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Does anyone know about a Dr. Sarlo on Asheville hwy? I thought it was against the law to charge cash or money orders? This doctor called me back and tld me 1st visit would be $400.00 and tld me to bring my insurance cards I have Medicare and bcbs of tn. I asked why and he responded back in a rude way saying " this is my business and I can run it how he wants to!" because I asked because of the laws being changed. I made the appt but don't think I'm going. Any info? I heard about a family care practice on Kingston pike but don't remember the name. Anyone know?? You can email me any places that's better. U have diabetic neuropathy,lupus,and fibromyalgia. For the past few years I've taken OTC products and its at the point they no longer work. I need help cause I really don't know much about these places. You can email me at Thanks

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flag | Submitted April 21, 2013

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