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this dentist is horrible!!! she caused me soo much pain for a few fillings! i had to go get a root canal because of her!!! also-when i tried to get my records to go to a different dentist, her office staff was rude and would not give them to me. AFTER this experience, i heard all kinds of similar stories from other past clients. WARNING: DO NOT GO HERE!!!! SHE'LL END UP COSTING YOU MORE MONEY IN WORK DONE BECAUSE OF HER! MY $969 ROOT CANAL IS EVIDENCE TO THAT FACT, NOT TO MENTION THE $500 CROWN THEY HAVE TO PUT ON!!! The worst part is that I'M NOT DONE YET! I still have another root canal to have done because of her. she drills to the nerve and then it becomes infected! My teeth were fine before I visited her!!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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flag | Submitted Nov. 16, 2010

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