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I came to Dr Irene Minkowsky for a back problem known as Maignes Syndrome. Dr Minkowsky actually trained with the doctor who first discovered this diagnosis. At the same time I was dealing with a health crisis outside the scope of my back. I found Dr Irene Minkowsky to be highly knowledgeable in her specialty, and when confronted with other medical issues thrown on her doorstep not related to her area, she was compassionate and gave great advice on how to pursue dealing with a very difficult problem -- when most other doctors, even those who dealt with this problem directly, just wanted to pass the buck. She was also pro-active in coordinating with other doctors. Its about actually caring about the patient. The back issue I have been living with has been greatly improved by Dr Minkowsky's multi-faceted approach. Thank you Dr Minkowsky.

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flag | Submitted June 10, 2014

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