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Dr. Stanton is an excellent orthopedist. He has treated both of my daughters for injuries they received in school. One had a broken finger at the joint when she was 10 years old. He took great care in making sure her treatment left her fingers fully functional. Same daughter broke her arm rollerblading and once again, he provided excellent care after the emergency room care (which was substandard). Emergency room wrapped her arm, including open wounds with gauze that needed to be soaked to be removed prior to her arm being casted. Needless to say, the emergency room caused double pain to my daughter, while Dr. Stanton was very caring. Lastly, my other daughter fractured her ankle and Dr. Stanton took her in quickly, had the ankle xrayed on the premises and casted before we left. He is caring and the staff at the office is wonderful Would have given him more stars if possible.

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flag | Submitted April 24, 2014

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