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RID: 5499547
29/05/14 5 4 4 5 i am extremely pleased so fair, only day 13 after full lipectomy. my esteem has risen already, and after swelling and full recovery, will surely be more happy. i d recommend this PS 
Paid (or co-pay): $3000
RID: 5230896
09/03/14 2 1 1 1 I have to say that I haven't been impressed with Dr.Ziesmann. I had my hopes high when I first came to see him and thought my life was going to change immediately. But reality hit me. I was 16 when I had my first surgery, and the scars on my arm did not look better than before, so I had another surgery and it still wasn't better. To me it looks worse! I have a long fat red scar on my arm which I am currently healing with laser treatment but it is taking so long and I barely see any improvement over the last 2 years. I am constantly depressed because of my scar,I am desperate to wear t-shirts and tank tops and go swimming like all normal people. But I don't have any confidence or self esteem to show my ugly scars to people. I don't feel like Dr. ziesmann actually cares about how I feel even when I talked to him about all of this in person, he didn't really show sympathy for me at all! I can longer take it. I will not put up with his bad service anymore!  Respond
RID: 5187665
17/02/14 2 1 1 1 I went to see Dr. Zeismann for severe arthritis problems in both hands under the advice of a physiotherapist who was adamant this doctor was gifted in his field. 8 surgeries later, including a joint fusion on 1 thumb that was never stable after having the surgery, I realized this doctor was not helping my problem but causing further damage. This surgeon doesn’t even order x–rays in a timely manner to pinpoint problems or read x-rays at all when they had been taken. He completely misses a broken part in my hand as a result of not reading the x-rays leaving me in excruciating pain. He also did several surgeries to remove scar tissue, yet referred to the procedure on the paperwork as Neuroma removal which is a higher charging surgery to the client. This doctor was always late or flying off on vacations or seminars which made it impossible to track him down. His bedside manner stinks & so does his approach towards basic 101 reparative surgeries. I would never pay this doctor another.  Respond
RID: 5171397
09/02/14 5 4 5 5 Very pleased with Dr. Ziesmann ! He was great and did a great job ! I had my upper eyelids done and neck lipo. I had an allergic reaction to the T3's and I phoned his cell, he called me right back and gave me instructions ! The nursing staff kept in touch with me and gave me Dr. Ziesmann's email address so I could give him pictures of my rash to keep him informed! I live 6hrs from his office. On my post op check he was very nice and helpful because now I had gotten a bad cold so he prescribed some cough medicine. I would recommend him to my friends and family !!!!  Respond
RID: 1343228
08/05/13 2 1 4 5 I recently had a breast lift & armpit reduction. My surgery was painful. What surgery is not painful? I had a bit of scarring which is being taken care of now at - no charge. I find Dr Ziesmann friendly but a busy man. What good surgeons aren't busy? I would recommend Dr Ziesmann, I think he is a great Doctor. It would be nice if his office staff were as friendly as his medical staff e.g.- Nurses.  Respond
RID: 2588722
18/03/13 5 5 5 5 Ziesmann is both one of the most experienced and knowledgable in the field of breast augmentations for Central Canada. I went in with high expectations and was not disappointed. He did a fantastic job, He and the entire staff were very helpful and knowledgable. I have never had any procedures done, and have never gone under for anything, and they made me feel at ease and comfortable. Now almost a year later I am still happy with my ladies ;)  Respond
RID: 2555422
09/02/13 5 1 1 2 I went to Dr.Zeismann about a month ago, for a simple mole removal. He was over 2 hours late for the appointment, which started me off on the wrong foot to begin with. The nurses were very friendly, but had joked that he is always late for his morning appointments. In my opinion, if you know you are always late for your appointments in the morning, don't schedule appointments so early. The procedure lasted no more than 20 minutes. After the procedure he informed me that the stitches he used in my back were dissolvable and would go away on their own, but the ones used in my foot were not and i would have to go in 10 days to get the stitches taken out of my foot. Now, a month later the scab it produced on my back has fallen off, only to show that the stitches he used in my back were in fact NOT dissolvable stitches. I am now having to go back into the hospital to get these stitches cut out because they have been in there for a month. I would not recommend, or use Dr.Zeismann again. 
Insurance: MB Health
RID: 2161572
27/05/12 5 2 5 5 I recently had a mole removal on my face that I was extremely self conscious about, and went into surgery very nervous. Dr Ziesmann, and his nurses were extremely helpful, and so friendly to talk to during the operation. He and his staff calmed my nerves. I am still healing, but the incision looks fantastic, zero bruising or redness. VERY thankful to Dr Ziesmann for helping me with a large self esteem issue. 
Paid (or co-pay): $150
RID: 1572475
27/10/11 4 4 4 5 My daughter had breast correction surgery with Dr. Z almost 6 years ago and although he maybe wasn't the most personable Dr., we found everything to be timely, courteous and professional. He looked at her when other Dr.s wouldn't and it was greatly appreciated as we were dealing with a HUGE body image issue that he thankfully corrected! I went to him 5 years ago for breast reduction and hip liposuction. I'd seen other nasty results of breast reduction and discussed my concerns with him. He was very straight forward and upfront with what I should expect and I can say that I had absolutely NO pain and an extremely quick recovery time with very little visible scarring. I had some 'dog ears' that are very common with breast reduction surgery and he took care of them, as requested, free of charge at an appropriate time after surgery. I'm a good healer and had realistic expectations and I consider myself very lucky to have had Dr. Z as my and my daughter's surgeon.  Respond
RID: 1518991
22/08/11 5 2 2 3 I used Dr. Ziesman for lipo on my thighs and stomach/back in 2005. The results were not good after the first surgery so he encouraged me to keep paying more. I was talked into three surgeries! He would say that if I left Maples surgical center he could get better results at his own practice. The end result was great, but I spent a lot. The worst part is his bed-side manner. He does not listen, often he did not come to see me before surgery, and I felt like he didn't care how I was doing/feeling or my opinions on shaping MY own body. He was somewhat rude on some occasions. In fact, the only time he made me feel welcome and secure was our very first consultation. Once he had me in the operating rooms (once I had paid) friendly Ziesman disappeared and "I don't have time for this" Ziesman appeared. PS: He also operated on my husband's hand (break) in 2002 - he was rude and inconsiderate then as well and my husband has a terrible scar on his hand. I should have known better after that!  Respond
RID: 1509787
11/08/11 2 1 1 2 When I saw this Dr for breast reduction, I was not examined in the office. I was naive in believing that he knew his stuff. so maybe he didn't need to examine me. The reduction is a disaster. I cannot wear a proper bra. I have large rope type scars. I had serious complications, for which he would not come to Emergency. Emergency did not know how to care for me. I have had 2 second opinions. Both agreed that the surgery was not done correctly. They could not fully repair the damage, but could correct it some. Due to another health condition, I am high risk to have corrective surgery, so I must live with what he has done to me.  Respond
RID: 1461221
09/06/11 1 1 1 1 I have such a hard time believing that anyone would give this doctor a positive rating since my many experiences with him were the furthest from it. No tonally is he is very unfriendly with just horrible bedside manner, but also gives zero explanation, but impossible to reach/make an appt with. I did not have the ability to choose my doctor as it was in an emergent situation, but if I had the option I would definitely not have. I was left with horrible scarring, even through the eyes of my occupational therapist, and was told by Dr. Ziesman to book another appt with him to see if the scarring could be reduced. I booked the appt immediately after surgery, it took months and by the time I actually saw him he said it was too late to do anything. Not only was this a huge waist of time, especially since he is extremely late for everything, but I am left completely unhappy, with so much scarring. He is only concerned about the money he makes and not any of his patients and their concerns.  Respond
RID: 1423807
23/04/11 4 3 5 5 I had a breast augmentation done on Dec. 31/10. I just want to say I am very pleased with the way they look and the way my incisions healed. My family doctor said that Dr. Z did an amazing job and for it only being 4 months later the incisions are barely noticeable. He said that Dr. Z did an awesome job. I would also like to thank the operating staff: Jeff, Phil, Bev & Maxine(the recovery nurse) for the wonderful care. Maples Surgical Centre staff were very pleasant and answered all my questions each and every time I called. Dr. Z answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable in the choice I was making. He performed the sugery on Dec. 31st, I did have a little wait but it was all worth it, and met me up at the hospital on New Year's Day to remove my drains. I have recommended him to my friends. I was also pleased with the fact that I could have my consultation and then 2 days later have the procedure allowing me to make only one trip to Winnipeg.  Respond
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RID: 1308277
06/12/10 4 1 1 1 I had a breast reduction and tummy tuck with Dr.Z in 2004. As a result I had to go back under the knife 3 times for corrections. The last time, he arrived late for the surgery so they put me under before he was out of the parking lot.... in other words... no marking while I was standing up... that wasn't even the worst of it... they did surgery on the WRONG side making the correction that needed to be fixed looking even more uneven (to this day. I am a health care professional myself and NEVER recommend anyone see him! He is always running extremely late and his bedside manner is poor to say the least... I should have taken legal action :(  Respond
RID: 1200629
02/07/10 4 4 2 3 I had a mole with a cyst underneath it removed on my left cheek. My experience with Dr. Ziesmann was not favourable. He had no pre-consult and upon asking his receptionist, it turned out that this was common practice for him. The first time he saw me was on an OR table. He removed the mole and the cyst but his stitches were not very nice (with puckering at the ends) He did not schedule a follow-up appointment. The desolving stitches did not disolve and after 12 days, the skin was starting to grow over the stitches. I called the plastic surgery clinic and his assistant ended up removing the remaining stitches at the clinic (the Doc was not there). I would not go back to him nor would I recommend him to any of my friends. I later had a second mole on my back removed by a GP and she did a beautiful job (Dr Mairi Burnett of Niverville)!  Respond
RID: 1177485
27/05/10 2 1 1 2 I had a scar removed from this doctor and am very unimpressed with his work. He told me that he can remove my keloid no problem and that there would be minimal scarring. What a lie! Its so ugly and red and still hurts, its worse than before and this procedure was done last year! I followed all his instructions for aftercare and still came out looking worse than I did going in! No follow up or not a care in the world for his patients. He also said afterwards that there was no guarantee! Of course it was after the fact. And dont forget about the hidden costs! I think this doctor has bad work and would not recommend him period! Its too late for me! Make the right choice and dont get any work done from him! 
Paid (or co-pay): $350
RID: 968124
20/08/09 5 5 5 5 I was referred by my family doctor. I have a generous portion of lose/flappy skin on my stomach due to several previous abdominal surgeries. I found Dr Z. to be patient and very knowledgeable, knowing exactly what I wanted. He explained in detail what he would and what and what not to expect. My contact with his staff has been minimal but the impression I get is they will be just as helpful in their capacity to me. As this procedure has to be approved, I expect that I will write again, saying everything went great!!!  Respond
RID: 956658
06/08/09 5 4 5 5 I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago and I just recovered from my thigh, hip and bum lift. Everything went as expected and my overall experience for both procedures was great! Thanks Dr. Ziesmann!!! I recommend him to anyone who is looking for the best!!!  Respond
RID: 952933
02/08/09 5 3 1 2 This doctor is not a nice guy. My 12 year old daughter needed a rhino/septoplasty and he only did the septoplasty. He has the worst bedside manner we have ever encountered. Her sugery was not a success and she has since seen and had surgery with a surgeon who actualy explained everything. The preop appointment lasted about 2 minutes at which time he left the room and did not come back. We were left there wondering if the appointment was over. Shame on you Dr. Ziesmann. You certainly make alot of money off of your patients. The least you could do is treat them with a little repect and caring.  Respond
RID: 934082
10/07/09 3 4 1 3 I went to DR Ziesmann in 1995 to restore hair to a burn scarred area on my scalp. He reccommended insertion of an expandable bladder which stretches the good skin which he would then pull over and replace the scarred area. It was a most painful procedure, day surgery, but I had to stay in hospital due to pain. Then never saw him again until the incision had ripped open due to over rapid inflation of the bladder under my scalp and his interns inability to moniter this properly. I walked around and worked with this gaping hole in my scalp until ,he scheduled me for removal of this bag of saline. Luckily I have nurse training so i kept the site clean and uninfected. Afterwards I was left with a drainage tube scar,no improvement and a new area of thin hair which is more noticeable than before the whole extremely painful process. I also have headaches as the circulation and or nerves in my scalp seem changed since the surgery.I considered legal action at the time.  Respond
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RID: 921386
24/06/09 1 2 1 1 I had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Ziesmann 5 yrs ago and I felt like I was hit by a bus and the results of the surgery was horrendous!! My breasts were quite large before the surgery and (apparently) that is the reason why I post-op had long incision scars extending from my armpits to underneath both breast and meet up in the middle of my chest, minus the one inch that he left unscarred as cleavage. Both areolas were left HUGE and looked completely disproportional to the new smaller breasts. Both areolas were outlined with thick scar tissue that could be seem though my bras and shirts!! My 'under-the-breast' scars were puffy & approx 1/2 inch thick, & also puckered at all 4 ends. I went back last yr for a scar revision again by Dr. Z and they now look worse!! Instead of fixing the scars near my armpit area, he cut even further extending nearly to my back!! Again they are puffy, red, 1/2 inch wide and burn every day! Dr. Ziesman is a ****!!! STAY AWAY!!!!  See Responses
RID: 901381
31/05/09 5 5 5 5 Dr z gave me a tummy tuck and breast lift one week ago and I feel great all is going so well, thanks to him and his great team.  Respond
RID: 886731
13/05/09 4 3 5 5 I had a consultation first with one of his associates and she was so rude. I asked to have a consultation with Dr. Z and he was great! He was funny, answered all my questions, was sensitive...I have my surgery booked for this summer and am confident in my decision. I'll post again after the surgery.  Respond
RID: 847902
31/03/09 5 5 5 5 It is due to this doctor that I still have my left foot. After an MVA in '94, I was in danger of having my foot amputated due to necrosis of the heel being deprived of blood supply. Dr. Ziesmann re-built the heel pad with a muscle from my abdomen and grafted skin from my thigh over the muscle. Due to him stepping in with this option, I still have my foot and have been able to return to most of my pre-accident activities. Follow-up visits with the doc were always on time and his staff was very pleasant. He went out of his way to accomodate me on a scar revision to the heel, performing the procedure in his office, so I would not have to make another trip into the city. I will always be indebted to this doctor.  Respond
RID: 844437
27/03/09 3 1 1 2 RUN! stay away! i was refered to him via seven oaks er, after 3+ hr wait he saw me for 4 mins. i had a badly swollen hand due to infection. ignored my request for iv antibiotics & didnt care what rx my family dr gave me. told to file wcb claim and surgery be in 3 days or wait for 8-14 days. surgery at maples s.c. not done do to sleep apnea. told to go to hsc er and he would forward my file - didnt forward it. after 4 hr wait saw a resident and admitted for surgery the next day by dr buchel (xlent) i would not let dr z touch me if i were dying. i found him arrogant, disinterested in my health and is prob in it for the $$$. please do yourself a favor and DEMAND a diff dr. his attitude was terrible and concern was non existant. RUN! if i never see him again it will be too soon. run away and dont look back, save yourself alot of potential misery.  See Responses
RID: 693002
29/09/08 1 3 1 1 Performed surgery on my daughter. Did not do what I asked for. Made me sign for alternative sugery "just in case" but went ahead with the alternative. Found out days later when the bandage was taken off. Never came to talk to me after sugery to explain his decision and what to expect. Never came to visit while in the hospital. Complications occured. Looking for someone else to fix his mess. Worst communicator ever. Impossible to reach. Overall unavailable.  See Responses
RID: 665649
15/08/08 1 1 1 1 This man is an incompetent doctor stay away from him, I sent my wife to him several years ago to have breast enhancement surgery and he ****ed her breasts leaving her with painful Frankenstein scars, that are burning her constantly, now I have to send her to Johns Hopkins in US to have his mistakes corrected and have her once gorgeous breasts rebuilt by the top breast surgeon in the US, so if you hear the name Ziesman remember these comments and stay away from him  See Responses
RID: 658894
07/08/08 5 3 5 5 Excellent results from my face lift. No complications, and friends can't see any scars. They think I'm less stressed. Answered all my questions (there were a lot)and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure. I have no hesitation in recommending this doctor.  Respond
RID: 652471
31/07/08 3 3 1 3 I will never give this doctor the satisfaction of a return visit. I had a one sided face lift for a facial paralysis 4 yrs ago. It did not work at all, so I agreed to have a different surgery technique 2 years later. This would involve the weaving of strings around the muscles in my left cheek and pulling them back around my ear. He said it would be much better than the former surgery. When I woke in recovery, I had a huge incision and the nurse informed me that I had had a face life. I disagreed as this was not what I had consented to with him or on paper. When I had my post operative visit one week later, I asked him what he actually did ...... and his reply was that the strings for the procedure I had agreed to were unavailable, so he did another face lift! Can you believe that a professional would go ahead with another procedure and not inform his patient ahead of time to see if I agree???? Needless to say a 2nd face life did not do the trick and I am left with my original facial paralysis!!!!  See Responses
RID: 637954
14/07/08 3 2 1 1 Infection, suture site not healing or closing, pus drainage, then ugly scar. This doctor has friend/family or himself putting high ratings to counter act with real score. Instead of masking his bad medical practice, he should reveiw his sterilization and antiseptic technics / procedures of his office before he produces one more victim.  See Responses
RID: 578839
29/04/08 5 3 5 5 The reason He might be so late sometimes is because he helps alot of emergency people such as my self. My nose was ripped off in a car crash and my leg was shattered, he spent 8hrs along with another doctor piecing me back together, because of him i can breath and as for his skills as a plastic surgeon, the best in Manitoba if not Canada. And i should know as i come from a long line of doctors in the family. So the next time you are waiting to long for your "tummy tuck" just remember he might be putting another child back together and that might make it easy to sit and wait and be thankfull that he wants to help you too!  See Responses
RID: 568986
17/04/08 4 2 4 5 I've had 3 surgeries done by Dr. Z and my husband has many, many more. Dr. Z has always been professional, caring and has gone out of his way to accomodate our needs. We've had standard surgery, day surgery and laser surgery and have pleased with all of it. Yes, he looks sloppy. Yes, you have to wait to see him. But his surgical skills are second to none. Many problems are caused by patients not following pre and post-op instructions. And by unrealistic expectations. Plastic Surgeons tend to get sued more than any other doc because people go in expecting surgery to solve all the problems in their life. Dr. Z is brilliant at what he does. Simple brilliant!  Respond
RID: 563757
11/04/08 4 3 5 5 While I have to say this guy's bedside manner sucks, he is amazing at what he does! I went to see him on in emergency when I had a dog bite my face and about an inch of my upper lip was missing. I had no idea if it could ever be fixed, and he did an amazing job. I do have to say that when I went for a follow-up to have detailed correction to my scars, he took one look at me, said scars take 6 months to heal (come back later) and he walked out of the office and did not return. While he may not have the best bedside manner - he is extremely skilled and I was very please with the results.  Respond
RID: 554596
01/04/08 5 5 5 5 He is a genius and that is why he is good at what he does! I never had to wait at his office, I didn't find him to be shy or poorly dressed as some have stated in here??? I dealt with Carol who was always helpful and answered any questions that I may have had. I was seen at the Pan Am and was very impressed with the staff and how caring everyone was. I would refer this doctor to anyone! He knows his stuff.  Respond
RID: 549377
26/03/08 5 1 5 5 Yes, Dr. Z is always late - he's in high demand. If you call ahead on the day of your appointment his staff can give you an idea of how behind he is at that time, instead of waiting in the office. Did a breast reduction for me - did a great job. He was indeed shy, but always took as much time as needed to answer every question (and I always came with a list of them!) Took my calls on his cellphone at night when I had a problem, his staff was available to me for support as well. Sorry to others who didn't do as well - don't understand how it could have been so different for you.  Respond
RID: 546103
25/03/08 4 2 2 3 I never ended up going with this surgeon and very glad I didn't because just last week a former patient of his was on the news complaining about her unhappy results!  Respond
RID: 538752
14/03/08 1 1 1 2 my daughter had to have a scar on her nose repaired after initial suturing after an accident. He was over 4 hours late (I sat in the waiting room with 3 small children the whole time), he started cutting into her nose before the freezing took effect and to top it off...the scar doesn't look any better. I would never go to him again, nor would I recommend him. No bedside manner, no personality, no skill.  See Responses
RID: 524446
26/02/08 4 4 5 5 My waits were never longer tha 20 mins.had full breast reduction and 7 lbs removed. Of Course there is scars you have to expect that with any surgery. You went in and you werent Perfect, so Dont expect to come out perfect.They are not Gods!! Dr.Z was always kind and took the time to explaint the procedure.His staff were great at returning my calls when i had questions after the surgery as well. I am going for a full tummy tuck with him and I have no worries or second guesses that i want him for the procedure.I am Sorry for the people who didnt get the results they hoped for but maybe went in with unreal expectations. I also had lipo done at the same time under both arms when i had the reduction and am very happy with the results. no complaints here!!  Respond
RID: 516834
17/02/08 5 3 5 5 I was very pleased with the work done by this doctor. I had a ganglion in my wrist removed and my breast reduced and lifted, covered by the government. He did a great job on my breasts. Yes there are scars, but my breasts were sliced open and sewn back together. For those who think that you are not going to scar, you should reconsider having plastic surgery. That's what happens when your skin is cut. My ganglion grew back but Dr. Z was quick to get me back in for another surgery and things have been great ever since. He was very nice to me and his staff is super!  Respond
RID: 516532
17/02/08 5 1 2 4 I was referred to Dr. Ziesmann for carpal tunnel after the original Dr. I was supposed to see lost my referral and was told I had to get another one and wait another 6 months. Once I was diagnosed, my surgery was cancelled 2 or 3 times, once was because of a nurses strike, so that couldn't be helped. When I finally did get the surgery, I waited for 3 hours, then was in and out of the operating room in less than 10 minutes!!! I'm not kidding! I only had surgery on 1 wrist and 6 months later the carpal tunnel was back. This time it was covered by Worker's Comp, and this time it was done at his private clinic, took 1 1/2 hours and it took a few years before the carpal tunnel came back, but yes, it did come back. I found him to be very brusque and not at all reassuring. I have mixed feelings about seeing him again, the only reason I would is because he knows my history.  See Responses
RID: 500009
30/01/08 4 4 4 4 I had Dr Z perform lipo on the flank and upper legs. The first procedure left me very uneven on both sides. I returned to him... no questions asked .. he was prepared to fix what I found troublesome. The second procedure left me with dimply skin ... I now would not be seen in a bathing suit or short shorts. Before the operation I wore both. I don't think this Dr. is terrible ... I just wonder if has an eye for symmetric. I hope with time the dimpling will disappear. Would I ever go back to him .. I would have to think long and hard about it ..  Respond
RID: 488603
19/01/08 3 1 2 2 A friend of mine saw Dr. Ziesmann for a breast lift. That was what she wanted. He told her she should get implants because a lift would not produce the appearance she wanted. Because he's a doctor she trusted him and went along with his suggestion. She was left with terrible scarring that makes it too painful for her to wear a bra and she was very unhappy with the overall result. My mother saw him to have a ganglion cyst removed from the back of her wrist. He cut her wrist open with ABSOLUTELY NO ANAESTHETIC WHAT-SO-EVER! He just slapped on some iodine and started cutting. Luckily my mother's scar is barely noticeable and she hasn't had any trouble with the cyst returning, but she would never go back him for anything even if he was the last surgeon on the face of this planet.  See Responses
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RID: 458577
06/12/07 4 4 5 5 Dr. Z is the BEST doctor I ever had. I will admit at first I was a little put off by him and did reconsider having my surgery from another Dr. I'M SO GLAD I WENT WITH DR.Z! I had complications post surgery and he was there for all of it. The phone calls to his home, the last minute appts he arranged for us to meet later that day, getting me to a specialist in 7 days, he was AWESOME. My only negative comment would be his staff at The Maples. The recovery nurse I had was HORRIBLE! NO bedside manner, I think she forgot I had just got out of surgery, she was rough, moody & not very helpful. Dr. Z is often late but he works out of 4 different locations as he is in high demand. My mom has recently seen him for some surgery as well and she too is just as pleased with him as I was. HE REALLY IS THE BEST, SORRY TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DID NOT HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE MY MOM & I DID. THANKS DR Z, I AM SO HAPPY!  Respond
RID: 426060
09/10/07 2 2 1 1 This doctor has ****ed my sister. She went for a Breast Reduction and has been under the knife over 5 times now for corrective surgery. She still has scars that are now becoming worse (keloids?). Please request another doctor if you are sent to him, save yourself a lot of pain, discomfort, and the emotional scars that go along with a botched surgery (and every other botched touch up surgery he performed). Useless idiot.  See Responses
RID: 422745
01/10/07 1 1 1 1 OMG i had him take some cysts out, i wish i would have readt this first , i now have one arm infected and he barely closed it, and the other arm scar is going to be raised and looks like a vagina:( didnt give me no care instructions except keep it dry when i shower, and he told me that htye dont know what cause them so they may grow back..he litteraly popped them out of me..i think one of them went flying:S i have been so bruised and swollen its stuipid! stay away!  Respond
RID: 417376
23/09/07 1 1 1 1 Removed two rheumatoid arthritis nodules from my arm bacause they were so painful. I was told they could grow back but he never even got one completely out. Now it's bigger than ever. The other one never grew back. He is a real slob, greasy hair, filthy clothes. Looked like a **** with a bloody apron. Felt like running out whan he came into the room. Anybody can be obese, but that's no excuse to look like a pig. Neat, clean appearance would certainly improve your first impression of him. Was supposed to make follow-up appt to have other lumps removed. But I will never go back.  See Responses
RID: 399422
07/09/07 3 1 1 1 This so called Doctor, was prefered by my Dr, to remove a cyst and a large lump on my daughters shoulder. Were we disappointed! I thought he would have my daughter go under for the procedure. But was shocked that she would be wide awake for the whole thing. She had under gone so many needles to freeze her shoulder then again on her face. Even the nurses seemed worried at one point. My daughter survied, but now has a fear of going back to the Dr.s. Then our family Dr. here announced to me that apparently the cyst on her face came back as cancer. Dr.Z never called back to inform my Dr. about further treatment. She was shocked as was I. So my daughter had to under go more surgery. As he didn't remove all of the so called cyst. I know all Dr.s aren't perfect, but he could have called my dr, to insure of further treatment. I feel aweful on what I allowed my daughter to indure because of "DR.Z" aweful actions. He shouldn't be working on kids or anybody else for that matter.  Respond
RID: 397129
04/09/07 1 1 1 1 Dr. Ziesmann is the worst doctor I have ever encountered in my life. I went to him for a cosmetic procedure that was supposed to make me feel better about myself, and he made me look WORSE. I have had to have SEVERAL MORE surgeries with him since the initial surgery, and it has not given me any improvements. He didn't even correct the areas that he made WORSE! He is LATE and UNCARRING for every appointment, and he has made me feel worthless and unimportant. I have had a terrible experience and I have gone through several surgeries, only to look worse than I did before. He is unsympathetic and cold. DON'T SEE THIS DOCTOR!!!!  Respond
RID: 387251
17/08/07 3 2 4 5 Dr. Ziesmann may not have the greatest bedside manner and he was extremely late for every appt I had; however, in my opinion, he is a sklled plastic surgeon. He did an awesome job on my tummy tuck. My skin and muscles were severley affected after two pregnancies. Not only rdid he repair the damage, but did extra work after the surgery at no extra charge (to smooth scars and even up some skin). He gave me back my self confidence. I would recommend him on skill alone.  Respond
RID: 384907
13/08/07 5 5 5 5 I loved Dr. Ziesmann. He was very professional and early for both pre op and post of visits. I had a Full tummy tuck with lipo and it exceeded all expectations. He has an awesome sense of humor and is very compasionate. I travelled 8 hours for this surgery and would do it all over again.  Respond
RID: 383862
11/08/07 5 5 5 5 A+! Did an excellent job with my breasts, will see again for future procedures. Very helpful and caring! This man is skilled.  Respond
RID: 381265
07/08/07 1 1 1 1 This is the worst surgeon ever to walk the planet. My niece, at age 12, had to have a large cyst removed from her shoulder and skin cancer removed from her face. He only used local anesthetic and when the freezing started to come out he didn't have more administered and continued digging around in her shoulder with no anesthetic at all, he said he didn't have time for that. My niece was trying her hardest to be brave as she was in tremendous pain, even the nurses who were assisting got very worried about her. When he finally got the cyst out, he burst it right over top the open wound which my niece said felt like fire. During all this, and even when the surgery was completed, he never said a single word to that poor girl. Thanks to him she is very afraid doctors. It doesn't matter how busy he is, he should always take time to be sure his patients are comfortable. "Dr" Ziesmann is the biggest quack out there and should be very ashamed of himself.  See Responses
RID: 379239
04/08/07 3 3 1 1 First surgery seemed ok until I realized I wasn't going to heal and look the way Dr Z said I would. Left with horrible scars, reduced my breasts well beyond what he said he would. Ignores contact and refused to correct poor surgical tech. I don't care about his bedside manner or if he is late, that is to be expected. After a poor outcome he turned to saying that I should have asked for something other than what I did to achieve what I wanted. He is the professional and at the time of consult should have presented the options and gave me the choice, not just hacked away like he did. Now I have to pay another surgeon to fix his massive screw up. Not a day goes by that I don't regret having him operate on me. I would steer clear from him as seems to conduct his surgeries on a hit and miss basis. I have been to see two other surgeons that have openly stated that his work is horrible and unacceptable for a professional at his level.  Respond
RID: 378912
03/08/07 4 3 4 4 I went to see Dr.Z for a wrist cyst & it was removed under mb med. which helped with my bill. It reduced the private portion due. I was in the operation room already, why not keep working on me! So that was good. I was obese but I had natural spots I didn't like. I had lipo, inner*thigh, stomach & waist done at the same time. It went well- but as I swelling went down- I noticed I was a bit off- One hip/side was smoother than the other. No biggie- I called in and advised them. He fixed the problem ( no additional cost). It was about 6 yrs ago and I am still right as rain. The waiting or appt set up seemed within normal parameters, not obscene. He is a specialalist and that is the wait times. I did find it amuzing the previuos note on his appearance- He is large & dumpy/ I thought on fist visit this guy should pull some strings and get some work on himself...hahaha... I was happy with service , the work & the price. I look & feel better. Thank you Dr.Z! 
Paid (or co-pay): $3500
RID: 346046
15/06/07 4 5 5 Ohmigosh..as if you are complaining about him being late, didn't anyone ever teach you that paitence is a virtue?!I live in Ontario and the Doctors here are no different, always overbooked..but really is it that big of a deal, did you really have something better to do? Because if you have ever been to a Doctor before, you would know that its always a wait..just a hunch! I came to Winnipeg specifically for Dr. Z. I am from Ontario, and I have had 2 breast reductions now. The first was by a Dr where I am from, and the 2nd is by Dr. Z. I had nothing but problems the first time I had it done, absolutly no feeling at all and scars that came almost up to my arm pits! I may have had to wait a year for Dr. Z, but it was well worth the wait! He made me feel welcome and safe when I was there, and its not easy going for surgury out of town! Now I am on my 7th month after surgury number 2 and I have no complaints at all. He fixed what was destroyed, and provided me with emotional support I needed  Respond
RID: 340781
08/06/07 3 5 5 I'm shocked to hear all the negative comments. They obviously are coming from individuals that DO NOT really know the man they are describing. He is caring, compassionate and an excellent plastic surgeon that is sought out by people all over our province and other provinces. A doctor's abilities do not lie in his personality or his bed side manner, they lie in amazing results that he has achieved on many, many patients. As for all of you with negative, hurtful comments, I am sure they come from feeling some kind of vengence because you felt you were wronged or because you are unable to see that the results you expected were not possible, as he more than likely explained to you at the point of consultation. Dr. Z is professional, empathetic, and really, really funny (if you ever got to know him)and above it all one of the great plastic surgeons out there.  Respond
RID: 333823
31/05/07 1 1 1 I went into see Dr. Ziesmann for scare removel 2 times and now I am left with an even bigger worse scare then I started with. Will NEVER go back to him again! PS He is allways late and wont return phone calls when he knows hes wrong.  Respond
RID: 331097
28/05/07 1 2 2 have had 2 surgeries now by dr z and both have had complications he really needs to coomunicate more with the patient and rehab staff, as a healthcare professional I have heard more negative than positive about him and still am in the midst of recovery myself. I suggest being your own stong advocate and getting second opinions especially with follow up and rehab  See Responses
RID: 316117
11/05/07 1 2 2 Well Im certainly glad I didnt read this site before I had mine done or I would have backed out. My surgery itself turned out great, however his lack of personality and bedside manner greatly influenced me. Anything else Im wanting will definitely be performed by someone else. I agree he IS busy and is not there to be a should to cry on, but when Im paying alot of hard-earned money, I want someone who seems to care about me and my life, and shows some interest. His office staff were great though! 
Paid (or co-pay): $5500
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RID: 292065
21/04/07 2 3 4 MY son broke his jaw in hockey.They rushed him to childrens hosp.we had to be back the next morning to meet with the plastic surgeon, which was Dr Ziesmann. My son had surgery to wire his mouth shut, for one month,thanks to Dr Z. he is chewing steak now.people dont understand the details of dr ziesmann job (surgeries,clinics, and on call at the hospitals).so dont whine if you have to wait a few hours to see a specalist. My son did with a broken jaw.  Respond
RID: 277124
13/04/07 2 5 5 Dr Z. did 3 surgeries for me which costed me an arm and leg (breast enhancement) and (lipo), yes for both sugeries he was late but what do you expect (doctors on time in Manitoba is non-existent) and this was back 8 yrs ago..I have been told that i have the nicest implants that some people have seen..(ive seen some sloppy work)as I was a dancer back then. To this day my implants look great and I have never had a problem. I will continue to recommend Dr. Z. for any type of plastic surgery his bed side manner is a bit harsh but what do expect hes there to do a job not wipe your tears. 
Paid (or co-pay): $600000
RID: 274120
11/04/07 1 2 2 Dr. Ziesman, is a nice guy, very Blue Collar, bit of a slob in appearance, when I first met him, I thought he should be working a forklift in a ware house, or pounding spikes on the railway, very Blue Collar type, obese, greasy hair, dirty looking, very ragged clothing, he's slightly improved over time, personality is dead pan mortician serious, he's never on time, be prepared to wait a minimum of 2.5hrs everytime in a dirty crowded smelly grungy waiting room at HSC, his downtown office is nice and pleasant, and his appearance is more respectable for his private practice and paying customers, (beautiful ladies) 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 252579
02/04/07 1 3 5 I think that some people will always have something negative to say. I agree that Dr. Z is horribly late and that is inexusable. His bedside manner isn't the greatest either but the bottom line is that he is a good surgeon. I had a BR done two weeks ago and he did a very good job with the sutures and the outcome is very good. I would not go out of my way to see the man and he is aloof and unfriendly but he answered all the questions I had and made sure I was happy. I don't see a surgeon for his personality I see him for his skill. And that cannot be faulted.  Respond
RID: 250826
01/04/07 1 1 1 3 years ago I had my appointment set up for 2 procedures. I was already terrified to go through with it, he was 2 hours late to make matters worse by the time we got into the operating room it was 4 hours past the time the surgery was suppose to take place. I had a terrible feeling, the staff was cold. The anesthesiologist was so rude I coulnd't beleive it. He said stop crying, lets get this over with there are people after you waiting, and I could see from the corner of my eye the nurse and him were rolling their eyes at each other. I think if they were more caring, I would have gone through with it. I am so happy I didn't, especially after reading all of these horror stories. I may have been one of them.  Respond
RID: 234321
27/03/07 3 5 5 I had a carpal tunnel release done on both wrists. The surgery was done well & quickly. Healing was rapid and the scars are barely visible. I highly recommend Dr. Z.  Respond
RID: 217906
20/03/07 5 5 5 I was amazed at some of the comments written about Dr. Ziesmann. He removed a mole from my daughter's head a year ago, and he was fantastic. If you want an accurate opinion, ask the staff who works with him. You will find that there is only one doctor that they will trust their family members with...Dr. Ziesmann. And enough about the "he's too quiet crap" he's a skilled surgeon not a psychiatrist!  Respond
RID: 208886
17/03/07 1 2 5 My child had a cyst removed by Dr. Z. He was quick and efficient. So efficient in fact that he spoke not a word to my child or us, the parents. His nurse speaks for him I suppose. He was rough when injecting the anaesthetic. He actually punctured my child's skin right through and squirted my child in the eye with one injection. As my child said, "It hurt a lot but at least he was fast." He is at that, at the expense of any interpersonal interaction. Dr. Z's beside manner earns him a zero. I'd go lower if I could. His skill, however, seems more than adequate and my child's face is healing well.  Respond
RID: 208560
17/03/07 1 5 5 This guy is one of the best surgeons in the country. And that's why he's always late. All the other docs want him when they need a plastics consult. He's also the guy you want if you need a limb reattached. I've had 2 surgeries with him and my husband has had dozens. Dr. Z is technically one of the best you'll ever find. But he's very shy. If you want a doc that will chat and visit with you then go somewhere else. If you want technical superiority, call Dr. Z.  Respond
RID: 200879
15/03/07 3 4 4 I had a cist removed and carpel tunnel release on my left wrist on february 2 2007. Since I was not given enough freezing during the surgery, I FELT everything, it was awful, the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Other then that, I am happy to say that the cist is removed and my carpel tunnel is gone, a job well done.  Respond
RID: 177662
08/03/07 5 5 5 I work as an Or nurse. Have worked with all of the plastic surgeons in town. No question Dr. Ziesmann is number one. Many of our staff seek him out for his expertise.  Respond
RID: 158979
26/02/07 1 1 1 He did eyelid surgery on myself & my girlfriend...both our eyes are a mess. We went back to see him to correct the mess...we came out worse. Neither of us would ever go near him again!We are in fact considering lawsuits. He's a butcher....be smart & stay away  See Responses
RID: 148921
20/02/07 1 1 3 I had facial laser resurfacing related to a scar from acne. The inital resurfacing was good....except he did not have any pre-op teaching and the actual procedure healing was horrendeou. A touch up was need and he went to deep and I was left with a hole on my right cheek 1" by 1/2". He states he cannot see what I am complaining about however everyone I ask certainly can see it. I am forever scared. Because he cannot see the hole he refuses to to a complete face resurfacing ..... only because I insisited he pick up the bill. I have since seen other work of his and I have gotten off easy.  See Responses
RID: 147867
19/02/07 1 3 4 Had an operation on my foot. I felt the knife cut into me and screamed. He froze it again and proceeded.Turned out well, but what a nightmarish experience. Always late.  Respond
RID: 146512
18/02/07 3 3 3 I have gone to see Dr. Ziesmann for three different procedures. 2 Breast Reductions and One Sweat Gland Removal and have found him to be knowledgeable however found his staff to be extremely helpful. Any questions I have were answered over the phone without me needing to come downtown and reschedules of my appointments were always easy.  Respond
RID: 146494
18/02/07 4 4 5 Dr. Ziesmann took care of our daughter(13) after years of teasing because of her ears being large and protruding. He was caring and spoke directly to her. He answered all her questions and made her and us feel very comfortable with the procedure. Thank you Dr. Ziesmann! 
Paid (or co-pay): $1500
RID: 145944
17/02/07 1 1 1 brutal .. should be removed from association .. screwed up my surgery even after supplying own xrays .etc..which were lost somehow after I wanted to see them after surgery .. actually operated on wrong tendon in hand .. then put me through 4 months of physio making matters worse then no follow up after error was finally admitted to .. do yourself a favour stay far away from this hack he has no remorse for the damage he creates.  See Responses
RID: 134243
09/02/07 2 2 3 Dr. Zeismann performed Breast Augmentation on me 3 years ago, and i have gone back for capsular contracture surgery 3 times, i also had an areola reduction with nightmare results! i currently have crooked breasts, two diferent sized areola's with extremely bad scaring and one hard breast! a surgery that was to improve my confidence and self esteme has consumed me for three years and has made me feel worse about my self image. I was not seeking perfection and knew there were risks but what i got was not an acceptable result by any means. He seems very overworked as he takes appointments into the evening and i know he also does pro bono work for the childrens hospital which is very honerable. He lacks people skills and the compassion and passion for his work and patients. I don't think he is the worst but if you are looking for a Dr that puts your best interest for image concerns first or as a priority than he is not the doctor for you. The staff were moderatly helpful. 
Paid (or co-pay): $640000
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RID: 129069
06/02/07 5 5 5 I went to see Dr. Ziesmann about a year ago to have some moles removed and have this to say. I don't know where people get the idea that he isn't courteous, or think that he is a rude man (I think one person used the term slovenly). I don't know what you would expect a Dr. to look like. If my Dr. ever shows up in a freshly pressed suit sweating from tennis practise I would be a little worried. I would rather have a Dr. show up in OR scrubs than I would a suit, at least then you know where he has been. But overall the visit was excellent, I would definitely go see him again, and would recommend his services to all my colleagues.  Respond
RID: 113505
25/01/07 3 5 5 Dr. Ziesmann has performed surgery on both my children, my son for scar tissue removal and removed a large birthmark from my daughter's face. I found him professional and considerate in both cases and he did an excellent job in both cases. We consulted with him again recently for my daughter's slightly crooked broken nose. I found him less personable years later with my adult child however we did not see for his personality but for his skill which we still are confident with.  See Responses
RID: 102395
19/01/07 1 5 5 Just read the comments listed. Some good, some not. Dr. Ziesmann did two carpal tunnel surgeries on me, each hand, fantastic jobs, scarring minimal. I thought he was a little stuck up but I listened to him talking to his staff and realised he had a great sense of humour. This man may be aloof or shy or whatever, but he has talent. I would trust him time and again over a person who may be all outgoing and super friendly but has no talent. Besides sometimes it takes more than one or two visits to begin to know someone a little better. Thank you Dr Ziesmann for your time and knowledge. I would recommend you (and have) to anyone. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 90845
16/01/07 1 1 1 I took my 5 year old daughter to him and waited 1 1/2 hours for a 2 min. appointment. He didn't say hi or even make eye contact. Cancelled the appointment when I heard about his reputation.  Respond
RID: 78814
10/01/07 5 5 5 Dr. Ziesmann is an incredibly talented surgeon who does beautiful work. His bedside manner is quiet but it is peaceful and relaxing. I've seen him for two breast reductions and I would choose him, and only him, for future work. He was friendly and punctual and LISTENED to me when I expressed my concerns and my desired changes. I appreciate that his success has not overshadowed his talent and that he is still able to connect with his patients. He is well regarded at my place of employment and when his name is on the "on call" board the staff feel comfortable in calling for his services because he's just. that. good. A thank you card is not enough for the gift he's given me (twice!); a pain free back!  Respond
RID: 76575
05/01/07 5 5 5 I saw him as a teenager for a mole that I was worried about. He knew immediately that it wasn't serious. And rather then rushing out of the room he sat a talked to me about school and what i planned to do when I graduated. Wonderful doctor. Wouldn't hesitate to see him again.  Respond
RID: 76125
04/01/07 1 1 2 Breast reduction, bit of lipo. Reduction ok but he showed 2 hrs. late for surgery first thing in a.m. I lost so much blood that I passed out when they tried to get me up as beds were full in clinic & needed space. Was ill wks after, no support-told to go see my Dr.! Stitches split open on way out which nurse saw, but sent me home anyway saying it would clot! Dr. cut me where shouldn't have & left visible scar & gouge. I asked him why he did this and how he was going to fix it, and he just sat there-couldn't/wouldn't give me an answer. I have been back 3-5 times, not resolved. Oh yeah, and when he quoted me for the lipo, it was $1500 more when I arrived at the Pan Am. I refused to pay it. I stood my ground and told him about our conversations/consults, as he never remembered them, and I felt he never knew me! I had a bad feeling from the start but didn't listen to my instincts. I suggest YOU BETTER and get a 2nd and 3rd opinion if necessary. It was an experience I won't soon forget!  See Responses
RID: 75334
02/01/07 5 2 3 I had a eye procedure done and when swelling finally dissappeared the eyes are now crooked and on follow up he told me I now need a brow lift??? not impressed  Respond
RID: 73114
21/12/06 2 5 5 I worked with Dr.Z as well was a patient of his....excellent surgeon! The waits are largely due to the lack of Plastic Surgeons in Winnipeg, not the actual doctor. In regards to his demeanor: he has an awesome sense of humor, and the truth is I always found him to be quite shy, and this is sometimes perceived as aloofness. This man "cares".  See Responses
RID: 70664
14/12/06 3 3 3 I'm not positive but I think this guy fell asleep during my consultation. Not the friendliest. Felt very rushed. Did not book surgery with him. Staff was nice however.  Respond
RID: 70171
13/12/06 4 5 5 I have gone to see Dr. Ziesmann for three different procedures. 2 Breast Reductions and One Sweat Gland Removal and have found him to be knowledgeable however found his staff to be extremely helpful. Any questions I have were answered over the phone without me needing to come downtown and reschedules of my appointments were always easy.  Respond
RID: 70044
12/12/06 3 5 5 I don't care about his bedside manner, all that matters is that he is an excellent surgeon. He is very good at what he does and leaves little or no scarring.  Respond
RID: 69543
12/12/06 4 5 5 He is simply a top notch doctor - with a good sense of humour to boot! As much as one can enjoy doctors, I enjoyed him!  Respond
RID: 68242
11/12/06 2 3 3 you see him and have to go three times to fix your surgery you went for and have to wait a year to do so .I found him to be to casual on your promblem and his nurses are rude you know who you you are too.  Respond
RID: 68144
11/12/06 4 5 5 Performed surgery on my leg years ago, he was professional and did a good job with minimum scarring.  Respond
RID: 66315
07/12/06 2 1 1 He amputated my father's toe. I took my dad back a week later saying it looked infected. Dr. Ziesmann said "you don't know what an infection looks like". My dad died a week later of overwhelming infection. I cringe everytime I hear that man's name. Go to someone else!  See Responses
RID: 66025
07/12/06 3 5 5 Dr. Ziesmann took care of our daughter(13) after years of teasing because of her ears being large and protruding. He was caring and spoke directly to her. He answered all her questions and made her and us feel very comfortable with the procedure. Thank you Dr. Ziesmann!  Respond
RID: 62613
05/12/06 1 2 3 Had to reschedule consult twice because he was over an hour late. No physical exam of area. Not very personable. Office is very hard to find.  Respond
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