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RID: 5547851
08/06/14 1 5 5 5 How can such a wonderful doctor have such a horrible person for a receptionist? I over heard her saying how much she hated me to another woman while I was waiting!! Right after that, she made a personal call to someone to walk her dog before she gets home. With all the great and helpful front desk staff out there in the workforce, I wonder how is this woman still employed?  Respond
RID: 5346471
16/04/14 5 5 5 5 Am so blessed Dr. Rosengarten was on duty to deliver my child. He was not following my pregnancy. His manner was so professional and genuine during labour & post delivery. He let me know my options at all stages of my labour and took the time to understand my hopes for delivery. Am very grateful my child was brought into the world by this Dr. and not by the Dr. who was following the third trimester of my pregnancy.  Respond
RID: 3644966
30/12/13 1 2 3 3 His receptionist is horrible. She is outrageously rude and cold and is not organized. She makes everything delayed.  Respond
RID: 3609494
19/11/13 5 5 5 5 He is Dr. Awesome! I had a complicated pregnancy and required a c section surgery. Dr. Rosengarten took great care of me and made me feel totally comfortable! I was not planning to have a second pregnancy but because of Dr. Rosengarten, I am willing to try again and hopefully get pregnant so Dr. Rosengarten can deliver my baby again! Thank you so much Dr. Awesome, you are the best!  Respond
RID: 3593412
01/11/13 5 4 5 5 Dr Rosengarten is the best gynecologist in Vancouver!! I had visited him 3 times before I wrote this review, he is brilliant and professional. He made me feel completely comfortable and took the time to give thorough answers to my questions. He showed his care and attentive on every visit. The staff Liz is super friendly. He really helping to resolve my health problem and keep following up/monitoring my condition. 
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RID: 3592141
31/10/13 5 4 5 5 Dr Rosengarten is THE BEST OB EVER!!! He is extremely caring, honest and real. He will respond to calls and emails promptly regardless of how busy he is, you may on occasion have a bit of a wait for an appointment, but believe me, it is because he is in huge demand and worth the wait!!He will never make you feel rushed during your appointment, always make you feel at ease and you can feel confident that you are in the best care around. I am back with him for my second pregnancy and he is still as wonderful as we remember him to be. I trust him 100% and wouldn't trust my care anyone else around. I feel so lucky to be with such a great doctor during the biggest changes of our lives!! Crossing our fingers that we get him for our delivery:)  Respond
RID: 2774950
18/08/13 5 5 5 5 EXCELLENT Dr. The best, from what we've heard. My wife was referred to him through the South Community Birthing Program, and we are forever grateful. Dr. Rosengarten was very knowledgeable, and had a very confident and calming manner. His prenatal care right through the C-section in late July was top notch. Can't say enough good things!  Respond
RID: 2712320
18/07/13 3 5 5 5 I met Dr Rosengarten through the Best Birth Clinic at Women's Hospital as I'm hoping for a VBAC with my second pregnancy. My husband and I were astounded at his phenomenal bedside manner! He was caring, helpful, natural and everything I would ever hope for in a doctor. He did not perform surgery on me so I cannot address his skills in that area or comment on his staff but I've heard phenomenal things about him from others since my experience with him!  Respond
RID: 2401051
14/08/12 5 5 5 5 My experience as a smartlipo patient was exactly the contrary. I think that Dr Rosengarten is not only a phenomenal human being but an exceptional surgeon.Smartlipo inherently runs the risk of sometimes getting lumps. I had smartlipo done by another doctor and that was my previous experience, but with Dr Rosengarten my results were outstanding. He is a surgeon with twenty years of experience and personally I dont think that one could be in better hands.  Respond
RID: 2383018
24/07/12 5 5 3 1 While the doctor is a very personable man, I sincerely regret having smart lipo done by a gynecologist. A year and a half after the procedure I have lumps (not enough fat removed), gouges (too much fat removed) and long visible ridges (scar tissue resulting from the prong).  Respond
RID: 2372070
16/07/12 5 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is a brilliant human being and doctor, in my opinion. He made me feel completely at ease with the surgery needed. He spoke with me just before surgery, using his wonderful sense of humour to reasure me. The next evening he phoned me at home, just to make sure everything was going well. He even asked me about my chronically ill son!! Wow, I deal with a lot of doctors and he is simply one of the best!! Thank you Doctor for caring so much for "all" of me. Bev B.  Respond
RID: 2159286
23/05/12 5 5 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten performed and ECV on me (to manually turn a frank breech baby) and all though it was unsuccessful as she had already lowered into my pelvis I wanted to note his level of care, respect and professionalism. He has wonderful bedside manner and is actually quite charming and confident (not in a arrogant way). I had heard many wonderful things from my girlfriend (a patient of his), my Midwife and my Doula and was not disappointed.  Respond
RID: 2145378
17/05/12 5 2 5 5 I have struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember. When I went in for a consultation regarding smart lipo and found out that i was not a good candidate, i got emotional. Dr. Rosengarten didn't hesitate to offer me some kind words of encouragement and make me feel better. I can not stress how much I admire his honesty and compassion. He is a caring doctor with his patient's best interests at heart, i look forward to my next appointment with him and i don't want anyone else doing the operation.  Respond
RID: 1798444
25/03/12 5 4 5 5 He is the very best doctor on the planet. Compassionate, caring, capable. I had 2 difficult pregnancies and deliveries and I trusted him 100% and he got me through with as little pain and stress as could have been possible. He is a wonderful doctor and I could not recommend him more highly. Any patient of his is a lucky woman.  Respond
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RID: 1142184
03/04/10 5 4 5 5 I met Dr. Rosengarten in 1992, when he was a Resident for my own Gynecologist and I was post-operative in hospital. My own doctor was away after the surgery and therefore, Dr. Rosengarten was taking my case. I was so impressed with his professionalism and concerns for my health during my lengthy stay in hospital due to complications. When my own Gyne. doctor retired, I requested a referral to have Dr. Rosengarten as my new Gynecologist. He is very concerned about his patient's overall health, not just the singular reason for visiting his office and having a consult. I find his knowledge excellent and he is also encouraging in a healthy lifestyle too for his patients. Apart from the occasional emergencies that will mean he is delayed for appointments, I have absolutely not one criticism to make in rating his professional skills.  Respond
RID: 1016813
23/10/09 5 4 5 5 I had a natural birth for my first born with no epidural and Dr.Rosengarten as my doctor. He was thoroughly impressed. He was supportive of my decision throughout my pregnancy, although a bit unsure of my pain tolerance :) Now I have moved to the North Shore, I would not want anyone else as my doctor but him because he makes me feel at ease and in good hands. The students at Women's were the only ones trying to convince me to get the epidural as they had witnessed 600 births and not one women who didn't want one.  Respond
RID: 996026
25/09/09 4 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is truly is impressive, I could not have been in better hands!! I will never forget him. He made me feel at ease, always patient and very knowledgeable. He made my pregnancy experience even better. I was surprised to hear the opinion that he would encourage unnecessary C-section or epidurals, as this was quite the opposite of my experience with him. He only uses these procedures when medically needed.  Respond
RID: 969846
23/08/09 3 2 3 5 Women - do not trust these comments, they are extremely unreliable - any person can log in, including companies that are paid to do so and leave good comments, or more so, challenge negative ratings. The staff working in the field of medicine that you are requiring a doctor for are the best experts on who to see. I wouldn't refer family/friends to Rosengarten. He is proud of his nearly 100% epidural rate. He takes risks other doctors wouldn't (risks to mom or babes health). Every woman having a vaginal delivery will do so on their back. He makes promises to patients regarding their hospital care that are completely unrealistic. Yes his bedside manner can be very caring and patient, but not enough to make up for the negatives  Respond
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RID: 864785
18/04/09 3 3 5 5 one word...awesome!!! he performed some surgery on me, and he was wonderful throughout the whole process. answered all my questions, told me everything about the procedure, and was very caring (which I haven't found in many doctors). So, very cool...not bad looking either!  Respond
RID: 832357
17/03/09 4 4 5 5 Yes, the reception staff can leave a little to be desired and yes, Mark can run late but it's well worth the wait! Mark Rosengarten is so kind and caring and if nothing else he is dead cute and has a great South African accent!  Respond
RID: 798517
24/02/09 5 1 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten ROCKS! He makes you feel really comfortable and when you leave his office you feel like you've got all the facts. I also like that he promotes natural births. What I don't like about going to see him is that he's always really, really late. My first appointment I waited 1 hour 45 minutes. Oh well...he had to run out to deliver a baby! His reception staff totally suck. They are outrageously rude and cold and make me feel like I'm wasting their time or interrupting their break every time I speak to them. I cannot believe how horrible they are. They should retire or pop some pills before work. I only put up with them because Dr. Rosengarten is awesome. I went to an appointment with my husband and he asked me what I did to "piss off" the recpetionist because she was so rude to me.  See Responses
RID: 747437
20/12/08 5 4 5 5 When I chose Dr. Rosengarten, I had no idea who he was or how he was as a doctor, only because he was also the OB of one of my co-workers and she said he was good. Then I stumbled on this website and read all the good reviews. After I had my first visit, I finally understood what everyone was talking about. He is pleasant, genuine, caring, sensitive, patient and knowledgeable. He took really good care of me throughout my pregnancy. He listened patiently and answered my questions thoroughly. I had a smooth delivery but developed complications afterwards (he did not deliver my baby as he was not on call). He gave me 101% of his attention to look after me, seeing me everyday either at his office or at the hospital to clean my wound, despite his very busy schedule. Thanks to him, I received the best care and I am slowly healing now. Dr. Rosengarten is the best OBGYN to have. His staff Denise, Liz and his mom Mrs. Rosengarten are friendly and I felt welcome to be there every time.  Respond
RID: 715564
04/11/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is without a doubt the most knowledgeable, kind, respectful, professional doctor I have ever encountered. Far from pushing medical interventions, such as c-sections or epidurals, he makes resources and information available, while allowing the patient to be in control of her birth experience. Despite the fact that I had twice experienced hemorrhaging in previous pregnancies he was confident that I could deliver my baby naturally, but supportive of my choice to have a c-section. Never was I forced, coerced or even nudged in a particular direction. He accommodated my requests to see specialists, was nonjudgmental when I felt nervous or overwhelmed, and remained calm and supportive throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I would recommend this doctor without hesitation; he is a paragon in the field of medicine. (Office staff are charming and helpful, by the way.)  Respond
RID: 700648
12/10/08 5 5 5 5 Very professional, courteous, caring and knowledgeable. If only more doctors nowadays could have his bedside manner and level of expertise. He delivered my daughter and he always made me feel like I was in control, despite a very difficult labour. I would have to say that anyone who may think he is not a supporter of "natural childbirth", should in fact question their own biases rather than criticize such a wonderful physician. He always puts his patient's best interests first and in fact has one of the lowest C-section rates at BC Women's Hospital. I will definitely go back to see him for my next child.  Respond
RID: 687758
19/09/08 4 4 4 5 I had Dr R for minor surgery (not that minor to me), not pregnancy. Nice man, very good doc, knows his stuff. He was excellent at explaining the procedure, skilled at the surgery itself & attentive at the hospital. Took much time to speak w.family at hosp. Responded to calls & never rushed me out. Invited questions/phonecalls & staff was nice. I do think he has so many patients that things can very occasionally get hectic/overlooked (eg missed sharing 1 test result). So follow up on tests; just ask & he'll give you the info. He was once a little snippy to a question (had a bit of a 'tude) but perhaps it was ill-phrased or he was having an off day. (To be fair, only happened 1x & we asked many questions.) I don't know how anyone could do that job, with that volume of patients & questions, without occasionally getting snippy. Overall, if I were to get pregnant, based on his track record/my experience, I would go back. Re: rating himself, you've gotta be kidding. I doubt he has the time.  Respond
RID: 684772
15/09/08 5 4 5 5 I found Dr. Rosengarten to be extremly thorough, he answered all my questions and did not seem rushed, even though there were patients waiting. I found his office staff very helpful, pleasant and organized ( not the least bit NASTY as one comment suggested) I was told there had been some changes with the call group and that the hospital had made the changes. Too bad there aren't more Dr.s like Dr. Rosengarten...I would recommend him without hesitation...  Respond
RID: 683731
12/09/08 5 5 5 5 I think Dr. Rosengarten is the most amazing doctor, I think a lot of doctors can learn from him he is the most patience he makes patient feel like the were the only pregnant woman on EARTH, he sits and listen and gives everyone the amount of time they need no matter what. If there is a concern he will act fast and will be there for you phoning and checking on you.His secretaries are the most amazing helpful and kind.I wish for every pregnant woman the good furtune of being under dr. Rosengarten care.  Respond
RID: 669596
21/08/08 5 5 5 5 I am a Husband, and very jelous, this Dr seems to be like the one played by Richard Gere on Dr. T. and the Women. We have two wonderfould children delivered by this excellent Doctor. I Belive that every woman should have the right to have a Painless birth. Doctor Rosengarten does not promote any c section or other procedures but they are some woman that like to sufer and write their remaks in here.  Respond
RID: 667855
19/08/08 4 5 2 2 I'd like to share another perspective on Dr.Rosengarten. He may be polite, with a nice bed-side manner. But my experience was that he represents the extreme / conservative and conventional perspective on labour and birth -ie. the "medical model", with advice flavored by strong personal opinion, not supported by evidence-based facts. He basically suggests the mom should be happy to sit giveback, take pain killer drugs, and let him hand her the baby. He strongly supports various medical interventions as a matter of policy, including induced labour and scheduled c-sections; not matter of course for other doctors under same circumstances. His episiotomy and c-sections rates are sky high comparatively and he does not support "natural childbirth" principals; btw, he has a terrible reputation among the midwife community. I don't think he's a bad doctor, just one that represents a specific medical mindset, so you may wish to keep this in mind as you consider your choice of caregiver.  See Responses
RID: 643265
20/07/08 5 5 5 5 dr rosengarten is the best he is so kind and sweet and really takes care of you while you are pregnant. i look forward to seeing him every time because he always makes all my pregnancy worry's go away! if you want the best of the best while pregnant ...go and see dr rosengarten!  Respond
RID: 583836
05/05/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is amazing!! His bedside manner is outstanding. Throughout my entire pregnancy (which included bed rest), he was so positive and honest about everything and the potential outcome. I was so thankful that he was there to deliver our twins and could not have asked for a better Doctor!  Respond
RID: 566081
15/04/08 5 5 5 5 the best ever he should be bronzed, he is very kind and pleasant and has amazing consideration for his patients, and his skills as a doctor in practice is professionally AA++. answered all my questions, very helpful advice and medical exam administered by a true professional/  Respond
RID: 562043
09/04/08 4 4 5 5 Dr.R is awesome! He helped me with both by pregnancies and IF I have another baby, there is no one else that I'd see. He made my husband and I feel very relaxed when we were anxious first time parents.  Respond
RID: 558456
05/04/08 5 5 5 5 I am the husband and I can't wait to go back and see him!!!! He was extremely good to us.This guy is first class and truly has a gift from God. A HUGE thank you to him and his incredible team at the office.  Respond
RID: 548496
26/03/08 5 5 5 5 I couldn't help but to laugh from the last comment but Dr. Rosengarten does ROCK! He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and he makes you special and not just another number. He is also very compassionate, caring and kind and I was very grateful. Having your first child can be very stressful but Dr. Rosengarten's experience definitely puts you at ease. Also, his staff are wonderful and very helpful - I thought it was very cute how Dr. Rosengarten's Mom also helps out in the office - she is such a cute little woman. And, yes...seeing him and the attention you get, he does make you want to have another baby soon. I can't wait to go back to see him for our second!  Respond
RID: 479484
09/01/08 4 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten has delivered 3 of my children and will be delivering my fourth. (granted all C-sections) He has excellent manners and knowledge and can make a rookie parent feel like a pro and a repeat parent feel at ease, knowing that he does nothing but encourages you with his wit, charm and ability to make you feel that you are in control. He deserves every bit credit for making a medical system that lacks bedside manners and accessability- seem incorrect.... I fortunately never had to wait to see him.. my GP referred me and I saw him 3 weeks later!  Respond
RID: 413738
18/09/07 4 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is the best OB out in Vancouver (in my opinion). He delivered our second child by planned c-secion and we were so relaxed, comfortable with no worries at all. He's personable, knowledgeable, friendly and great bedside manner. Would recommend him to any pregnant woman looking for an OB.  Respond
RID: 406066
17/09/07 4 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is the best doctor I could have asked for! Not only during the birth of my first baby, but also for the week after when I had to be back in the hospital for internal bleeding. He is the most wonderful, gentle and caring doctor and I am deeply grateful to him for all his care and concern before, during and after my pregnancy.He is going to be my gynaecologist for all children I have, definetly if I am in Vancouver.  Respond
RID: 405165
17/09/07 5 4 5 5 Dr Rosengarten is the best doctor I could have asked for. I had him for my first pregnancy and hope to have him for the next. He was kind, patient and caring. He answered all of our questions and eased my fears about delivery. He made my pregnancy a fantastic experience.  Respond
RID: 334886
01/06/07 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is very personable and made me feel at ease immediately. I went to him for a gynecological problem at my GP's suggestion. At this point I really wasn't expecting him to be able to help me since I had already gone to another GYN. who was a goof. He asked me some questions and told me that his nurse would call with a surgery date. Fully expecting a yearlong wait to my amazement she called later that day with a date only 1 month away. I had the surgery which turned out better than expected.The follow-up from the Dr. office was wonderful. 5 years later I was having more problems and went back. After a brief chat he knew exactly what was going on and corrected it right in his offices. I haven't had a problem since. I have raved about him to my friends who have the same type of problem I had.  Respond
RID: 313016
08/05/07 4 5 5 I came to him for cysts. I was afraid and the waiting room was full of pregant woman...I just felt scared. He was excellent and reassuring and I am fine now. they took care of themselves, as he said they would.  Respond
RID: 300188
27/04/07 3 5 5 He is a very kind, considerate, and caring professional. I have only seen him for gynecological reasons, but hope someday I will need him for ob reasons. I have been dealing with infertility and he has been so understanding and willing to help me try anything out there that is possible. He is very honest about success rates and what will and won't work. My only complaint that I think sometimes he is almost too positive!  Respond
RID: 285612
17/04/07 4 5 5 My first birth was extremely difficult, however I was given a beautiful baby girl. When I became pregnant with my second child, I asked my family Dr, for a understanding, gentle and professional OB. She recommended Dr Rosengarten. I agree the waiting time was well worth it, he even apologised when he was running late. This may sound crazy, but I thought many times, how could a man no so much about a women and how we feel. His sense of humour and compassion was amazing,the birth was calm, joyous and exciting, not like my first, he new my fears and did everything he could to control a safe birth. If there is ever a 3rd I would love to have him, if he would accept us. We even saw him out at a park, and he remembered our names and the babies..along with a big hug hello. Amazing bedside manner!! We are blessed with such a Dr.  Respond
RID: 282896
16/04/07 4 5 5 I have known Mark now for 13 years and I could't ask for a better dr.I too have had to wait for him,but I never minded. He is well worth the wait,and I never doubt anything he says nor does. I trust him completely.He is so personable,and with my daughter, since she was my first,he explained everything to me as I went along in my pregnancy.He has even phoned me from his home to check in on me when I was havin some problems.Unfortunately he was away when I went into labor as my daugter was a month early but as soon as he got back he was at the hospital visiting me. My son he didn't get to deliver also as he just did a 48 hr shift but again,he was at my bedside the next day after his shift at the office.I can't say enough good things about him and I look forward to his care when I get pregnant with my next!!Everyone I know who has him,rants and raves about him, even my husband who doesn't impress easy!He is the BEST!!!  Respond
RID: 277752
13/04/07 3 5 5 Dr R is just the best! He spends as much time with you as you need (hence it can sometimes be a wait to see him, but well worth it), answers all your questions and more and really understands how you're feeling. He's the best in the Lower Mainland from what I've heard and i wouldn't see anyone else.  Respond
RID: 229168
24/03/07 5 5 5 Dr Rosengarten helped me deliver my first son over 10 years ago. He was still fairly new, and it had been long and horrible, but he was very nice and explained everything. He wasn't my OBGYN, but somehow, showed up for the birth of my daughter 8 years ago. When he saw my name, he remembered how horrible it had been for me the first time and promised to try his best to make it better this time. I was very apprehensive, but sure enought. Despite diffulties, it was a much better experience. Although I loved my OBGYN, Dr Reimer, it would be a tough call for me to choose if I ever ended up pregnant again. Love him! And he's cute too!  Respond
RID: 228864
24/03/07 3 5 5 I cannot say enough about Mark Rosengarten. He is absolutely the best! He is personable, skilled, and professional. He delivered my son by emergency C-section after an 18 hour labor. I was so impressed with him that I saw him when I was pregnant with my daughter, even though we had moved to North Vancouver by that time. Mark delivered my daughter (breech) by planned C-Section and it was a wonderful experience. After having my children, I have met many other women who have had Mark as their doctor and they have also had extremely positive experiences. He often runs a little late but it is well worth the wait to see him. I don't know if Gail (his nurse) is still there, but she was a gem and always had a warm welcome for me and made an appointment seem like a visit with friends. (Hi Gail from Susan!) HIGHLY recommended.  Respond
RID: 226962
23/03/07 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is fantastic. He takes the time to make you feel comfortable and at ease. He is right on target when explaining what you are probably going through at each stage of pregnancy. When my husband and I had our first child, he was on rotation and didn't deliver our baby, but he came in to visit us in the hospital room after we settled in and took the time to see how we were doing. He just made us feel better. You could tell he had been up delivering babies all day and all night, but he still came to visit us. Our second baby is approaching in a couple of weeks and we are very excited about Dr. Rosengarten being there for us again. One of my clients at work had him as her OB about seven years ago and has nothing but good things to say about him. Our family loves Dr. Rosengarten.  Respond
RID: 203800
15/03/07 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten was my OBGYN 7 years ago and I still tell everyone he is the greatest doctor you can ever deal with. He is personable, knowledgeable and caring. He always had time to answer any questions and I never felt rushed out of the hospital after delivery (like some women experience). I could not have asked for better care for my first (and only) pregancy.  Respond
RID: 198299
14/03/07 5 5 5 I didn't meet Dr. Roasengarten until the due date of my first baby. She was BIG and Breech. Dr. Rosengarten explained every senario with me and my husband and I was in surgery a few days later. I was terrified, but he made me feel at ease. I have 2 more babies delivered by Dr. Rosengarten (via C's) and we were totally confident in his abilities and expertise. It was esecially nice to have him come by to visit me each night I was in hospital to share a few good laughs. Anyone who has had a bad experience with Dr. Rosengarten must have caught him on the only bad day he has ever had. This man is totally run off his feet with the number of women want him to deliver their babies and he he makes every efford to accommodate them and when you get in that room with him, earthquakes can occur and he will still give you his undevided attention. I was very lucky to have him deliver all three of my babies. He's the best!  Respond
RID: 176460
07/03/07 5 4 5 Excellent. One of the Best if not the Best. Very Thorough, Makes his patients feel relaxed, Always Polite, Does not like to have to cancell appointments, but sometimes Babies do not wait for delivery.  Respond
RID: 172005
05/03/07 4 5 5 What a gem. Cannot believe anyone would have anything bad to say about this caring, concerned doctor. The biggest problem is that there is only one of him.  Respond
RID: 159072
26/02/07 4 5 5 I am not sure how anyone had a negative exp. with Dr. R. He answered my questions before I asked them, was kind, caring, never rushing us, he delivered my second daughter on his day off with his own kids waiting for him in the car.  Respond
RID: 126091
03/02/07 5 5 5 Excellent! Dr. R delivered both of our sons. We would not go to anyone else but him when we found out we were pregnant the second time. He is absolutely the best OBGYN. Caring, compassionate, attentive, regards your wants and needs with sincerity, etc. Anyone who copmplains about this Dr. must have their own issues because there is not one thing I could say that is negative about him!  Respond
RID: 116031
28/01/07 5 5 5 I was born 9 years ago and he was my mom's doctor.She said he is the best doctor in town!He never rushes you and always greets you.  Respond
RID: 114445
26/01/07 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I thought that he was very compassionate and understanding. He took my concerns seriously and also took the time to answer all my questions without making me feel rushed. He even did further research for me into a new treatment for Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the condition that complicated my pregnancy. He treated the HG agressively preventing it from getting worse. I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Respond
RID: 99846
18/01/07 4 1 2 I was very saddened by the lack of caring by this doctor. Though I was a " high risk" pregnancy patient, he refused to see me until 24 weeks. Though I was 41, underweight, and had multiple losses previously, he would not see til 24 weeks. At 12 weeks pregnancy , my son appeared to be doing well via ultrasound. Sadly, at 17 weeks, I had a bit of bleeding and the ultrasound revealed that my baby had died, though not miscarried. I was at Women's hospital at this time. Even so, he would not get involved. The result was that I had to beg for some OB to do the surgery 5 days later to remove my dead son - as it turned out he was. I felt this doctor did not care at all. I would avoid him - my experience was horrible.  Respond
RID: 92848
16/01/07 4 5 5 Dr. Rosengarten is sensitive, caring and funny. He is also extremely knowledgeable. I felt at ease with my pregnancy because of him. He has a terrific bedside manner and is simply the best doctor I have ever been to. I would Highly recommend him to anyone, as he treats you like you are his only patient. He is remarkable!  Respond
RID: 57425
20/11/06 5 5 5 Excellent doctor, highly HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rosengarten. He is one of the most caring and sincere doctors I have ever had.  Respond
RID: 54065
02/11/06 3 5 5 Absolutely fantastic, my wife had extreme morning sickness throughout her entire pregnancy, so bad that she only "ate" by IV. Dr Rosengarten got her an PICCs line impanted and took fantastic care of her, he refered to her pregnancy as a once in a career pregnancy because of its difficulty and he made everything wonderful. To give an idea of the difficulty of the pregnancy, my wife's file at Women's Hospital was about an inch thick and is now being used as a teach aid. From my experience one cannot get a better OBGYN than Dr Rosengarten.  Respond
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