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Specialty:Orthopedics / Sports
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Hospital: R.U.H
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Orthopedics / Sports-related: hand surgery, arthritis surgery, knee surgery, back surgery, spine surgery, scoliosis, athletic injuries, sports injuries, sprained knees, back strains, broken bones, torn ligaments
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RID: 5317385
29/03/14 1 2 1 1 Have seen many medical specialists over the years since 1975,back problems,multiple levels. I have to agree with the bulk of negative comments. I have absolutely no respect for, I don't care who they think they are, If there is not a basic respect for my person. I cannot call this person a Doctor as that is a label of competency. Don't waste your time. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 5234732
12/03/14 5 5 5 5 First thing he did was ask why I was there. I told him I wanted to know what was wrong with my back. He asked if I wanted surgery and I told him I did not. He is very straight to the point and often stopped me in mid-sentence if what I was saying was not helpful. Dr. Yong-Hing examined me thoroughly and he explained to me what he thought the problem was. An MRI confirmed it and he has since made the option of surgery available. He seemed to be very effective at what he does.  Respond
RID: 3596332
05/11/13 1 1 1 1 Worst treatment of family I have ever seen surgery concluded on schedule and for 2 hrs after I never seen or spoke to Dr. Of course I am waiting and worrying in the waiting room. Thinking something has gone wrong. When Dr Hing did arrice he said both himself and colleague had come. I never moved from spot even to go to washroom.He had my ph.number no one attempted to even call. I had to go to recovery room only to find out he was there for over hour. When Dr Hing finally did come and speak to me was very rude. When I tried to ask a question..he rudelly interjected and said "Can I talk" I said by all means. He interjected and said "you go ahead you obviously want to talk" I work in health care and never gave I as a family member received such poor care as a worried family Member. Then when I went to pick up my husband in recovery my husband told me boy that Dr ripped my head off when I tried to ask him how everything went. I can't believe a Dr would treat a patient this way right after  Respond
RID: 1725598
29/02/12 5 3 5 5 Amazing Doctor. WCB/SGI/disability clients just looking for a pay check are often mad when their benefits are cut off. Too bad really. Only a smart surgeon will save you the pain and long recovery of a spine operation if it WILL NOT HELP!  See Responses
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RID: 1416002
14/04/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Yong-Hing is an amazing doctor. His bed side manner could use some work but all that really matters is that he knows what he is doing, can explain the risk factors and is the best surgeon out there. I had a herniated disc and horrible pain. He saw me a few times, gave me options, made it clear that he couldn't guarantee a fix and we jointly decided that surgery was the best for me. He fixed me. He is wonderful, wonderful wonderful. Thank-you Dr. Yong-Hing.  See Responses
RID: 1064896
28/12/09 1 3 1 1 This is the most rude and insulting person I have ever met. He is so full of himself, he could not understand my wife's problems. He said that he did not need an MRI as he already knew what he was dealing with. He treated us with the lowest respect we have ever encountered in the medical feild. He would not alow anyone in the room, but my wife. After he ranted at her for 15 mins, he called me in and continued to insult our inteligence. I will definitely not return to him. He should not be in a position to deal with public. He may likely be a very good surgeon, but with his bedside manner he would never have the chance to prove that to me.  See Responses
RID: 1035559
16/11/09 4 3 1 1 I found this Dr. to be very rude would not allow wife in room with us.Ask " why are you here?" stated that the bulging disc that is pressing on my nerve ( confirmed by MRI ) would not get worse so live with the pain. He told me to just keep active. Then I told him that 15 minutes of activity caused me to be layed up for the next 2 days, then he asked why I do the activity and I told he to keep active. VERY CONTRADICTORY with his explanations and answers. Ask for a second opinion.  See Responses
RID: 1024213
02/11/09 1 1 1 1 Terrible bed side manners. He was rude and unsympathetic. He said that he didn't know what I was upset about. I was in so much pain that I was vomitting! I couldn't walk from my bedroom to my kitchen without having excuritating pain."I should be happy that I do not require surgery" (which I am) and to just "deal with" the pain.  See Responses
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RID: 831073
16/03/09 3 4 1 2 Used fear tactics. Even had the audacity to say that there was a risk of getting AIDS, despite the fact that Canadian Blood Services tests all the blood, from the blood transfusion needed in the surgery. Felt he just didn't feel like doing the operation. Did not understand the severity of the pain and was very dismissive.  Respond
RID: 781346
04/02/09 5 5 5 5 my background is in medicine; i accompanied my father to his consult with dr. yong-hing. we knew the consult was important and we were willing to wait and prepared ourselves with snacks and juice. medically, i have never witnessed a more thorough clinical neurological and orthopedic assesment of a patient; with adept assimilation of medicine and history taking with the outcome of an exact diagnosis;short term and long term medical and surgical plan. his resident was also thorough and contributed to the final outcome, his receptionist professional and empathetic. my father didnot feel rushed and was able to contribute his symptoms and history verbally to his profound satisfaction. we are grateful for dr. yong-hing's experience; and of course; the vital support and diagnosis he provided for my father. thank you.  See Responses
RID: 728721
24/11/08 5 1 1 1 My MRI shows 3 fractured vertebra , 3 bulged discs... I had to remind DR Yong Hing to look at the actual film!...As well...months before I had a CT scan and 2 x-rays which his office requested....they were not there!....Yong Hing told me that without these, he could not make a comparative diagnosis without seeing ALL evidence...however told me to go back to heavy lifting and climbing! My GP has placed large restrictions on physical activities...I talked to the MRI Dr and he told me that the discs protruding are indenting on the thecal sac (this is an incredibly nerve sensitive sac) Dr Yong Hing stated the vertebra will heal however are wedged...he ignored my question of the discs moving further... again stating he did not have all the evidence and could not make a full diagnosis! He told me he could go in and stablize the spine with pins however was not willing to do so as it is a major operation!conclusion..INCOMPLETE DIAGNOSIS. Look elsewhere for a competent doctor. Good luck to all.  See Responses
RID: 543443
20/03/08 5 5 5 5 I was sooooo glad I found this surgeon, who my best friend highly recommended because he helped her. He got rid of the attacks of back spasms I had every few months so I couldnt work.He gave me back my life.  Respond
RID: 423614
03/10/07 1 1 1 1 horrible, i went in looking for some answers into why my sciatic nerve pain me so much and all i got was an interrogation, horrible bed=side manners and he used the same 99.9% sure thing on me, along with the starting statement of "why are you here", complete jerk, he didn't have the time of day for me, i think if he doesnt think you need surgery then you are wasting his time, it was a horrible expirience, and very very immature and unproffesional. This doctor needs an evaluation, as i see a lot of people have had this same problem. instead of trying to help me figure out why i have this lower back and sciatia pain down my leg he just told me i was fine and i should go back to to work and to go back to the gym as i was normal, he said it wouldn't get worse...he was 99.9% sure i don't have a buldge disk...all this with pretty much no testing done on me by himself(his resident did it all) very unhappy, and curious is to how i can report this guy...never see this doctor. horrible man. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 359479
04/07/07 5 5 5 5 very intelligent and an excellent surgeon. honest and straighforward (I think some people here don't like the truth) about what to reasonably expect. I appreciated that he went through the risks and benefits of the surgery in such detail with me - other doctors may not have taken the time and effort and I would not have made an informed decision. he is realistic and respectful. very clean and polite. what a doctor should be. I felt lucky to have been his patient.  Respond
RID: 179715
09/03/07 1 1 1 The worst Dr. I have ever encountered. His bedside manner is unbelievable...rude, arrogant, absolutely the worst I have seen. He has NO manners period!! He has no patients or time for your questions and when he says he is 99.9% sure, he's dead wrong. I wouldn't go to him if he was the last Dr. on earth.  Respond
RID: 173749
06/03/07 4 5 5 knowledgealbe, very clean, bedside manners were amazing, very blunt meaning will tell you everything(good and bad) will not leave anything out. amazing doctor/teacher from what I saw.  Respond
RID: 96716
17/01/07 1 1 4 This is the worst Dr. I have ever seen in my life.I suffer terribly with scoliosis, I was told this guy was the best. YAH, RIGHT!! I waited 5 hours before I got to see him, when he finally walked in he said in the rudest voice imaginable,"WHY ARE YOU HERE"!!!!! He didn't even examine me, when my husband or myself tried to ask a question we were cut off. All he did was go on & on about the surgery, blah, blah, blah! and wouldn't even offer any alternative.After about 15 minutes of this he said, "can I book you"? I said no, and left.  Respond
RID: 70187
13/12/06 2 5 5 His secretary should do something to keep him on time. Maybe book fewer patients. But when you get to see him, he really understands your suffering .  Respond
RID: 62144
05/12/06 3 5 5 explains problem in great detail. Gives good account of risks of surgery and benefits and drawbacks of both. sometimes difficult to understand but I get the feeling he really tries to do the best for his patients  Respond
RID: 61705
04/12/06 3 1 2 before even examining me the first question out of his mouth was"is yours the only income in the household" when i replied no that my wife also works plus the fact that i have insurance i then asked what that had to do with my problem he responded there nothing wrong with. this man does not care about patients quality of life only who's paying the bill absolutely the worst bedside manner i have ever heard, have talked to a lot of people who have seen or heard of him and the characterizations are the same.i was tolded he is the best in his field no doubt he satrted this rumor  Respond
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