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Dr. Maffeo opened my eyes and saved my life. Many other doctors had previously quit on me. Dr. Maffeo probably should have too. When I first came to his clinic, I wasn't able to afford my heart medicines so I wasn't taking them. Dr. Maffeo found a pharmacy that would work with me, and he kept stressing what the medicines were for and how important it was to take them. Eventually, because of his persistence, I understood and did feel better. There was another time I was hospitalized and I left the hospital early, against medical advice. I'm sure Dr. Maffeo was disappointed or angry, but he never expressed it. He just worked extra hard to get my work up completed as an outpatient and I will forever appreciate that. I'm seeing another doctor now, because I think Dr. Maffeo has left the area. My new doctor has a patient (me) who follows directions, because Dr. Maffeo changed how I view my health. I'm glad Dr. Maffeo never quit on me. Otherwise I would likely be dead right now.

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