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I went to Dr. Matriciano for hemorrhoides. He had me undress from the waist down to take a look. He had a female nurse in the room. Without asking/informing me he put an anoscope in me to look inside. There was no warning, no explanation. I thought he was just going to look outside. I begged him to stop, asking please God, stop, but he did not. I was crying. My son in the waiting room could hear me screaming. It hurt worse than childbirth. If I had known what he was going to do, I would have let him know that I have a prolapsed, tilted back uterus, so even a digital exam from behind can be excruciating if not done right. Ever since the exam, I have not been able to pee straight. It sprays back and I need to dry off everywhere afterwards. My left pelvic region has hurt since that day. My next stop will be my GYN to see if any damage was done physically. Emotionally, damage was done. I felt violated when he would not stop the exam when I explicitly asked him to.

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