the specialist directly and I was fit into a cancellation a week later! Very accomodating and never seems rushed even though he has 5+ patients in the waiting room. Dr Bekasiak is also very humble and willing to admit when a problem is out of his scope of practice, which is very admirable and understandable considering how broad the medical field is. Thank you for all your help throughout the years Dr Bekasiak, you are a great role model and inspired me to pursue medicine.  Respond
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RID: 1691704
19/01/12 5 5 5 1 He sure isn't the smartest doctor. But a good doctor if you know what you want.  Respond
RID: 1508343
09/08/11 5 5 5 1 I'm surprised about the things that people write on these sites. My entire family plus even extended family have been going to Dr. Bekasiak for years. The staff is very accomodating. We must have great luck because we are always fit in that day, which compared to my friends does not seem to be the case for other doctors. He has helped us through a lot. He made house calls when my grandmother could not leave the house, his kindness,time spent with us is always appreciated. Most people just want and want and forget that doctors are people that spend their days caring and caring for lots of people. I think we has patients forget to say Thank you sometimes. So anyway, thank Dr. Bekasiak, we are always happy to see you. All the best!  Respond
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RID: 1319772
22/12/10 2 3 2 2 I have been going to Dr. Bekasiak since I was a child. He has always had very poor people skills and bedside manner. His staff is always unfriendly. He cuts you in speech, rushes you out and asks that you only address one problem per visit. I suffer from sebaceous cysts, as a child my mom brought be in and he diagnosed them as boils and gave me antibiotics which did work. As an adult I sometimes suffer from them. I researched what they were and found out they're sebaceous cysts', a very common thing that most Doc's should be able to detect and lance right away. If given a choice I prefer to a walk-in clinic to have them removed. I asked Dr. Bekasiak if he could reefer me to a dermatologist for my acne problem and skin troubles and he said he will just put me on birth control and that I don't need a specialist. I have skin problems and need to see a specialist but can't without his referral. I am still looking for a new physician but it's hard to find a good one that is taking patients.  Respond
RID: 1181312
02/06/10 4 5 4 3 He has been my Doctor ever since i was a child and he's unbelievable.He takes his time,never rushes you out of his offices and he gets things done.Very good doctor i must say.  Respond
RID: 1135316
24/03/10 4 4 4 4 I've been going to Dr. B since I was very young as well as the rest of my family. He is always helpful and nice. Never rushes me out the door. Awesome doctor!  Respond
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RID: 455648
03/12/07 5 5 5 5 dr bekesiak is a great doctor.. he has always helped my parents when they needed and is always helping me and checking up on me. This Doctor is great i dont even knw why people would say that he's bad he's AWESOME !!  Respond
RID: 230793
25/03/07 2 1 1 Dr. Bekasiak has been an aweful doctor to my grandparents. He has mis-diagnosed their illness on many occasions and he has charged them for things that should not have come out of pocket. He takes advantage of senior citizens. Shame on you!  Respond
RID: 224354
22/03/07 5 5 5 I am very happy to have a family physician who is so dedicated to his patients. Dr. Bekasiak, has helped us so much. My family is so very greatful for to be under his care. Dziekuje Panie Doktorze!!  Respond
RID: 186759
12/03/07 1 1 2 This man was incorrect in diagnoising my son as retarded! I was shocked and saddened to think a G.P. would assume this without giving a Specialist the right to see him either. Never friendly or helpful. I found another Doctor ASAP!  Respond
RID: 100402
18/01/07 3 1 3 Lacking interpersonal skills. Posts a sign in the office that he will only address one problem at a time. Another sign states that he will not sign passports anymore. Hurries patients.  See Responses
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