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Specialty:Orthopedics / Sports
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Orthopedics / Sports-related: hand surgery, arthritis surgery, knee surgery, back surgery, spine surgery, scoliosis, athletic injuries, sports injuries, sprained knees, back strains, broken bones, torn ligaments
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RID: 3599002
07/11/13 5 3 5 5 Dr Bouchard saved me from losing the use of my left hand and from suffering the same fate as Christopher Reeve, by performing 2 seperate cervical surgeries over the past 2 and a half years. I have every confidence in his ability and am grateful to have had him perform surgery on my neck and treat me in between. My neck now feels better than it ever has over the past 10 years and I have peace of mind that my neck will outlast the remainder of my contract on this planet...Craig Stephens  Respond
RID: 3585390
24/10/13 5 5 5 5 Dr. Bouchard, is, and has been for the last 8 years that I have been his patient, a very caring doctor. He has always taken the time to listen to my concerns, & has always answered my questions. I believe that he will do anything possible to help & alleviate pain if it is in his power to do so. The staff is always friendly, courteous, as well as always returns calls. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bouchard & his staff. 
Insurance: Workers Comp
RID: 2714150
20/07/13 4 5 1 1 On second appointment with him, and what a waste of time. He actually just sits there and gives know insight or acts like he cares. I asked if maybe he could do a MRI or something to see what's going on and and he stated, that would waste tax payer dollars. In my option, he a a waste of our tax payer dollars. How much did he make of those 2 appointments, because he actually did nothing. As a result I will never go back to him.  Respond
RID: 2673292
07/06/13 1 2 1 1 Originally thought that Dr. Bouchard was wonderful and he has helped me through multiple back surgeries - but over the years that I have been going to see him, its been getting worse (his attitude, lack of knowledge and respect from the staff) I feel like because I am a Work Comp case I am the bottom of the bucket. I constantly don't get call backs from the receptionist for making appointment's and the last time I was in to see him due to continued pain, I was surprised that he told me there was nothing wrong with me (while using 2 & 3 year old exerays & MRI reports!) and that I had his new fancy word "phantom pain"! 
Insurance: Workers Comp
RID: 2586937
16/03/13 2 1 1 1 disappointed to have to pay for initial consult and then the wait time to see him was lengthy. Cancelled my appointment and found a better surgeon to perform my surgery. Should not have to pay to see a specialist in Alberta this should is not the USA and not elective surgery. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2300598
28/06/12 5 4 5 5 Dr. Bouchard saved my life. I had a terrible snow mobiling accident 4 years ago where my C1, C5 and 6 were broken. His kindness, patience, professionalism and expert care is what saved my life and allowed me to regain full recovery. Thank you, Dr. Bouchard for everything you have done for my family and I.  Respond
RID: 1396290
24/03/11 4 5 5 5 He gave me back my life, with spinal surgery in 2005, i was walking with a cane for several years and in extreme pain all the time, now i am pain free for 5 years, thank you Dr. Bouchard  Respond
RID: 1325919
03/01/11 5 5 5 5 Issue: C5-C-6 Herniated disk, discovered old impact injuries had resulted in bone growth into spinal column - severely compressing spinal chord. Dr. Bouchard is very busy but far above average bedside manner for a surgeon. I was in extreme pain from the ruptured disk but he got me into the physio program while awaiting a chance for early operation. NOTE: If this surgeon recommends you attend physio to see if non-surgical can help issue DO IT - I overheard another couple (exam rooms are not really soundproof) who'd only "bothered to go to physio" once get put over for another 6 months to see what physio could do. I'd done the recommended treatments in physio so got right into the surgical waiting list. Dr. Bouchard went in through a 4" throat incision, removed extra bone and then did a spinal disk replacement. Excellent work - I have a massive skull lol - awoke after surgery without even a neck brace - agony gone! 1 yr+ - mobility & quality of life excellent - thanks to Dr. Bouchard! 
Paid (or co-pay): $80
RID: 1304046
30/11/10 5 5 5 5 This is the best Doctor ever He gave me my life back I had L5 S1 disc herniation he was efficient and swift setting a surgery date immediately I don't know where I would be without this gentleman He explains everything clearly taking his time Thank you so very much Dr Bouchard its been 18 months since my surgery and I would recommend you in a heartbeat  Respond
RID: 1141232
01/04/10 5 4 5 5 I had fusion done on L5 . This is a good Dr. He came to see me every day i was in the hospital .He explained what he was going to do and how it would help.  Respond
RID: 1130727
18/03/10 5 5 5 5 I had C4C5 degenerated discs causing such horrible sciatic pain that I could hardly walk at times. I tried physio, chiropractic care including spinal decompression ,accupuncture, theraupudic massage and got only temporary relief I finally paid for my own MRI and showed it to Dr. Bouchard. He recommended surgery after viewing my MRI and since the moment I woke up in the recovery room until the time I am writing this review, I have not had a single second of pain. The surgery was a fantastic success. I believe his surgical skills are superb. Thank you Doctor Bouchard. You have made my life much more plesant  Respond
RID: 1128984
16/03/10 5 5 5 5 Dr. Bouchard is an AMAZING surgeon. Polite, helpful, caring and knowledgeable. He gave me back function and quality of life when there seemed to be no hope. I couldn't use my legs before he performed reconstruction and now I am working and getting around. I would highly recommend him to anyone!  Respond
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RID: 975635
29/08/09 5 5 5 5 Dr Bouchard is a brilliant surgeon: after 2 failed lumbar fusions, I had no hope of ever living any sort of life; then, I was referred to this genius and he did a fantastic job of "fixing" 2 very badly botched surgeries. Even though I know I will eventually require additional surgery and I am still in constant pain because of having been injured as a young child and never receiving any, let alone adequate, care for my injuries, I trust Dr Bouchard completely and know that I would not be working, walking or doing any of the things I can do today, if it were not for him! What Dr Bouchard doesn't know about back surgery, isn't worth knowing! I am a lawyer and I would (and do) recommend Dr Bouchard as being the best spine surgeon around! He is extremely polite, courteous, super knowledgable and, most important, he truly CARES about his patients. Truly a model surgeon; I know he teaches and expect that he will inspire many new young surgeons to follow in his footsteps.  Respond
RID: 945730
23/07/09 5 5 2 3 Knowledgeable, but very condescending. Regards chiropractic, massage, and physio as nothing but symptom chasing and not actual treatment, despite x-rays proving physiological improvements. Did not offer any other options for my chronic back and neck pain. If you use any allied health care treatment modalities, expect to hear Dr. Bouchard do his best to completely discount and devalue them as health care providers, and make you feel like a moron for believing they have helped you.  See Responses
RID: 907354
08/06/09 4 1 1 2 He was not very helpful for me, was rude and abrupt and had no sympathy for the fact that I had long-standing chronic pain. Answered all my important questions with "I don't know" and could not offer any non-surgical advice. Not someone I would want doing high-risk surgery on me, sorry.  See Responses
RID: 884673
11/05/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Bouchard did a 3 disc fusion, decompression and grafting 2 years ago for me..and he is the best of the best. I had undergone a previous surgery with a specialist from Edmonton, so was very wary about having another surgery done. Dr. Bouchard explained everything very thoroughly and we attempted all options before having surgery done. He saw me everyday for 7 days when I was in the hospital. I've heard complaint that his bedside manner is abrupt, but I wasn't looking for someone to chat with and he exceeded my expectations by a mile. I am feeling like a new person..thank you Dr. Bouchard  Respond
RID: 545690
24/03/08 5 5 5 5 Prior to seeing Dr. Bouchard I had seen 11 doctors who had all told me that I would have two years to wait for surgery. 300 oxycodone pills and 7 trips to the hospital in 70 days and a resident finally clued in that this might be urgent. I paid for my own MRI on the advice of another doctor who told me it would speed things up, but once I paid for it I was still told it would be two years. I took my MRI to Dr. Bouchard and 10 minutes later I was placed on the urgent surgery list and 20 days later I had my surgery. Thanks to this man I do not have to become a drug addict courtesy of the Alberta Health Care System. I was six weeks away from destroying the nerve beyond repair and losing the use of my left leg at the age of 32. Words can not express how grateful I am and how lucky I was to have finally gotten to him.  Respond
RID: 318161
14/05/07 4 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr. Bouchard's for about 8 years now. He is very compassionate and always thinks of his patients. He remembers my families name, always asks how we're doing. Just an overall wonderul person and surgeon. I have now had 3 back surgeries done by him and I feel wonderful. Thanks Dr. Bouchard!!!!  Respond
RID: 231210
25/03/07 5 5 5 One heck of a great Doctor, Second to none, he can even be seen smiling from time to time,however is so into his people he has only time to think about you the patient. If you are going to see this guy go with nothing but confidence he will do you good. one of a dieing bred.  Respond
RID: 172247
05/03/07 3 5 5 Thanks to Dr. Bouchard my husband has a leg. He operated on him 3 or 4 times there were 7 surgeries all together after a rig accident. He knew what he was doing. He is so very busy but explains things well to you. Very to the point and hard to get to laugh but did a great job as far as the surgeries went. Thank you Dr. B  Respond
RID: 95934
17/01/07 5 5 5 Dr. Bouchard is a very very great surgeon - He operated on me three times when he was in Ottawa and I wish he would still be here. Ontario Govn could have done more to keep this "Top Surgeon"! I would not hesitate a moment to refer anyone to him!  Respond
RID: 66271
07/12/06 4 5 5 Better than average bed side manner for a surgeon. He operated on me when he first came to Calgary 5 (?) yrs ago and I have had no trouble since. When my husband developed problems with his back this summer, we asked for and received a referral with Dr. Bouchard although our MD thought it was unlikely we would get in. Nice man.  Respond
RID: 62818
05/12/06 5 5 5 Excellent orthopedic surgeon (director of orthopedic training at FMC). Manner is a bit brusque, but not bad for a surgeon.  Respond
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