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Dr. Harry Verby in San Mateo is highly skilled in the proper management of medication due to his extreme knowledgeability in chemical composition of the drugs he prescribes and the physiology of the body. He is extremely talented in his specialty. It is very hard to find a doctor who truly cares about the patients. His biggest attribute is his Knowledge of treatment which is primarily or possibly solely medication. He has helped me beyond belief and has changed my life through helping me reach the ultimate goal of emotional and mental stability. His specialty is ADD/ADHD and offers Quotient Testing for clients of all ages. He likes to monitor each patient very closely to ensure they are receiving the maximum benefits from his treatment plan(s). Rare find in regards to pure intelligence and talent in his field. Highly recommended to all. He is blunt (in a good way) and will let you know if he can possibly help you or may refer you to someone who has a higher likelihood of doing so.

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