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I have taken all 4 of my children to Dr. Schmottlach....when the time came where they were too old to see a pediatrician, they were upset and at first refused to be seen by anyone BUT him! This man is the best pediatrician I would ever want for my children. I have always had the utmost respect for him and knew my children were in the best of care possible. He is an amazing diagnostician...I have seen him walk into an exam room, look at a child (upon walking in) and knew immediately what was going on. Tests of course would confirm everything. He always treated the children appropriately, never traumatizing them with unnecessary procedures. He is gentle and kind, it was never a problem to tell my sick child we need to see him, they in fact, would be excited to see him. Dr. Schmottlach will always have my undying children's as well.

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