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I spent 2-3 months doctoring with one of the well-known orthopedic doctors/surgeons in Bloomington for what HE said was arthritis. (When it was x-rayed initially, the radiologist report showed avulsion fracture.) Upon a visit to NP Laura K. Fields for a different injury, she noticed the badly swollen, crooked finger & inquired. After a brief explanation from me & her asking where the initial X-ray was done, she was able to look up the X-ray report & saw that it had been diagnosed as an avulsion fracture. I still felt nothing more could be done, but she told me that Dr. __ & their practice "were not the only game in town". She scheduled an appt for me to see a hand specialist (Otto W. Wickstrom, MD, here in Blmgtn.). Dr. Wickstrom concurred that it was indeed an avulsion fracture. Had it not been for NP Fields, it would likely never have been properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, since months had passed since the initial fracture, the only treatment option was surgery. Kudos to NP Fields!

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