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Referred to this doctor by another dermatologist. Multiple warts on bottom of foot. After many painfull treatments by the 1st doctor, I went to a 2nd doctor who told me it was a mosaic wart. It was one large wart that branched out and surfaced as seperate warts.He said knew of a doctor had this laser that could get rid of them. He said he was pretty sure he was the only one in RI that had one like it. He referred me to Dr. Fragola. He numbed the entire foot and went to work. He removed each wart with great precision. Felt no pain other than the needle to numb area.The procedure worked! No scarring. Many years of suffering before I found the right doctor. My advice is to get other opinions. Doctors are just people, not all are going to know the best way to solve your issue. Thanks Doctor Fragola!

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flag | Submitted June 14, 2012

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