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I have C.O.P.D., severe Osteoporosis and other health problems that have plagued me since the 1990's. I have lived in large cities like Los Angeles and San Diego and have had a terrible time getting good much less, adequate medical care. Finally, I believe that I found the best care possible with Dr. Julie Aspiras. She has done more for me in five short months than all the many doctors I have been to since 1983. I was getting worse and feeling worse as the years past. She is Oceanside's best kept secret as far as I am concerned. This is the way doctors treated people many decades ago. There is not enough room on this website to tell all of her fine attributes and of the superb care and most importantly, the competency she provides for her patients. I still can't believe my luck and I won't be "falling through any cracks" anytime soon.

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flag | Submitted June 14, 2014

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