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After a bad mammogram, I was referred to Dr. Mackey. I was scared. Dr. Mackey was able to reduce my fears with the time that she spent explaining procedures, next steps, and lab results. She guided me thru the Duke system, even making appointments for related procedures. She's always running late for her office visits, but I will never complain again after my last visit. She is very patient centered, and stays with you until you have all your questions answered. For those of us with limited knowledge of breast cancer, this is crucial in the decision making process. Her surgeries (I had two) were gentle, required no post-op meds, with minimal scarring or bruising. She is incredibly knowledgeable and lessens the stress of googling the results of every lab test. I would recommend her to everyone I know & when I list those that I am thankful to for in this recent journey, she is at the top of my list.

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