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Dr. Azadeh Nezhat is part of Dr. Camran Nezhat's team (they're relatives of one another), and I received outstanding, excellent care under the two of them. I definitely recommend seeing any of doctors part of the Nezhat OBGYN team at Stanford, because they are phenomenal and did an outstanding job in getting me the endometriosis surgery I needed. I had deeply infilitrative, hellaciously painful endometriosis (misdiagnosed as IBS and "just bad periods" - zzz please.) The Nezhats were able to get rid of all of it. The Nezhat team is intensively trained in cutting edge surgical treatments and has better knowledge of pharmacological choices that most other "experts" didn't seem to have a clue about. I saw 35 bumbling, overconfident, misdiagnosing doctors before this team ... and although maybe 2 of those 35 were alright, they were still not nearly as skilled as the Nezhats. I'm now symptom and virtually pain free. Go here. Don't go somewhere else. Thank you, Dr. Azadeh.

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