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Specialty:Internist / Geriatrician
Practice: Dermatology Associates
Hospital: St. David's Pavilion
Med. School:Texas Tech University Health Science Center School Of Medicine
Grad. Year: 1985

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Online Appt. Scheduling: Unknown
Accepting New Patients:Y

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RID: 4785673
05/02/14 SYSTEM: 'birds of a feather' rating (based on Medicare patients-in-common): 5.0  Respond
20/10/13 SYSTEM: First Name changed from "Tere" to "Tere L." 
RID: 2668820
03/06/13 3 3 1 1 I was her patient for about 5 years and saw her once, all other times, I could only see the physician's assistant. If I requested that I want to see the doctor, than I got the run around. Twice they called in the wrong dosage to the pharmacist on a medicine that I had been taking for almost 4 years and I called them to make sure they are increasing the dosage and their answer was, we will correct the dosage and it is no big deal.  Respond
RID: 1729892
06/03/12 3 4 2 2 I am looking for a new internist.When I asked her why she didn't do a number of items on a recommended annual physical list I brought in. She told me she only has to "fulfill the state requirements." She never asks about my ongoing medical problems. At my last physical,she forgot to check my breasts.just asked if I had any complaints! I have to ask her to look with the light in my eyes.Seems distracted and bored. Buh-bye Doc. 
Insurance: Aetna
RID: 1505810
06/08/11 1 1 1 1 I have gone to see Dr. Coats a few times now, and I won't be going back. I was thoroughly unimpressed--with the staff, with her PA, and with her. A couple months ago I was sent for a battery of tests that I didn't need. Then, when I went back for a physical this week, she didn't even examine me--at all. I've got a high white blood cell count, which was detected back in May. I went back to follow up. Some follow up: she didn't ask if I had any pain anywhere, she didn't check to see if I have appendicitis, she didn't ask any questions about my overall health, etc. I waited six weeks for this appointment and then an hour in the waiting room, all so that she could order another blood test. Why she didn't just do that weeks ago without me being required to come in for another appointment is beyond me. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 987055
14/09/09 1 1 1 4 You have to wait 1 to 2 hours EVERY TIME to be seen. Whether it's Coats or her PA..I've been there a year...I'm going to find a new doctor. Also you never EVER get a callback from the nurse unless you call them 4 or 5 times! Not worth the wait and then you get stuck paying parking fees cos they can't get their schedules correct..Bad customer service! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 847548
30/03/09 2 2 2 1 I went to Dr. Coats for several years. When I started having dizziness she told me I was diabetic on the basis of a single blood test result. Although she did not recommend it, I bought the equipment so I could monitor my sugar levels carefully. Over a period of several weeks of self testing, my tests never indicated a problem. A friend of mine who is diabetic told me doctors use multiple blood tests to make this diagnosis, not just one. I made another appointment to discuss this with her. She told me she "tells her patients that to scare them"! Scare them!!?? I was shocked she would intentionally mislead me. She never was able to diagnosis my problem, a simple allergy. Her office staff was a nightmare.  Respond
RID: 828234
13/03/09 4 4 4 5 Both husband and I see this MD: excellent PAs also. Keeps current on new medical info and not afraid to refer to specialists if necessary. 
Insurance: United Healthcare
RID: 807864
04/03/09 4 3 5 5 Dr. Coats has been my primary doctor for several years. I have always received very good care. She takes time to explain the diagnoses and treatment. She uses common words to explain but does not talk down to you. She is honest and straightforward with her opinion without being condescending. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 736541
04/12/08 5 4 5 5 One of the most intelligent and compassionate M.D.'s I have known. She is probably the last M.D. of her caliber I will be able to afford to see. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $25
RID: 731230
27/11/08 5 4 1 5 Their voice mail system is pure hell. They have no after hours number except 911. Why would you dial 911 if you aren't sure it's an emergency and tie up that service? Horrible access to prescription refills. 
Insurance: CIGNA
RID: 694377
01/10/08 1 2 3 3 It is almost impossible to get anyone to return a call. I received a voice mail telling me my test results were not good to call immediately for a consult with the doctor. I called twice, no one ever returned my calls. Similar thing happened to my husband. Like the doctor, but the support staff is rude and unconcerned. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 497733
28/01/08 1 5 1 3 Sick with the flu, bronchitis, and laryngitis, I got a new patient appt with a PA fairly quickly. But when I showed up they said, "Oh, I'm sorry. We don't have any new patient appts today. When you called, you must have said you were a sick patient, not a new patient." NO, I said I was a NEW SICK patient! The front desk woman was not very sympathetic (almost rude), but they did still see me.. I also have a tooth infection that needs a root canal, AND I’m set to start an IVF cycle. So the root canal is scheduled for Thursday morning, and I called Dr. Coats’ office to ask if it was OK to do it this soon, (considering both infection and the steroids she put me on). Not only is my root canal timing all tied up in my infection-healing timing, but it's also all tied up in my IVF timing. If at all possible, I need to have the root canal Thursday, but I also can't have the root canal if the doctor says not to! The front desk woman was very rude, and they never called back. At all. 
Insurance: Humana
RID: 477866
07/01/08 4 3 5 5 Dr. Coats always takes time to listen and answer your questions. She doesn't rush you and is up to date on all the latest drugs and developments. I've seen her for about 14 years now and am very happy with the care she has given me. 
Insurance: United Healthcare
RID: 132456
08/02/07 4 5 5 I've been seeing her for 8 years or more and I've never known or seen better. The thing that most impresses me... beside her wonderful manner... is the her knowledge and the way she seems to stay up with the state of her art. 
Insurance: United Healthcare
RID: 53336
30/10/06 4 5 5 I highly recommend Dr. Coats . . . is a fabulous doctor! I have been going to her for 10 years. She takes time to talk with me, listens to me and is focused on prevention and getting healthy. She is very knowledgeable on new treatments, medicines and prevention aids. Unlike, most doctors, Dr. Coats explains the complex simply so that patients understand. SHE IS QUITE SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST DOCTORS! 
Insurance: United Healthcare
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