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Dr.Tactuk treated me like I was FAKING my High Blood Pressure Readings. She was easily aggravated when I asked questions. She prescribed HBP medication but didn’t want to sign paperwork saying that she had prescribed medication as my employer demands. She was unclear on how to take the medication. Dr.Tactuk said my Blood Pressure was under-control while it was fluctuating hourly to 161/120. She told me to go back to work on a rotating schedule, regular duty(heavy lifting in heat) with a Blood Pressure Reading of 151/110. My employer refused to let me work with HBP that high. I went back the Dr.Tactuk because my employer refused to let me work until my blood pressure was under-control. Dr.Tactuk insisted that my HBP was good enough to work @ 161/120;She added I UNDERSTAND hard-work because "I WENT TO MEDICAL SCHOOL" After my wife explained our working conditions Dr.Tactuk ignored us. She NEVER complied with my employer & she never got my HBP under-control(another Doctor did)

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flag | Submitted Dec. 2, 2012

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