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My 80-year-old mother was talked into having a quadruple bypass/mitral valve replacement. Her post-operative complications were serious:lengthy intubation/ventilator, kidney failure/dialysis, serious pleural effusions,continued shortness of breath, general weakness affecting quality of life, etc. Once surgery ended, Stoneburner washed his hands of case leaving "shift doctors" who didn't even review chart, many undoing what previous doc had ordered. Stoneburner wouldn't return repeated phone calls to his office. I even left a note for him on the cardiac floor to be hand delivered to him. To date, mom still has 500 ccs of fluid drained daily; no one will address the fact that this is a problem. Course of action is to give high doses diuretic drugs with side effects rather than deal with fact that something is causing the ongoing fluid buildup. Stoneburner has not visited her once-after she was moved out of the cardiac floor-to evaluate progress. I would not recommend this surgeon at all.

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