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I have had/seen: 3 GI Doctors (countless regular doctors), 4 Days in Hospital, 4 CAT Scans, 2 X-Rays, Ultrasound internal & external, Colonoscopy, Capsule Endoscopy and Countless lab tests. Yet 45 minutes in his office Dr. Losurdo and his resident (wish I remembered her name) figured out what was wrong with me. I am in the process of treatment that so far is working. This guy is awesome!! I would highly recommend him to everyone. He is kind, understanding and brilliant!! I will forever remembering him telling me that my condition is "very real, treatable, very painful and is NOT in my head." Everyone else made me feel that my pain was all in my head, but he took the time and figured it out and never once treated me like I was crazy!!! Great Man! His Resident was also awesome!!!

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