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In short, I left the consultation in tears. This doctor may be a brilliant surgeon but he is a terrible healthcare partner. He cut me off whenever I asked a question, he was condescending and refused to spell the medical terminology he was using to explain my condition (I like to take notes.) Rather than let me ask questions he said I could listen while he dictated his report into the phone (he mumbled the entire time.) I hope to god I never need his expertise as I'm not sure I could go through that again. Do not see this man for a consultation without a support person in attendance. I was too flustered, humiliated and incensed to stand my ground and ask the questions I came to ask - that the Rheumatologist sent me to ask. I was told to come back when pain was unbearable and not before because it would be a waste of everyone's time. I did not learn anything about my options. A terrible terrible experience.

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flag | Submitted July 19, 2013

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