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I was referred to Dr. Atwell, made an appointment for the Carrollton, GA location and was seen by Dr. Everts. I had a top wisdom tooth and the adjacent molar extracted just yesterday. Dr. Everts, although a young doctor, was very informative, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. I only had local anesthesia and was a little apprehensive since I drove an hour to his office, therefore had an hour to drive back home afterwards. Dr. Everts explained everything to my satisfaction, was open to all questions, and had both teeth out in about five short minutes. I felt no pain. I drove home holding an ice pack to my face and slept with an ice pack thru the night, so I have suffered no swelling. I did not have the pain medication filled and have been just fine taking ibuprophen only. I have not taken any today. My experience with Dr. Everts is the best it could be and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. *Don't know yet how much insurance will cover - may have to pay+

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