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Specialty:Gynecologist (OBGYN)
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Hospital: Misericordia Community Hospital
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RID: 5571205
19/06/14 5 3 5 5 After waiting months for my appointment with Dr. Mah, I can now see why I waited! She is very knowledgeable and thorough in her exams. When I arrived for my appointment I was advised that she was running behind (I assume this was because of a delivery) and the two girls she has working there were extremely friendly and welcoming. When she arrived back at the office I was quickly taken in to a room. Dr. Mah was very friendly and explained to me the cause of my troubles. I have read through the previous reviews on here and was apprehensive about attending the appointment, however, now that I have met her, I look forward to working with her to resolve my problems! She is wonderful doctor who knows exactly what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a no b*llsh*t doctor who will fix the problem rather than just mask it.  Respond
RID: 5569367
18/06/14 5 3 5 5 had nothing but the best experience for both pregnancies with Dr. Mah and her staff. Sure, I waited sometimes for a short 5 minute appointment, the staff always alerted me when I checked in for my appointment if she was at the hospital for a delivery. The reason I chose Dr. Mah was because of how hands on she was said to be with each of her patients deliveries. Dr. Mah always made time in my appointments to ask if I had any questions and always answered when I did. Both of my deliveries were C-Sections, and I did not have any complications from either surgery. I have had multiple paps and an IUD, no issues.  Respond
RID: 5438670
02/05/14 5 5 5 5 I had the pleasure of being referred to Dr. Mah, she is always helpful and always has time to answer my questions no matter how trivial they may have been. Her staff is always professional and highly informative as well.  Respond
RID: 5304908
24/03/14 5 5 5 5 Dr. Mah was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and she is very easy going. I loved having her for my pregnancy. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. Thank you for the great experience.  Respond
RID: 3646447
02/01/14 3 5 5 5 I was referred to Dr. Mah for my first pregnancy. After reading all the negative reviews on this site regarding her practice; I had to come back and leave a positive review. It seems to me that some of the people on this site are looking for something to complain about. Dr. Mah treated me with the utmost respect, as did the nurse. She took the time to discuss my concerns with me, and did a very thorough exam, and explained everything as she was doing it. I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for a great Ob-Gyn. Her office was clean and organized, and only myself and one other lady in the waiting room, besides the husbands and boyfriends waiting for their wives. I personally enjoyed my experience and will enjoy having Dr. Mah handle my pregnancy from beginning to end. 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 3641674
23/12/13 3 2 3 3 She's good at what she does but has absolutely no people skills or any bother for decent bedside manner. The only reason I kept my appointment with her was the reviews saying she was one of the best available.  Respond
RID: 2471234
10/11/12 2 1 1 1 I had the misfortune of meeting her twice, the 1st time was to confirm ovarian cysts which she was VERY abrupt in the exam & then did a pap that I did NOT come in for that left me bleeding worse than my cycle til I went to emerge and they confirmed my cervix had been torn. When I had yelled during the exam she said "Oh it doesn't hurt THAT much, don't be a wimp!" I informed my doctor to NEVER refer me to her again. The 2nd time was in the Mis. Emerge. First she walks in the room with some arabic guy, doesn't say who he is or ask permission for his presence. RIPS the paper cover up over my head exposing my whole undercarriage, sent him for lube, took him more than 3 secs, so she RAMS her fingers in, PINCHES the swollen cyst, without loosening her grip yanks her hand back out and insists SHE will be doing the surgery. I assured her she would NOT be doing the surgery and got my doctor to refer me to a doctor that DOESN'T have the bedside manner of a rabid badger. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!  Respond
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RID: 2145369
17/05/12 3 1 1 1 The only good thing I have to say about this doctor is that the awful treatment from her is what has inspired me to do something with my life to prevent it from happening to other vulnerable women. I went to her for my first pregnancy. She was consistently late, anywhere from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours. From sitting down in the exam room, to shutting the door was about 5 minutes, enough to find a heartbeat and avoid answering questions. If you were unlucky enough to get a pap, you'd get 15 minutes with her. She called me fat but only offered "stop eating pasta, potatoes, and dessert" as advice. I was induced over 3 days, she never showed the first day, made an appearance at 5pm the next day and said "we can either section you now, or try again tomorrow, where it's 50/50". I got a section and she ignored my complaints about my incision, which was infected. I read these reviews when I was first refeRred to her and I should've listened. PLEASE GO TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR SAKE AND YOUR BABYS  Respond
RID: 1718233
20/02/12 1 1 1 1 I say "unknowledgeable" as anyone with KNOWLEDGE would not put their patients through inconveniences like this.I will write to the College of Physicians and I urge you to do the same. If they need to reach me I'm sure I'll be easy to track though Dr. Mah's easy access line lollol Online here she gets 2.9/5 I give her ZERO!! I went to my scheduled appt today Feb 20 1315 Unless I am senile and not in Edmonton that's today. This appointment was booked back in October and was supposed to be considered Urgent (approximately 2 weeks I was told) I tried getting an earlier one but Dr Mah's office NEVER answers the phone and they don't accept meassages. HOW'S THAT FOR A DR'S OFFICE ??? I called again am before leavin the house ---. I arrive on time lights off, doors locked CLOSED FOR FAMILY DAY---I assume but noone told me. I accept messages gladly. It beats travelling 2 hrs by bus and waiting in the cold. No courtesy call,no apologies. She is a disgrace---totally unreliable. Thank you God..  Respond
RID: 1687972
16/01/12 1 1 1 1 Dr. Mah is always busy as she is one of the best in this field. Very impressed on the lady at the front desk (reception) by her poor working effort and poor attitude. She is so lazy, she has her bottom glued to the chair and most of the time she will unlikely to check alternate appointment time. She will not even reach for a few inches further to approach the patient. In addition, she always input patient's information wrong and usually have to wait 15+ minutes at the phone line. Dr. Mah, please consider to hire better staff.  Respond
RID: 1646468
29/11/11 3 1 1 2 Here's the thing about Dr.Mah - She's been an obgyn forever...she knows what she's talking about. However, I will NEVER see her again because she makes me feel bad about myself. Besides the fact that every time I have an appointment I have to wait an hour or more just to see her, she's quick, abrupt and rough during exams. The last time I saw her, she gave me a breast exam and said "do you like your breasts?" What? What kind of doctor asks that question? Then, she told me I had to lose weight because I had gained 7 pounds from my last visit. Yeah, I'm not even close to overweight. I would seriously avoid Dr. Mah at all costs...  Respond
RID: 1563134
17/10/11 2 1 1 2 My pregnancy with my daughter was in 2007, I didn't know what to expect. I thought her ubrupt uncaring attitude was normal. She rushed through every single appointment. Our first appointment she declared really obnoxiously "unfortunately it still has a heartbeat". I didn't feel like i was important nor did i feel like my baby was important. She didn't catch that I had gestational diabetes until i was 36 weeks she just kept telling me that it was normal to be weak shaky and thirsty all the time. I got Bacterial Vaginosis and told her her a few times that i thought something was wrong. All she said was if the results turn up something we will notify you. 2 weeks later i was bleeding and checked myself into misercordia hospital it was only then that she gave me the diagnosis. Terrible doctor. Never again. I'm planning on having a 2nd child never will I go back to this women. Despite my terrible experience i delivered a healthy baby girl I guess thats all that matters.  Respond
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RID: 1333032
11/01/11 3 1 1 4 She knows what she is talking about. But doing it is another story. She stitched me up after labor (which she missed) without freezing. I told her the epidural didn't work but I don't think she believed me and just kept on going until I was screaming at her to give me a local. It was terrible. I was in so much pain. Then she asked if I needed drugs for when I go home I said yes t3s for the pain. She didn't look at me and said oh you don't need that your fine. I cried for the next month everytime I had to pee. It was terrible. I will never go to her again. But if you want a specilist then I guess you get what they give you. Blah!  Respond
RID: 1331022
08/01/11 2 2 2 3 If I had seen this site before I had met this doctor, I would have been spare a lot of pain and grief.Dr. Mah was to do a partial hysterectomy due to heavy periods as I have Fibromyalgia and am chronically fatigued all the time; I am a single mom with 2 young kids and I was hoping that perhaps this would help give me some energy back. Instead, I spent months being even more ill, lost 20 lbs and had abdominal wounds that didn't heal for 8 months. She went in and severed my ureter from my bladder while doing a lift I supposedly needed for my bladder{?}but instead of reattaching it to the same place, she just sewed it on to some random spot, leaving the open wound flowing liquids freely throughout my abdominal cavity. Not too healthy. Fortunately, when I lost total bladder control about 2 weeks after my surgery, I figured something was up, besides suspecting that I had caught MRSA from the Misericordia [which I did].This has all been proven-this is not libelous.Dr. Mador repaired me.  Respond
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RID: 1170402
16/05/10 1 1 1 1 I worked with Dr. Mah for 2 years and let me tell you something whoever needs a GYNE DO NOT go to her. I will tell you why. 1. She rushes through paps with patients, that there was many incidents where patients would be rushed to the hospital cause Dr. Mah has punctured them inside. 2. She would yell at her staff infront of patients, that I have witnessed on several occassions, finally the patients would walk out and never come back. 3. The staff that she had werent educated in sterilizing the specs, Ive encounterd many dirty specs in the drawers. Overall, Dr. Mah should have her clinic shut down and she should have her licensed revoked. She is a brutal doctor to have and work for. It was getting to the point where I was going to punch that **** out, so one day I just walked out. Whoever reads this, I am telling you the truth, and I hope that you wont see this ****. Go to someone who actually cares about the patient care, cause Dr. Mah doesnt! HONEST!  Respond
RID: 1169731
14/05/10 3 3 5 5 I saw Dr. Mah in 2006 when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I had seen her before and thought that she worked very fast and admittedly I felt rushed. So, on my 1st prenatal visit I went with my list. She saw that I had a list, she read it and addressed all my questions more efficiently than if I were to ask them myself. So from then on, I always had my list and it gave us time to discuss other things without feeling rushed... *** She also accommodated my curious 3 yr old daughter who accompanied me on some visits.*** How many Dr. even let you take your child in. She was very good at explaining things to me regarding some health issues I had. Towards the end I so wanted an early delivery (like most women at that stage) but she was very very good about acknowledging my concerns and advising me on what to do etc. While in the hospital delivering, she was so calm and reassuring. I was so relieved and happy that she was there. She really cares and she KNOWS her stuff. Great Doctor!!!  Respond
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RID: 1124363
10/03/10 3 3 1 2 Saw Dr. Mah in 2007 for my second child. Very abrupt and didn't order standards tests (like triple screen) until I specifically asked. Changed doctors and was much happier. Have been diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus but my dr's surgery wait list is over a year. Was told Dr. Mah's wait is shorter, so I went to see her. She said it isn't that bad (it protrudes and I have a lot of pain and incontinence) and that all I need is to lose weight and do kegels. I told her I've been doing kegels for 18 months and it hasn't been helping. She said I don't need surgery, that I am overweight and that I need to lose weight and follow up with my other doctor. Yes I do need to lose some weight, but I'm not obese. It seems that being a bit overweight means that I don't deserve treatment or a good quality of life. She was awfully rude and didn't want to help me at all.  Respond
RID: 1015400
21/10/09 1 1 1 1 I had this doctor years ago for the birth of my first son. She was rude, abrupt, gave an awful pap, and exactly the same as most of the bad reviews given here. I can't believe she is still doing the same stuff and people are still seeing her!  Respond
RID: 1008705
13/10/09 3 3 2 3 i've been to see dr.mah twice now and this is my first pregnancy she is very intoon with what she is doing and will to a point answer your questions in less she thinks otherwise ( that she shouldn't tell you ) she told me that she wont tell me the sex of my baby b/c lots of people get abortions if they don't like the sex without even thinking twice about it and me myself i don't believe in abortions i'm ageist them my family and i would just really like to know :)my mom's buying clothes for both sexes right now even though we don't know yet i am going to be finding a new dr. that will tell me b/c it is my right to know and she should not have been so quick to judge what kind of person i am  Respond
RID: 982622
08/09/09 1 2 1 1 You know the saying "if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all" - my comments would have to be blank if I followed that rule. Dr. Mah is rude, abrupt, unhelpful, unprofessional and so on. I went to see her and got told to take off my clothes for a pap and she did not discuss anything she was going to do. She did a Biopsy on me without warning or discussion. I have a high pain tolerance but this just about put me through the roof. Talk about caught unaware - bled for 4 day's from it. A little warning would be nice. She also told me part of my problems were also to do with my weight although I've been fat & skinny with the same problems but she didn't want to hear that. I'm still in a holding pattern about my problems and I'm thinking I might as well get a new specialist and count the last year and a half as wasted time spent. Don't recommend her, don't like her and her staff are very unfriendly and rude.  Respond
RID: 963986
16/08/09 1 2 1 2 Only answer questions when I asked them twice; it was hard because i was a first time mom and I wanted an explanation about results. Very rude, when told about back pain she told me It was because I was fat!Do not go, her nickname around edmonton is "dr.forceps".  Respond
RID: 930938
07/07/09 1 1 1 1 The worst doctor I have ever seen. She recomemded I get a Hystorectomy at 18 thank god I did not listen to her, I have 3 beautiful children. I should have sued her, she was late for my surgery and then said not to bother to see her agin and sent a nasty report to my next doctor about me being sexually permiscuous and had STDs which recked my chances of having kids. Such a lie. She should not be a doctor for anything not even animals. Get a second opinion.... 
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RID: 903839
03/06/09 4 5 5 5 I saw Dr. Mah for my first pregnancy. From 8 weeks on I had bleeding on and off until delivery at 39 weeks. If you are looking for the kind of experience you see on TV, Dr. Mah is not the right Dr for you, but if you want someone reliable and knowledgeable, she is. She is extremely busy and, although I never had to wait long, people must understand the nature of her practise. My advice is: if you have a number of questions tell her as soon as she walks in the room "I have 4 questions today". I always did that, and she always remembered after I had asked the first 3 she would say, "and your fourth is?" I had several issues during my pregnancy, early contractions at 20 weeks plus an incompetent cervix and was thrilled with the care I received from Dr. Mah. She is not there to be your friend, it is her job to keep you and baby safe and healthy, and she does a damn good job at that. She is one of the few OB's that is constantly on call, she is dedicated to her work and her patients!  Respond
RID: 901944
01/06/09 1 1 1 1 THIS WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE A DR!! I was sent to her bc I was 17 weeks preg. with #2 and had an incompetent cervix.. my dr sent me to dr mah to do my cerclage, only i went to her office and her staff was rude and she was 2 hours late... (which I can handle bc of the nature of her prof.) She physically ASSUALTED me... she came in didn't say anything, threw my knees to the side and rammed her fingers in me so hard i almost puked and cried (keep in my mind my membranes were herniating through my cervix and she was lucky she didn't rupture them) she then proceeded to tell me I wasn't "well read" and there was no way there was anything wrong with my cervix. I walked out on her. If I had to give birth in a corn field with my bare hands i would! That night I went to RAH and had my cerclage done the following day. Absolutely disgusting DO NOT EVER SEE HER! RUN THE OTHER WAY. She could have killed my baby. I was going to deliever at the MES but i won't if theres even a 1% chance Ill see her face  Respond
RID: 896556
26/05/09 1 1 1 3 Saw her and found she was impassionate, no patience, snap at questions asked, bad attitutes, not helpful, DO NOT SEE HER!!!! I was booked for hysterectomy last year but then found her terrible rating here and words of mouth from friend. I switched to other doctor, he is everything opposite of her! If you see Dr. Mah now, do yourself a favor.  Respond
RID: 890707
18/05/09 2 1 2 1 My daughter seen her recently & she is only 16yrs old. Each time she went to the clinic she waited 2 hrs for a 5 min visit with Dr. Mah. And sometimes it was only with one of the staff. She was late with the delivery even tho we waited a few hours for her...a nurse delivered the baby with my help & my mother. My daughter tore badly & then thats when Dr. Mah showed up without any gown or gloves carrying her purse. She got perturbed at the nurse for rushing my daughter because she tore badly basically blaming her instead of herself who should've been there in the first place. She sewed up my girl fast & left the room not saying much. I didn't notice till later how she just came in & out becuz we were so happy for the baby. My poor daughter is worried bout her stitches but I had to tell her whe will be fine. She asked Dr. Mah how many stitches she got and all she said was "LOTS!" I don't want to see this doctor anymore for my daughter. I will seek a more professional one right away.G'luck  Respond
RID: 882284
08/05/09 2 2 2 2 This surgeon won't kill you. You just might end up with an unnecessarily complicated surgery recovery e.g. a very long episiotomy that wasn't required. I worked with Dr Mah. Some patients have great interactions with her on good days (especially ones from 20 years ago), but majority of recent interactions have not been good. (She's divorcing). Surgeon with too large a patient load and needs better coping skill. Lack of conducting hospital rounds is typical of all physicians. It's sometimes a sign that the rest of the unit team are well trusted and have proven capable of meeting all patients' needs without them. One thing: hospital nurses do not belong to physicians; they're a totally separate health profession from doctors. Doctors do not manage, employ, train, or supervise nurses--though that's how it seems on TV with doctors abundant and nurses absent. Reality is very much the reverse.  Respond
RID: 856475
08/04/09 2 1 1 1 have seen Dr. Mah-twice-I was refered by my GP due to an ovarian cyst-both times she was extremely late-I waited almost 2 hours each time, at least her staff are friendly. When I met her the first time it was a quick meeting take the basic info-sent me for test-thought okay a little cold and abrupt but maybe when we have something to dicuss...recent follow-up visit not any better-she had mentioned that a biopsy might be something to consider but then when I tried to follow-up in regards to what that would be she said "but it's just not worth it"-and then wouldn't clarify, and left. "not worth it", not something any doctor should ever utter unless they plan on clarifying-not worth what???, Not worth her time, not worth her consideration-in my opinion she is not worth it. According to some she is an "old school" doctor-not a hand holder, what I think is that she doesn't know how to deal with patients who want to and need to be informed, my advice-seek other medical advice!  Respond
RID: 847502
30/03/09 5 4 5 5 I saw Dr. Mah during my first pregnancy. At the time I was also waiting for a hip replacement so carrying a baby was a risky thing. She was very knowledgeable and gave good wisdom. I had a pre-scheduled c-section. She prepared me well for what to expect and did a great job. Through the pregnancy she watched for possible complications and did tests, extra ultrasounds to rule out any problems. She is a very busy Dr. so you don't get a lot of time but she would always answer any questions I had and seemed genuinely concerned about mine and my baby's health. I would recommend her to anyone. For those that complained about her being late... they need to realize she delivers baby's and baby's come at any time!!! She can be late for appointments but it is because she is delivering a baby or taking care of a hospital emergency. The staff is always great to rebook needed appointments. If I was pregnant again I would definitely see her again and recommend her to you as well!!  Respond
RID: 847033
30/03/09 1 1 1 1 My mom had Dr Mah do her Hysterectomy. The surgery was 2 hour past the time it was supposed to start, the anesthesiologist was there and we over herd him say to a nurse "if she isnt her in 5 mins im leaving, I refuse to have her walk on me like her patients, i dont have time for this" at that moment we wanted to leave and do it with another dr, her nurses assured us she is the best.... YA RIGHT!! she was sooo rough with my mom, and she has no feelings down there at all, not to mention she NEVER checked on my mom after to see how she was, my mom was in the hospital for 4 days when we thought she would be home the next day. Mah never came in to explain anything. My dad was ready to search the hospital and knock some sense into her! What a heartless *****, im SURE you know what i mean!!  Respond
RID: 829675
14/03/09 1 1 1 1 I wouldn't recommend her to anyone. When I was 24 pregnant with my first, when Ryan's head came out my pelvis was separated. Dr.Mah had she been on the ball would have noticed and precautions should have been made, like a c-section. She wasn't in the room until his head was coming out. I found her neglectful and uncaring. This makes her dangerous. I was not even told what had happen to me as she was out the door as quick as she came in. . Dr. Mah didn't come back to explain, NOTHING, just left me. I called her and asked why did this happen? Her reply to me was it's common, it happens sometimes. I couldn't believe it! I was able to walk after a month and a half with a walker. I am now 34 and over the years because of that injury have had arthritis set in. People may say she's busy and works hard, that is no excuse whatsoever. She shouldn't take on so many people.I found the pelvis separation more painful than the labour. She should not be a doctor!  Respond
RID: 764041
14/01/09 2 3 3 3 I have been her patient for more that 10 years. One of my children is delivered by her. Dr. Mah is a very experienced doctor; however her attitude to her job is similar to an assembly line worker. In her point of view women is just a piece of equipment that requires no more than five minutes of doctor’s time, whatever the problem is. Her approach is always a cookie cutter and assumes that everybody is absolutely the same. There is not much knowledge of new medical advancements or new pharmaceutical products available on the market. With such an approach, when attention paid to a patient is very limited and the complaints are waived without even an attempt to try and see the underlying reason, one always wanders how much use the visits to this doctor really are.  Respond
RID: 745681
17/12/08 1 1 1 1 rude and impolite staff. waited 6 months to even be able to get an appt, and then waited up to 2 hours to see her. was referred to her for infertility problems, and she said I was fat and gave me a 6 month prescription for clomid. no tests, no exam, NOTHING. I was told to come back when I got pregnant. she never answered my questions (and I had questions)needless to say, I did not get pregnant. transferred to another OB who did run a series of tests and found out I had blocked tubes. all the clomid in the world would not have helped me to conceive! She is unworthy of being recommended. I have even asked my family doctor to remove her from his referall list b/c of her poor doctoring skills.  Respond
RID: 701583
14/10/08 5 4 5 5 This is my first pregnancy and i've been seeing Dr. Mah since i was 2 months pregnant and she has been great! She is very proffessional and knows what she is doing. She won't beat around the bush and if your not a good patient then you might not like her cause she's going to tell it like it is. She gives me great confidence in her that she will do everything in her power to let my delivery be as smooth as possible. I would recommend Dr. Mah to anyone (maybe not those who need a doctor to be a teddy bear, that's what my hubby's for) she does her job and she does it well!  Respond
RID: 683050
11/09/08 5 5 5 5 I find Dr Mah very sweet. This is my first pregnancy and I have been sesing her, I have made three visits to her and she has always treated me very well. SHe has always given time to my questions and have been very proactive in telling me related to my pregnancy. She is really NICE  Respond
RID: 677410
02/09/08 3 3 5 5 Dr. Mah is a OB Gyn first and foremost. Why do these women think that it is Dr. Mah's job to coddle you? Dr. Mah delivered my 21, 18 and 13 year old and now my daughter also sees Dr. Mah. Yes, she is busy but she does make time if you tell her. She doesn't read minds and she is not your mother or best friend. She has a job to do and she does it very well! I am not surprised to see all these negative reviews because people that complain do so to others; and people that have positive comments will say it directly to the person. I do find some of the front desk staff to be a bit abrupt but this may be due to the workload. Dr. Mah has always been busy and I am grateful because she was there for me through 3 pregnancies and a hysterectomy. I would rather wait for someone that is qualified and experienced than for someone that is more concerned with pacifying me and not treating me.  Respond
RID: 651132
29/07/08 1 1 1 1 Wow, I was just at Dr.Mah's office today getting an IUD (my first), she was very rude, made me feel very inferior, and had a smug smile on her face through the whole thing. I dont know if this woman even knows how to genuinely smile? Didnt seem to have time to explain some of my questions. She told me when to sit up (after the procedure) and neglected to tell me I was bleeding profusely all over the place! SHe didnt even attempt to clean me up after. Then as I am sitting there bleeding all over the place, she hands me the box with the information and accidently drops the box on the ground, looks at it then just leaves the room. OMG! I find it hard to beleive this Doctor has ANY positive feedback. I will be telling my GP to not recommend her to any one, unless there are robots needing paps or babies delievered. Front office staff is very unfriendly! I went to pay after the procedure, and was told they only accept cash/cheque! they made me leave my cc and SIN and go to the bank right away. Unbelievable!  Respond
RID: 647616
25/07/08 3 3 3 2 I had dr mah when i was 16 and preg with my first child. she did not tell me what was good for me or bad for me. i ended up gaining a 100lbs!!! it was aweful! so never explained to me what was going on in my pregnancy or anything. she was always rushed and also late. i did like her in the delivery, minus the part i was told not to scream. i was induced at 39weeks 6days, and had my beautiful 8lbs 8oz girl with an episotomy. the only doc i know who will still do one! she was quick and very good stitching. that is all i can basically say about her. i never did see her again, but if i could have had her for delivery for my other two children i would have.  Respond
RID: 620925
23/06/08 1 1 1 1 I AM SOOO HAPPY I COULD NOT GET INTO THIS DOCTOR!!! i was refered to her and was unable to see her in an emergency situation. Had her staff helped , I would have avoided a lengthly stay in hospital. It would have taken 10 min to listen to me, and they never did. Terriable staff! and from what I now see horrid doctor!  Respond
RID: 619533
20/06/08 1 1 1 1 This has to be the worst doctor when it comes to compassion and proper care that we all deserve as human beings. She may know her stuff,but really is that enough when you are about to endure such an experience as child birth? When I was pregnant with my first child,she delivered me at 35 weeks by cesarian section, because my son was in breech position. Being only 18 at the time,I trusted that it was the right thing, however in retrospect I have learned that first time pregnancies especially in younger Moms,babies can take a bit longer to turn even up to 38 or 39 weeks. With my second baby,I really wanted to have a vaginal birth, but she told me that she was going to section me at 36 weeks again,just based on my first baby. I refused,as my first child was apnic due to being premature. She then told me that if I was not going to appreciate her advise to find another OB. I did just that and delivered my daughter vaginally at 40wks 1day with no problems. The absolute worst doctor EVER!!!  Respond
RID: 606202
03/06/08 1 1 1 1 Where do I even start on this one. I am a nurse and I have come in contact with a lot of bad, unprofessional Doctors, but she tips the scales. I was reffered to her by my GP for my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). She literally walked into the room ripped up my shirt and bra and completed the most unprofessional breast exam, as I lay there SHOCKED she lifts up the lovely paper blanket and shoves her fingers inside for my internal exam without explaining first. She then proceeded to complete the most painful pap I have ever had, (to which I bled for 2 days after) the whole time demanding me to relax. After completing the exam she removed the speculum and threw it across the room into the sink. I then asked her about my condition and if she could treat it, to which she replied "Just get pregnant it will clear itself up." then she left the room. This woman should not be practicing.  Respond
RID: 585945
09/05/08 4 2 4 5 I must say that I agree with the comments abouther being direct and to the point. She is smart and truthful. I was under her care for my first baby in 2005 and in the hospital for amonth waiting for him and then he was delivered early by section. Dr. Mah took amazing care of us and my husband and I were so thankful for our healthy boy. I then had surgery by Dr. Mah in Mar 2007 to remove a large cyst from my ovary. Once again, she took great care of me. I am now expecting my 2nd baby and she is keeping a close eye on me and I am more than happy to have her as my Dr. I LOVE that she still does all her deliveries. How many other OBGYN's still do that???? Maybe everyone should think about that when you are waiting. Yes, she is in a rush but if you have ? and you ask, she will answer. She is always there when needed for her patients. Great job Dr. Mah!!!  Respond
RID: 576554
27/04/08 5 2 5 5 I worked with Dr. Mah as her resident (I am a family doc now). All these comments are unfounded. Yes, she is always late. But that's because she is at the hospital delivering babies. SHe is an old school doc, meaning she is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with occasional time for vacation). She will come in any time to do a delivery (yes that means at 2 am). Try living this life and you will understand. She cares about her patients. I remember one night on call, she went home around 7pm to eat dinner, I had to call her back around 9 pm and she stayed till 4am delivering babies one after another. And the next day, while I went home to sleep she still had surgeries to do, plus more deliveries. You people are so ungrateful. She is really skilled at what she does and be glad that she is on 24/7, because, while you may have to wait hours in her waiting room, when it's your turn, you'll be glad other people are waiting while she is in there delivering your baby.  See Responses
RID: 574211
23/04/08 5 5 4 5 I a nutshell, Dr. Mah is a no-nonsense get the job done type of doctor who doesn't have time to ****foot around and lay women down on exam tables lined with rose petals and stirrups covered in satin! She has been doing her job for a number of yeas and over those years has gained a vast wealth of knowledge associated with her profession. If your the type of person who wants a doctor who is more interested in beating around the bush and treating you with kid gloves so as not to make you cry from the shock of reality, Dr .Mah is not the doctor for you. She is however the perfect doctor for women who have a more realistic appreciation for the incredibly demanding field of obstetrics and the vast multitude of pressures, liabilities, and run off your ass kind of job that it is. For those women who want their information served straight up Dr. Mah is like a shot of tequila, while it may sometimes burn on the way down it leaves you feeling damn good afterward!!  Respond
RID: 574133
23/04/08 1 1 1 1 Very poor treatment from Dr. Mah when diagnosed with breast cancer. She may be fine for young mums -- but if you're past child bearing years forget it. Her staff does everything possible to keep you from contacting her. A week after by biopsy I phoned to see if they had any results and was toldthat if I hadn't heard anything from them I was fine. I phone the next day only to find that my results hadn't even come in. I asked if Dr. Mah could phone for them becuase I was leaving for a vacation and wanted to know before I left -- I was then told that Dr. Mah was too busy to look them up. My family physician had the results for me in the next 10 minutes. So as far as Dr. Mah's office goes -- Be afraid -- be very afraid.  Respond
RID: 557737
04/04/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Mah was absolutely wonderful! She oversaw my first pregnancy and I could not ask for a better Doctor. All visits to her office were no longer than an hour wait and she was quick with her examinations. I found her staff very friendly and personable. She was spectacular in the delivery room; my delivery went so quick and painless and she was very accommodating to my birth plan. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone - in fact I already have!  Respond
RID: 556193
02/04/08 5 3 5 5 I have been with this doctor for over 25 years and how dare people criticize her. She was the only women OB/Gyno then, she did a FABULOUS JOB on delivering my oldest (25) and youngest (15). How dare people complain, lets see them do the hard long days and nights, I even had her home number through both pregnancy just in case, that is how caring she was with me. So maybe some of you babies grow up and give the older generation a break, we have had to bend over backwards for all of you brats. She's a great doctor, if you don't appreciate what she has done in the past 20 years, go find yourself a monster doctor, that really doesn't care. It's how people treat their doctor they will get treated the same way back. Remember that saying....  See Responses
RID: 539353
16/03/08 3 3 1 2 Dr. Mah was my OB with my first child, and delivered her as well. Due to personal issues, she basically told me not to have more children and that I had to get an IUD at my 6wk check. I was young and didn't know any better than to do research. She was always abrupt, never even bothering to give me a due date. Never discussed anything about what to expect from time to time. In fact appointments were more like non-appointments because she was in and out so quickly. She also can't be rated high on knowledge - the intern barely caught my daughter because she was half way down the hall after having told me I was at least 30mins away from beginning to push. She was the OB on call when I had an emergency d&c a few years back, and after that I had troubles carrying to term. She is also very unsupportive of doulas. Basically she wants to be in full control and wants women to be submissive. Avoid this dr. Many GP's give better care than her.  Respond
RID: 513092
13/02/08 3 2 2 3 I saw this doctor in the early 90's. I received a surgical job on me as to leave me with less than 10% annual sphincter functioning after a horrible delivery. This has had such a huge negative impact on my life ever since...I am a shell of what I used to be/be able to do because of her surgery. Please for your own sake find someone else to deliver your baby.  Respond
RID: 488731
19/01/08 1 1 1 1 What an unprofessional Doctor. She was the Doctor on-call as I had my baby on the weekend, so I didn't have a choice. She rushed in and out of the room, hung her coat and purse on the door and she left after doing stitches as quickly as possible. She made a few inappropriate and mean remarks, and didn't seem to care about me as a human being. I badly hemorraged a while later and can't help but wonder if she didn't take the time to properly examine my placenta. My husband said she was not gentle with my baby either. I understand that a baby is difficult to deliver but she seemed overly rough. If she is the Doctor on call for when you go into labour, cross your legs and keep that baby in until your regular ob/gyn can deliver!  Respond
RID: 487944
18/01/08 1 1 1 3 After discovering this web site I decided to check out May Sue Mah. I am not surprised at all by all the negative comments. She is not a compassionate women. I saw her 10 years ago for a hysterectomy and she was late for my surgery,(waited half an hour in the operating room in stirrups)I never saw her again until my 6 week check up. She was cold, abrupt and very dissmissive regarding a legitimate complaint I had about my health after surgery. I left her office in tears.Thus I remember her very clearly. Never,ever again would I go see her, nor would I recommend her to anyone.  Respond
RID: 487587
18/01/08 1 1 1 5 I have been seeing Dr Mah for the past 8 years, and every year seems to get worse. She is completely uncaring and sometimes downright rude. On my first appointment she gave me a pap and then I had some questions about birth control pills. She sat at the end of table (while I was still "exposed") and rushed me through my inquiries. While I was talking, she finally said, "you know, you can sit up now". I was so embarrased! I didn't know we were finished! I start to get anxiety when I know my appointment is approaching because I know she's going to call me fat and remind me that I should start thinking about having a family because conceiving is more difficult as you get older (I'm 24!). She has made me so upset in the past that I have skipped paps because I am so terrified of her... and we all know that is NOT GOOD. I've finally learned my lesson and I'm never going back. I know she is extremely knowledgable but what she has in book smarts she lacks in bedside manner. We deserve better!  Respond
RID: 484828
15/01/08 5 3 2 3 I have seen Dr. Mah for almost 6 years, In that time i have had 7 pregnancies, 5 of which ended in early miscarriages, she was quite unsympathetic about my miscarriages and even said some of them didn't happen (all were diagnoised at the hospital) She was helpful with some things, during the delieveries of my children, but she was horrible in other things. She was always rushed, I got an iud put in place after my second child and got it removed 5 months later because it was constantly causing pain and she told me i "needed" to get another birthcontrol because if i didn't she was "sure" she was gonna see me within a few months (it's been 6 months) pregnant. And while i was there i requested some comformation tests for my PCOS (i was diagnosied at the hospital during a miscarriage) and she flat out refused to test me for it. I already know i have it i just wanted to be sure and to get some treatment for it.. I sit here right now in pain due to a cyst  Respond
RID: 459290
07/12/07 1 1 1 2 I saw Dr. Mah when i was trying to concieve this past year, I was refered to her by my GP. She took one look at me and said "You need to lose weight, that's your problem." I left the office crying, muy husband was beside himself. She spent no time explaining anything to me, she couldn't wait to get out of there. Then she precribed me "clomid" to assist with concieving, this medication had a lot of side effects, non of which were explained to me. I tried to contact her, and was told to speak to my pharmacist. I'm pregnant now, havingno results from fertility treatments, and am seeing another doctor, happily.  Respond
RID: 445314
16/11/07 3 1 2 2 Extremely cold/and unfriendly. If you're looking for the warm and fuzy type Dr. to be with you during your pregnancy, she IS NOT the one.. Gives very general info, avoids answering a lot of questions. The worst part is the wait. My appt is always scheuled for 9:45. I show up at 9:30 and finally get in the office to see her at 10:50 (over an hour AFTER my scheduled appt.) She did not arrive to the office on time and so all patients who were waiting got pushed back by an hour. I have since left her and am much happier with this one.  Respond
RID: 418702
25/09/07 4 4 5 5 All I can say is wow...what a Doc! She's not the greatest with all the mushy stuff but when you need to get the job done wow...she's on top of it! The girls are great with keeping a smile on your face even though the wait was a little while (except for the tall one at the front desk..put a smile on your face or at least try). Keep it up and see you next year!  Respond
RID: 399796
09/09/07 3 1 1 1 When i first found out that I had a fibroid in my uterus my GP referred me to her. When I met with her to discuss these tumors she told me that she would have to take out my uterus and that I would never have any children. When I started to cry she said very rudely and abruptly "Why are you crying, it's not the end of the world". We went back to my GP who referred us to another doctor who helped me to get pregnant twice and have two very healthy babies before he performed a hysterectomy on me. If we had stayed with her and listened to her we would never have had any children. I recommend always getting a second opinion if you are unlucky enough to be referred to her!!!!  Respond
RID: 390686
22/08/07 1 1 1 1 Ask for an explaination and you won't get an answer. I cannot believe GP's still refer to her when the friends that I know who were under her care had problems after she performed the surgery and it is our opinion that she should not be practicing medicine.  Respond
RID: 383930
11/08/07 1 1 1 1 Cold. Short. Abrupt. Unsympathetic. Hurried. Does not explain clearly what is wrong with you. I left more confused about my condition then I arrived. Literally pulls your clothes off of you to do an exam. Is ready to arm wrestle you into doing a PAP smear test. Won't be going back there for sure.  Respond
RID: 381868
08/08/07 1 1 1 1 Underwent surgery to have something removed. At follup I said something wasn't right. She said wait 3- 6 months. Another doctor ordered an ultrasound and I learned that the "something" had not been removed.  Respond
RID: 379627
04/08/07 2 1 2 3 If you have an appointment, expect to be waiting for awhile. I was in to see her about about my endometriosis and was told that I was not priority even though I had an appointment scheduled. I waited 4 hours in the waiting room while the ladies who were pregnant went before me. Then when I did finally get in to see her, she rushed through the appointment. And when I asked some questions she handed me a brochure about endrometriosis and hysterectomies. She said when I made up my mind on whether to have a hysterectomy or not, to schedule another appointment. I did have the surgery and she did perform it and it went really well. She is a great surgeon but has no bedside manner. Is very abrupt and almost to the point of being rude. I would never tell someone not to go to see her, but be prepared for what you get when you go.  Respond
RID: 374908
28/07/07 3 1 1 3 I was referred to Dr. May by my GP to discuss my pre or peri-menopaual symptoms. What a mistake!!! She had no intrest in discussing anything, told me my symptoms were all in my head and that I was too fat to accurately tell if I was having any symptoms anyway. She did the roughest internal exam on me ever. I was bleeding and cramping for 3 days. I will NEVER go back, and urge others to stay far, far away.  Respond
RID: 365841
13/07/07 1 1 1 3 I was told at 23 weeks I would be on bedrest for the remainder of preg, my baby could be viable and to go home and wait for it... she then left the room. Dr. Mah may be knowledgeable but she has no bedside manor and no compassion.  Respond
RID: 353684
25/06/07 3 5 5 I am currently attending Dr. Mah for the care of my second pregnancy. I was thrilled to be referred to her again. She and her staff have always been professional and helpful with me. I have previously recommended her to friends and I will continue to do so. I see people are complaining about the wait time when she is called away, but that is the nature of her field, and most of us prenatal patients will require her to be called away for us too.  Respond
RID: 352278
23/06/07 4 5 5 Dr Mah was my OB and she was an excellent dr in helping me delivering my son many yrs ago. If anyone in Edmonton needs an OB or Gyno plz go to her. She is fabulous, caring Dr. Also she has an excellent sense of humor :D  Respond
RID: 346409
15/06/07 1 1 1 I am shopping around for another doctor because I find Dr. Mah is very rushed and very judgmental. For my last yearly check-up, she tells me seconds after looking at my file that I better get pregnant before I turn 33 or else I will have problems! That's nice! Another time I was asking her about a concern of mine and she just cut me off, toldme I was fine and bolted out of the door. There is NO WAY I would have this woman see me through and deliver any of my children!  Respond
RID: 346286
15/06/07 3 5 5 Dr Mah was very knowledgeable in diagnosing me and was able to help me conceive my first child. Also she was very efficient at delivering my first child naturally and my twins by c-section. She was very punctual at the hospital too.  Respond
RID: 346056
15/06/07 3 5 5 Dr. Mah is a very good doctor, she knows her stuff. She's not the quickest doctor, but which is understandible with all the work she does. I am amazed at how much she does. She was nothing but understanding and wonderful for the birth, and visits leading up to, of my daughter.  Respond
RID: 345941
15/06/07 4 5 5 I loved Dr Mah and would recommend her to any of my friens.she has delivered both my boys (c-section) and had no problems at all. Yes, she is to the point but who cares so long as she is giving you the best medical care out there. She is worth the wait in the waiting room. All the staff I had dealings with were very nice .  Respond
RID: 345753
14/06/07 1 1 2 she is very abrupt,told me I needed to have a hystorectomy put me in a room alone to watch a program on the surgery,when the program was over I wanted to ask her a few questions reguarding the surgery, she told me I ask too many questions!! I never did have the surgery and I am fine.I believe you can never ask too may questions and if she doesn~t have the time to answer your questions Its time to find someone who will.She makes you feel like your wasting her time.  Respond
RID: 343229
11/06/07 3 5 5 I'm shocked reading some of these comments that anyone would have anything negative to say abuot Dr, Mah. One lady saying she was 16 and Dr. mah didn't tell her how to take care of her body. Read a book. Dr. mah didn't tell you how to get pregnant did she ? her job is to make sure you and baby are healthy and help you get the baby out when the time comes. I was 18 when I had my first and since I've had 2 more...I would recommend her to anyone. She is extremly knowledgable. She is quiet and to the point. I think she's delivered enough babied to know that it's not time to chat when Mom is bearing down.  Respond
RID: 326008
22/05/07 2 1 3 i like the quickness of her pap's but her bedside manner and everything else was aweful. i was a young mom at 16 and i was very judged by her and wasnt told how to care for my body or anything like that. my questions remained unanswered and while in labour i was told 'you got your self into this mess, you grin it till your out'. i was extremely upset by that. i'm not on my third child and with a different obgyn and i couldn't be more happier. i would never recomend this doctor to anyone, even if she was the last one available.  Respond
RID: 325836
22/05/07 3 5 5 Dr Mah delevered both of my babies, one in Feb 2003 one in Jan 2007, She was very helpful to me when I was having problems, She also allowed me to be induced early on my request due to said problems, I agree that she isn't the quickest person but the wait is to be expected, Her staff has always been amazing to me and my family (we all use her) and always helped me out and got me in quickly when i needed to see her  Respond
RID: 325456
22/05/07 1 1 2 I would never EVER in a million years recommend for ANYONE to see this doctor. My first experience was horrible!!! When I went to the appoitment, they said she was on time, and then I ended up waiting for 2 hours in the waiting room! She didn't do anything that involved the baby. She was rude! She never even introduced herself when she walked in the room, and it was the first time seeing me! She was insulting me, she was rough doing the pap test, to the point I was bleeding, and then she threw my pants at me when she was done! NEVER EVER EVER EVER would I tell ANYONE to go to this doctor!  Respond
RID: 325350
22/05/07 4 5 5 I found her always there when I need her for the birth of my 4 children. Excellent work Dr. May Sue Mah. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a new doctor.  Respond
RID: 323537
19/05/07 1 2 2 Appointments too far in advance, considering there are cancellations daily. I felt rushed while with her, and didn't feel my concerns were adequately addressed.  Respond
RID: 313973
09/05/07 3 5 5 Dr.Mah delivered all 3 of my children. I found her to be very helpfull and great sence of humour. Granted on most occasions you sat in the waiting room for up to 45 minutes. but to me that was only a minor detail. Read some other comments about beside manner and as far as i am concerned that is far from the truth. she was always very to the point and thorough with me. Would highly recomend her to family and friends.  Respond
RID: 303754
30/04/07 1 1 3 very unhelpful, i feel like she wants to minimize the time of the visit and not offering some discussions of the illness, etc. Always in a hurry to leave...  Respond
RID: 290559
20/04/07 1 3 3 I can only rate her as satisfactory. Not awesome, but not totally horrible either. The receptionist is rude, impatient and abrubt, but I found the other staff members to be very nice. After being induced and not progressing after about 5 hours (no contractions at all), all of a sudden I was being prepped for a c-section. Dr. Mah didn't even bother to come to talk to me about it first. I wasn't having any complications and the baby was not in distress, so I felt like I was rushed into it and think that a lot of unnecessary c-sections are performed because she didn't want to wait. They didn't even try to break my water to see if that would help start labour.  Respond
RID: 289536
19/04/07 1 1 1 I have no idea how knowledgeable she is because she told me "there is nothing wrong with you."how she knew this I don't know as she didn't ask me what was wrong or give me the pap smear I was wiating to get. I wanted to cry after I left that office.  Respond
RID: 279731
15/04/07 5 1 1 I will never see this dr again. after my last appt i was so distraught. After explaining two problems, she was annoyed with me and asked which one was more important. She performed a test on me and after she told me what she found but it didn't make sense so when I asked a question, she got annoyed with me then too. She has little compassion. Her receptionist sounds rude too but the other staff is really nice. I hope the next gyn i see is much better.  Respond
RID: 278028
13/04/07 1 1 2 I had a c-section on a thursday. On Sunday, I was in very severe pain (due to an infection) and she was the OB on call. She did not answer her call. Twice she was paged and both times she ignored her call. Brutal, uncaring and unskilled. Please, go to anyone but her if you can!  Respond
RID: 264963
07/04/07 2 3 4 Dr. Mah is a good Doctor. She is very rushed though and sometimes has one hand on the door knob while you're trying to ask questions. She is the fastest pap in the west, which is definitely a good thing. The worst thing about Dr. Mah's office is that nasty secretary that she has. I'm not sure if she's still there but she was so rude to everyone on the phone and who came in. I used to watch her while waiting for my appointment and wonder how anyone could be so mean!  Respond
RID: 261290
05/04/07 2 2 3 My daughter was born March 3, 1994. I was in the hospital on March 1, 1994 shortly after my weekly appointment with Dr. Mah which I was having contractions at that time and I didn't see Dr. Mah until after 37 hours of hard labor my daughter was delivered by an intern. My daugther was not breathing when she came out and there was only and intern there. Which I was thankful for. I did not see my daughter until a few hours later because of the issues she had. Also my daughter was tounge-tied and nothing was done about this issue. My daughter could not latch on to breast feed (tounge-tied) and no one looked into that issue while we were at the Misercordia.I experience cold bedside manners when she did show up after the birth basically I think to show her face. So for my second child I saw a different Dr. and have made my experience VERY clear to friends and relatives.  Respond
RID: 251717
02/04/07 2 5 5 Dr. Mah is very busy lady and is well worth the wait. She deliveried all three of my childern and believe me they weren't easy pregancies or deliveries, But I have three very beautiful and heathy childern today. Thank you Dr. Mah and staff  Respond
RID: 243403
29/03/07 3 5 5 Previously, I had the same OBGYN until he retired and by now seeing Dr. Mah, I can definitely sing the praises of having a woman OBGYN. I believe that some health problems in this area could have been prevented if I had switched to her much sooner. She is very quick in doing her examination and still very thorough. I highly recommend this doctor to other women. She does remember a patient from year to year even though she has so many patients that she sees. Having to be delayed because the doctor has a delivery is an inconvenience that one should appreciate because you know when it is your turn, she will be there for you.  Respond
RID: 227559
24/03/07 1 1 3 Although probably very knowledgeable, ZERO bedside manner! I found her to be very rude and short with her comments. I did not expect to be pampered but I expected respectful answers to my questions, not to be belittled. I was not comfortable with her and switched halfway through my pregnancy to another DR. and could not have been happier. Dr. Mah was always late (really, really late) and I know that it is hard to stay on time given her specialty, however my other Dr. didn't seem to have a problem. I found the ladies working in the reception area to be just as rude. Does anyone in that office like what they do for a living? SUre doesn't seem like it.  Respond
RID: 226871
23/03/07 2 1 3 I was seeing her in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. I miscarrried at 11 weeks. Dr. Mah did my D&C at the hospital. I mentioned to her the i will keep my appointment for the following week which was supposed to be a monthly prenatal appointment. I went to my appointment, she came in the room, asked how I was, then said "hop on the bed, lets se if we can hear your babies heartbeat" After she realized what happened she didn't even apologize.  Respond
RID: 223198
22/03/07 1 1 3 She is never on time (once in awhile you can understand, but this is always at least 40 minutes after your appointment). She seemed to know what she was talking about, but after putting me through a surgery she was still stumped and ended up sending me to someone else - which was good because I liked the other doctor much better.  Respond
RID: 212349
19/03/07 3 5 5 she is very good at what she does, she will not bet around the bush so if you don't want an honest opinion your at the wrong place  Respond
RID: 202036
15/03/07 2 4 5 I have seen Dr. Mah for many years. Yes, she is very busy, and yes you usually have to wait. I have found that if she is in a rush she will quickly examine you and send you off, but that if you genuinely have questions or concerns she will make sure to stop and explain. If you don't know what's going on, ASK! She can seem abrupt sometimes but I think it is only because she is so busy. If she has a fault, maybe it's that she takes on too many patients.  Respond
RID: 191920
13/03/07 1 1 1 In 1994 Dr. Mah dropped the ball, for me anyways. She induced my labor due to pre eclampsia and then left the hospital for almost three complete days. She left no instructions as to my care and left no orders for medication. The only doctor "higher" than her who could override her was away on vacation. The nurses and other doctors tried desperately to reach her. She was no where to be found, not at home, or at her office, or anywhere reachable for three days. I had complications in birth and labored hard with absolutely no medication for 56 hours. Much to the surprise of the multitude of staff at my bedside, at exactly the 56 hour point, Dr. Mah walked in to see me trying desperately to push the baby out. She looked scared and she grabbed the forceps and ripped my son from my body. He was in shock and later, while offering no explanation as to her behavior she said, "I nearly lost you both". I never went back to her. When quantity overrides quality, burnout will surely occur.  Respond
RID: 185184
12/03/07 3 5 5 I read through some of the comments on this site--OH MY--did you not feel pampered enough??, I have been with Dr. Ma for about ten years-- I think that she is a terrific Dr. who knows her business very well-- she may be late some times( whose baby was she delivering??or who needed her in the Hospital?? next time it may well be YOU)She is very Professonal,and dosn't spend more time then she has to, because there are to many others WAITING to see HER--I also found that she can be very GENTAL AND CARING, when I was Worried she even phoned me at HOME. I am very HAPPY to have HER  Respond
RID: 171147
05/03/07 2 5 5 I would like to start out saying that Dr. Mah is ver efficent and cares about everyone coming in and out of her office. She is the type of Dr that will not candy coat and basically tell you how it is straight up... and from all of her years experiance I would definately not go anywhere else. I have been with Dr. Mah for a very long time and know that when she is late it is for a very good reason as in delivering or tending to a patient in the hospital or in her office. The staff she has in her office are great and willing to help out when they can, but again when sitting in the waiting room it is unbelievable the amount of unpleasantries they have to deal with from patients who are unhappy plus having to do the work that ivolves how many patients a day. Well Dr. Mah keep doing a great job and I will see you next year.  Respond
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