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RID: 5343581
14/04/14 4 4 4 4 Dr. Ciulla and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable and kind. My mother thinks the world of all of them. 
Insurance: Medicare
12/04/14 SYSTEM: 'birds of a feather' score (based on Medicare patients-in-common): 3.1 
RID: 5341705
11/04/14 5 5 5 5 I seen Dr. Ciulla in early January 2014 with a diagnoses of having a detached retina. After surgery the sight in my eye is better than what it was before. He reattached the retina and cleaned up some scare tissue left from an earlier cataract surgery. His staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions that I and my family had. 
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 5064444
06/02/14 5 4 5 5 Dr. Ciulla and his staff are great. I took my father to see Dr. Ciulla appox. 10 - 12 years ago and he corrected my dads eye sight from past surgeries gone wrong. Then my father was diagnoised with diebeties and had bleeding behind the eyes , he could not see at all until Dr. Ciulla corrected that as well and my dad never had problems after that. My mother had cataract surgery December 2012 at an office in in our home town. My mothers surgery was not a succsess, she was considered blind. She could see outlines and couldn't judge where things wereon her plate . Along with Dr. Ciulla and Dr. Dietch being honest and each of them having to work together my mother can now see . Her eyesight is now good enough to drive if she wanted to . Dr. Ciulla I would refer to anyone , as for his staff they are very polite and friendly we never have had a bad experience. Yes the wait is long at times and you may spend 2 -3 hours at the office. But I would rather wait for a professional.  Respond
RID: 3624625
04/12/13 5 5 5 5 I want to take the time to let others know how professional the staff and dr are. They worked me on the Fri. Labor Day weekend with an emergency detached left retina. Surgery was the same day at 6pm. He saw me Sat. for follow up and told me it looked good considering I could see nothing on Fri. Monday 12/3 he released me with 20/20 with my same glasses. We are back where I was vision wise and he didn't think I would be. I understand needing to wait sometimes because people had to wait when they made my first appointment because it was an emergency and I know when I went to him there were people who had the same emergency that I had 3 months ago. I feel a great caring dr. can't turn down people in need. I thank them staff and dr. For all the caring from the office to the surgery staff. I thank God that I was sent there. If anyone ever need eye care they would be the Dr I would refer them to.  Respond
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RID: 2861931
18/09/13 5 5 5 5 Excellent Dr wonderful human!! Did after hours surgery met me for follow up on a Saturday at his closed office on his time. I gave up on recovering my vision he kept me in the fight and have full vision back He changed my life in ways that cannot be explained in this space Staff was excellent handled FMLA and short term disability and insurance claims flawlessly. Wife and I were very lucky to have been referred to one of the most respected specialists in the country. Thank you Dr Ciulla 
Insurance: Aetna
Paid (or co-pay): $700
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RID: 2630800
29/04/13 5 5 5 5 I have nothing but the highest regard for Dr. Ciulla. My mother has been a patient for the past 10 years. Our very first meeting was an emergency situation about which her attending physician had phoned Dr. Ciulla. In fact, Dr Ciulla stayed well after the time he was supposed to leave the office to do all he could for my mother before he left.Not long after, he moved to Midwest where he has been treating her since. In our opinion, Dr. Cuilla's tenacity saved the sight in my Mother's eye. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2582934
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 2577669
05/03/13 5 3 5 5 The wait was long sometimes, but the wait was worth it. I was referred to Dr. Cuilla from my eye doctor in Terre Haute due to a tear in the retina of the left eye. Dr. Cuilla also found a tear in the right eye that had repaired itself. Laser surgery to "tack weld" the retina into place on both eyes and a gas bubble in the left eye to keep the tear closed, worked. I wear the same glasses I wore before surgery and have 20/20 vision with them. No floaters, and no pain (ever). I had this surgery the day before Thanksgiving 2012 and Dr. Cuilla opened the office on Thanksgiving day for followup after the surgery. Wow, how many other doctors would do that. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2573976
01/03/13 5 2 5 5 In 2001 at age 21, I was referred to Dr. Ciulla for a detached retina in my left eye. I had surgery the next day to fix it and regained some of my sight back. Over the past 12 years as his patient, he has been extremely helpful. In 2011, due to his dilliegence and willingness to address my worsening vision, I had an Electroretinograph done. This proved to show that I had Retinitis Pigmentosa. Dr. Ciulla has been supportive as I transition into vision loss, getting me set up with low vision doctors and Vocational Rehab. While the wait has always been a pain, the service more than makes up for it and I thank him for retaining the vision that I have left at age 30. 
Insurance: United Healthcare
RID: 2542792
27/01/13 5 5 5 5 I had to go see Dr Ciulla after a previous retina surgery failed. He and his staff are very caring and concerned. They take the time to explain what is going on and answer all of your questions. He even saw me on Saturday because there were concerns about the pressure in my eye. His expert care and skill repaired the damage from the new tear as well as repaired the scarred tissue from previous surgeries. If it had not been for him I would not be able to even see, much less read! 
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 2504217
17/12/12 5 5 5 5 12/17/2012 Dr. Ciulla gives me hope. Some ten years ago I was seen at Home Hospital in Lafayeete IN by the chief eye doctor for a sudden loss of vision who told me there was no treatment available. He told me he had met a very bright young Dr. who he would recommend that I see for a second opinion,Dr. Thomas Ciulla at Indiana University, Indianapolis IN, now at the Midwest Eye Inbstitute. Dr. Ciulla has diagnosed me with non age related machular degeneration, and today I have 20/40 vision in my left eye and limited general sight in myu right eye. This appears a hereditary condition from my mother who is now legally blind. Dr. Ciulla has treated me with laser surgery, and with eye injections of eyelia and other medicines. If it were not for his genius, and answered prayer, I believe I would be legally blind. I now lead a normal life; drive a car,read,do computer work and home repairs. Dr. Ciulla is approachable, kind, caring, professional, friendly,wisely analytical,and diligent. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2476110
16/11/12 5 5 5 5 I’ve just received my new glasses, which completes my recovery from suffering a detached retina. I’ve learned that the outcome could have been very disappointing but for the outstanding care I received from Dr. Ciulla at the Midwest Eye Institute. I am very thankful for his thoroughness and attention to detail. The surgery he performed was timely and highly professional. His post-op instructions were clear – I followed them to the letter and now enjoy the good results Dr. Ciulla forecasted. I would highly recommend Dr. Ciulla to anyone. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2453129
21/10/12 5 5 5 5 When my retinal vein occlusion was found in a routine optometric appointment, an emergency call was made to Dr. Ciulla's office for me to be seen immediately. His staff scheduled me that day and a complete workup/tests/pictures was done prior to my exam. I am sure this disrupted their schedule that day, but I would have never know it. From the front office personnel to Dr. Ciulla's assistants, all were very caring and sympathetic to me during a stressful time. Their efficiency and knowledge in administering all the tests helped provide a calming atmosphere for me. Dr. Ciulla's experience and easy to understand explanation of my situation/problem made me feel like everything that could possibly be done would be. He showed me the test results, pictures, and explained what had happened in my eye. The seriousness of the diagnosis was imparted with confidence on his part, which made me feel the same. Dr. Ciulla & his staff are valued caregivers as my treatment continues. 
Insurance: Humana
RID: 2448858
16/10/12 5 4 5 5 Thanks to Dr. Ciulla and staff for the skilled treatment and compassion I’ve received during my 2 years as a patient at Midwest Eye Institute. For someone who didn’t need reading glasses until age 50 to be told at age 56 that you are legally blind due to retinal bleeding was a very scary, terrible thing for me. Because of Dr. Ciulla’s skill and expertise my vision has been restored even exceeding his expectations. I’m so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Ciulla for my eye care and tell everyone about the successful results of my treatment. As for the comment referring to patients being herded like sheep through the office; I prefer to think of Midwest Eye, Dr. Ciulla and staff as a well oiled machine; each individual knows exactly what to do and does it with skill, compassion and encouragement. Dr. Ciulla is a skilled physician who shows genuine concern and caring compassion every step of the way. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Ciulla to anyone with a serious eye problem. 
Insurance: Anthem
RID: 2440326
06/10/12 5 4 5 5 I am so blessed to have been sent to Dr. Ciulla! If I have to wait awhile in the office that is fine with me. Because Dr. Ciulla and the Staff are proffesionals and I know should my visit need extra time with them..they will give me the same attention. Dr. Ciulla has performed a miracle by saving my eye sight!!! I would not want any other Dr. treating me! I have all the confidence and faith a patient can possibly have for Dr. Ciulla and his Staff. The entire Staff is supportive and share in your happiness with progress in your results. I should add that when I first went to see Dr. Ciulla...my sight was so near gone...it was quite a few visits before I could see what any of the Staff looked like!! I thank God for Dr. Ciulla! 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2432568
25/09/12 5 5 5 5 Dr. Ciulla saw me as an emergency case as I had a detached retina. He got me into surgery as quickly as possible which turned out to be a Friday evening of a holiday weekend(Labor Day). The surgery was done at the surgery center at the Midwest Eye Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. I cannot say enough about how well I was treated by Dr Ciulla and the staff(Beth, Teresa, Mary, Pat, and Heather) at the surgery center. They were first rate in everything they did for me. I had a follow up the next day on Saturday at noon and a follow up 1 week visit in the Greenwood office. The bottom line is I feel I have had outstanding treatment from Dr. Ciulla and am expecting the same outcome. I would recommend Dr. Ciulla to all having a need for his services in his areas of excellence. I highly recommend renting equipment that promotes the face down 24/7 requirement. I used Comfort Solutions(1-877-470-3455). I don't know how I could have done it without this equipment. 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 2427300
17/09/12 5 5 5 5 First of all I want to say Dr. Ciulla is wonderful, my husband had lost particle sight in his right eye due to a detached retina with 9 tears in it and the left eye had 3 in it. We were sent to see Dr. Ciulla and he worked us in. Surgery was sent for the next morning. This man is wonderful, he answered all our questions and concerns. I would/have recommended him to anyone I know. He knows what he is doing and the thing I love the most is he speaks in our terms no big words that when he is done we wonder what he said. If I could I would give him a 100 star rating he is by far the best doctor I have even met. My mother had cataract surgery (with a different doctor and a different place) the treatment was not near as good as what we got from Dr. Ciulla and his staff, they all are so nice and very friendly. Thank you Dr. Ciulla for all you have done. Hearts to you and your staff!!! :)  Respond
RID: 2423903
13/09/12 5 5 5 5 I feel extremely fortunate to have found such a professional, compassionate doctor. I have been a patient since 2005 and without Dr Ciulla's expertise I would have lost the vision in my left eye. I find him to be very easy to talk with and appreciate that he includes me in the decision making process. Dr Ciulla and his staff go to great lengths to provide the best possible care while being thoughtful, patient and considerate. I have so much faith in Dr Ciulla's abilities that I gladly drive over an hour each way to be treated by him. In conclusion I would like to state that Dr Ciulla is an outstanding person as well as a physician.  Respond
RID: 2203678
05/06/12 2 1 2 2 This office was horrible for timeliness. Of the 9 visits we had, not one of them was even close to on time. They have no respect for anyone else's time. It is like being herded in like sheep in and out of this office. Dr. Ciulla may be knowledgeable about his field, but he does NOT answer questions well. He did not choose to discuss potential complications, even normal ones because he acted like it was a personal affront on his surgical ability when questions were asked. He moved surgeries to hours later (2 days before surgery) and didn't bother to tell us so we still waited for hours at the surgery center even though he knew he moved the surgery time. His office didn't care when we asked about a little common courtesy. Instead, they took it personally and began doing vindictive things. Thank goodness there are actually good surgeons offices out there. 
Insurance: CIGNA
RID: 1649481
01/12/11 1 1 3 5 ALWAYS late. IF you have NO job and NO life the office is fine. We waited over 2 1/2 hours for our 1st follow up after surgery. first surgery was over 1 1/2 hours late, second surgery TWO hours late. Office staff didn't call and didn't care when we did. IF we had a choice we would change doctors but it's too late. Dr. Ciulla is a great doc but his office is an absolute mess and a cattle call. If you don't mind waiting for hours each visit, surgery, etc. this is the place to go. TERRIBLE for timeliness. Worked in healthcare for 20 yrs and our surgeon's didn't do this to people.  Respond
RID: 1540513
18/09/11 5 5 5 5 I love Dr. Ciulla. He is so handsome and knowledgeable!! He fixed my eye and I can now enjoy my reading and knitting! 
Insurance: Medicare
Paid (or co-pay): $25
RID: 1187415
11/06/10 4 4 5 5 Very knowledgeable about eye conditions. Explains issues well. 
Insurance: Medicare
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