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Dr. Satterfield successfully preformed a life changing surgery on me and I couldn't be more grateful. My eyes did not work in tandem which proved to be a social barrier as people would often not know where I was looking. I could not look people straight in the eyes. Dr. Satterfield performed eye-muscle surgery on me four years ago and my eyes still look fantastic and work in harmony. This was the forth eye surgery I had experienced (beginning in infancy, with two different physicians) and it was by far the best. Dr. Satterfield repaired my handicap and I could not be happier. While I was a young adult when I visited, I saw her with children and she was wonderful with them. The patient rooms were kid-friendly and her waiting room even had a nice play room for children. If any of my children show signs of my hereditary condition, I will not hesitate to take them to Dr. Satterfield.

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flag | Submitted March 5, 2009

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