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I was in tremendous pain and could not get answers from other doctors, just prescriptions or temporary treatment that did not resolve the true medical condition that was causing me to have frequent painful episodes regarding my hands, arms, and shoulders that become numb, very painful like on fire, not being able to move them and my neck, back pain and headaches follow these attacks. Dr. Shawa on my very first visit scheduled appropriate tests and explained why he believed these tests would confirm what his professional assessment was. He also set-up future physical therapy to assist in my rehabilitation and minimal medication regarding narcotics, and for this and all above mentioned and more, I TRULY RECOMMEND for anyone to set an appointment to experience the outstanding service not only from Dr. Shawa, but from his entire staff. You will be amazed, truly. Sincerely and Gratefully, Michele J.

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flag | Submitted Jan. 22, 2013

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