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Dr Drakes knows the ins and outs of prolotherapy. I had been to 3 prolotherapists in this state (Maryland) and Drakes is the only one who had extensive knowlege of prolotherapy. He also seemed to be the only doctor who administered prolotherapy on a regular basis. I went to his office for treatment on both ankles and had significant improvement after the treatments (14 total) whereas previously my pain remain unchanged for about 6 months. Prolotherapy does work but its slow and expensive. I had both prolotherapy and PCP treatment at his office. In my opinion PCP = 1.5 prolo treatments. Sometimes the front desk may accidentally schedule a prolotherapy appointment for their Clinton office. (Another patient also had this happen). No prolotherapy is done at this office. All treatments are done in their Oxon Hilll office. Fortunately, it does not cause any problems. The staff will immediately put you on the Oxon Hill schedule so you will see Dr Drakes that same day.

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